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01/17/2011 - 8:49am Seemed like a "yeller"

I know all football coaches are "yellers" but RR seemed over the top.  We all remember him looking like he would explode at times.  I also remember distinctly how his teams would come out after halftime completely deflated.  We were benind but still "in the game" vs. Iowa this year.  We came out after halftime instead of being enthused and pumped, the team was deflated and dejected.  We got the second half kickoff and promptly went 3 and out in like 40 seconds and the ass-kicking was on.

Seemed like he lacked the ability to get enthusiastic support from both fans and the team.

Glad the experiment isover, but the next two years will be rough. 

01/17/2011 - 8:43am Can't we use Denard as a recruiting asset?

It seems any smart high school player should see what we see and want to play wiht Denard.  I wish we could find a way to better publicize him nationally to get recruits.  Who wouldn't want to play on the team of a future superstar / Heisman winner (I hope).

01/17/2011 - 8:40am Can't we enlist Alumni to help save this class?

I think we all see the writing on the wall about the decommits and challenges Brady will have filling this class.  It may be a stupid question, but can't we somehow enlist the support of our excellent NFL ambassadors and influential alumni to help? 

Go Brady, Go Blue

01/13/2011 - 7:54pm Wow that is a big endorsement - Back to the Future

I was hoping for more than the Michigan we are accustomed to.  Remember Hart, Hennie, and Long as Seniors losing to Appalachian State.  That is the MIchigan I hoped we left befind.  Now it appears to be the road ahead.

01/13/2011 - 7:46pm Hopeful Skeptic

Brian, well said.  RR was a disaster in so many ways, but he gave us hope that there could be a better day coming.  the worse part of the Hoke hire is the capitulation to reach higher and instead settle to be what we used to be.

For all the revisionist historians, do you remember that last misserable years of the Lloyd dynasty?  Do you remember having a top 5 recruiting class as seniors there were pre-season top 5 and promptly lost to Appalachian state?  Do you remember the predictable offense and bend but don't break defense that often broke.  Remember the hopelessnes of knowing that it would never get better because of the guy leading the program. 

Don't get me wrong, I have always supported the program and will now.  But I sense we "settled" for above average instead of striving for exceptional.  Let's be honest, we hired an above average (on a good day) coach.  We did not hire a great coach.  Even his advocates use words like "he's solid".  Wow, solid, that is exciting.   Lloydball here we come.

I will support Hoke, but he needs to win.  It is nice that he is a"nice guy".  It is helpful that he is a Michigan man.  None of it matters if he only returns us to the mediocrity we had become.  I wish we aspired for more.

Hoke refused to even conceed after like 4 questions that he even aspired for a National Championship. 

So if we are really successful, we rework the program again, broom recruits and rebuild over only to achieve mediocrity in a few years.  I for one, am hopeful, but not very excited about any of this.  I feel we have given up on greater dreams and that is the real shame..

01/09/2011 - 9:46pm His Success is not an Accident

Great info.  Thanks forsharing it.  Too many on this site are over-rotating on some questionable player handling.  He is exactly what we need - a winner that understands what Michigan is all about, runs a hybrid offense (that Denard would excel in), a great recruiter and a man of character.  Those looking for something more are delusional.

Guaranteed, little bro and the bucknuts do not want us hiring Miles.  That should tell you enough..

08/31/2010 - 7:18pm Offense and attitude = 8 Wins

I agree with 8-4.  The offense is going to give teams absolute fits.  We will be thrilled with and overachieving 8-4.  Nothing like the Lloyd 8-4 underachievers.

08/31/2010 - 7:15pm I agree 100% with you.  Great

I agree 100% with you.  Great point.  What is lost in all these predictions is the emotion of the team.  We all know that this has a huge impact.  This team has better leadership, worked harder in the off-season and is more together and determined than last year.  I think that counts for a lot and will show as the season progresses.  I like the fact that everyone is writing them off.  They will suprise some people. 

08/24/2010 - 8:02pm Great Analysis, But Defense Should be Modestly Better

Great analysis.  I agree with most of your assessments and most are probably on target.  The one area that I would suggest you may be a little conservative is in the Defense YPG.  You stated that you are projecting 375-400 this year after an abysmal 393 last year.

I get the loss of Warren, Graham, and Woolfolk but have several points to ponder:

1.  It was relatively easy for teams to neutralize Graham and the rest of the defense was horrible.  On offense, one incredible player can make and incredible play and change the game.  On defense, 10 player can do their job and one screws up and it costs you a game.  In other words, defenses are often only as good as their weakest link.  A single incredible player i more easily neutralized on defense because the oppositiion double teams them or runs away from them.  As a result, I believe the loss of Graham will not be as great.

2. If Warren was such a loss, why did he not get drafted and why was our turnover margin so poor.  I contend that we thought Warren was awesome when compared to our Freshman and walk on alternatives. 

3. The rest of the defense outside of Warren and Graham are better.  At nearly every position we have an improvement over 2009.  We have second year players instead of true freshman and walk ons.  We have Senior linebackers playing instead of underperforming Juniors.  We have another year in the system and another year of conditioning.   

If this makes sense, it would be interesting to know what happens to the overall probability of wins if you dial back the defensive underperformance to 365 YPG.  If Michigan performs at this level, it is still the 8th best in the Big Ten (based on last year) and only 3 teams are worse.  It might mean a 8 win year.

How great would 8 wins feel after the last two years?

All In.