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01/10/2011 - 12:29am Tearing me apart

Usually I have stellar patience but this whole coaching situation is killing me.  I now  have as much patience as a 5 year old in a toy store.  It's amaizing (get it) how someone- anyone- in todays society can fly sooo far under the radar.  I'm talking about DB, so far we've been given Harbaugh (long shot), Fitzgerald (long shot), Hoke (not overly excited), and now an interview with Miles.  What if he doesn't want it?  Is it then Hoke by default?  Cuz everywhere you read, not even Patterson has been "contacted".  You would think at least 10 coaches would have been "contacted" and of that 10 something, somewhere would leak-- to the point we can see what DB is thinking.  But OH NO!!  We get nah-ting.  And I'm standing here with my "dork" in my hand stewin about it.  Yeeesh!