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08/02/2012 - 4:04pm What is the pride in still

What is the pride in still choppin? Take a break from your choppin for a minute or two. It's alright. You can chop again later on.

As embarrassing as "In the Big House" is, it sure seems less terrible compared to these songs. It's like the mediocre girl who has ugly friends. In this analogy, "We are ND" is the still the DUFF.

04/23/2012 - 3:21pm Yes. But at the time we

Yes. But at the time we turned away O'daniel et al. we only had McCray committed. The plan was still to take two, so why wouldn't we still host visits for them? Perhaps because the coaches knew something about Levenberry. I'm not saying that it's true. Just blind speculation. It's more likely they knew something about Gedeon as his recruitment played out like a silent commit even though he denied it.

04/23/2012 - 2:13pm What experts are predicting FSU?

Didn't E.J. or his dad flat out name Michigan his leader 2 months ago? (Answer: yes) I realize that is a long time ago in recruiting, but you'd think if FSU was the leader, they would make an equivalent or stronger statement about the 'Noles following his multiple visits. If they have and I missed it, please educate me.

Additionally, he moved his decision date up to 10 days after our spring game, a visit he called "10/10." That's a pretty sudden change which history suggests favors the most recently visited school.

Linebacker recruiting has been somewhat odd this year. Gedeon wasn't a silent commit, yet we turned away top prospects with only McCray a solid verbal. I can't help but suspect that Hoke and co. knew something about Levenberry all along.

Taking all of this with RDT's perspective of Jimbo's visit today as a positive indicator for us, I cannot help but be somewhat optimistic. I'm at least not writing him off. Of course I've only seen the Michigan side of this. What is there out there that strongly indicates FSU? Save me the criminal justice major that he won't need for the next ~14 years. You can get a criminal justice major from East Wyoming Community College in 12 months.