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12/09/2013 - 5:03am Other possibilities

I think it is also possible that he remians a defensive coordinator.  I can imagine TAMU, for instance, offering Narduzzi the DC position there and doubling or tripling his salary.


11/10/2013 - 9:54am And will Urban go for two in

And will Urban go for two in order to do it?


11/10/2013 - 9:47am Wait, are you referring

Wait, are you referring to MSC or the offensive play calling?


10/19/2013 - 8:00pm Take away seven

We gave them seven points on the fumble.  The defense gave up 40 points.  I saw a lot of pregame predictions that had Indiana scoring in the 40's.  They have a great offesne.  I was in teh Big House, unfortuanately, when Florida State came in and put up 50+ on Bo, we lost, and I was pissed.  Today we gave up 47, but we won, and I am happy.  The defense probably won't be challenged like this the rest of the year, and I hope this was a learning expereince for them.

10/19/2013 - 7:25pm Indiana is a load

And they put pressure on the defense, no question.  On the other hand, I saw a lot of poor tackling out there today and that is something which is inexcusable.

10/19/2013 - 7:10pm Get off of Borges' case

Hi deserved shit last week.  Right now he is doing exaclty what he should be doing, burning Indiana's timeouts.  He called a great game today,  Give credit where it is due.


09/28/2013 - 5:53am I for one fully expect

I for one fully expect Verlander to return to his old self in the playoffs. At least I sure as hell hope so.  Home field advantage is gone, but on the other hand if they can win one in Oakland they will have a chance to finish off the A's at home.




01/23/2011 - 2:50pm Hypothetical conversation

Recruit: "Coach, I really like here but it's so damn cold.  UCF wants me and I might go there because the weather is a lot nicer."

Coach: "I hear you.  Let me put it htis way.  There are two sort of important games this afternoon.  One is in Chicago where it's 15 degrees.  The other is in Pittsburgh where it's 18 degrees.  By the way, former Wolverines will be all over both fields.  Now if you want to go to college to have fun and spend time at the beach, go to UCF.  If you want to get prepared to play in those games in Chicago and Pittsburgh and play for the former DC of the Baltimore Ravens, we've got a spot for you here."

Recruit: "Actually, it's not too bad here in the sun..."

01/22/2011 - 3:46pm Maybe Mike DeBord?

Maybe they had Deromedi confused with our former beloved offesnive coordinator.

01/12/2011 - 9:57pm He will overcome

He will overcome

The scarlet and gray legions

Touch Tressel at last

01/12/2011 - 6:46am What would have happened

What would have happened if Lloyd Carr had retired in 2002 instead of 2007?  Bo would have still been alive and Michigan almost certainly would have hired within.  And the leading candidate for the job would have been DL coach AND assistant head coach Brady Hoke.  If you think that's unlikely don't forget htat Lloyd himself got the job in 1994 essentially the same way with no head coaching experience at all.  That was eight years ago.  Hoke's gotten a ton of experience since then.  Let's see what he can do.

12/30/2010 - 10:36pm This reminds me of a Michigan game

Not very well played but entertaining as hell.

12/30/2010 - 10:35pm I think the no-call on the

I think the no-call on the late hit was a good one too.  That dude was pushed.

12/30/2010 - 10:33pm Risky call

That was a risky call by NC to run the ball with so little time left, for the very reason that we saw.  Seems like a sideline pass was in order there.

11/07/2010 - 1:20pm In the postgame

In the postgame highlight show after the Penn State game on ABC  that knucklehead John Saunders said that Denard had been "benched" in favor of Forcier.

10/18/2010 - 4:53am Spartan Dan I like your system

because it could help take out some of the inequities of playing too many patsies.

And I especially like that you invented your own '"logistic scale" to do it.


10/12/2010 - 6:46am Didn't you hear the announcement?

All internet site names are now to appear with their letters in alphabetical order.  Brian's site is now BGGLMOO.

01/12/2010 - 9:52pm I think that's scarlet...

I think that's scarlet...

01/12/2010 - 9:50pm I wonder about the USC

I wonder about the USC administration and Garrett's bosses. When Bill Martin interviewed RR hed brought MSC along with him and you know that nothing was going to happen until she signed off. It has been exactly one day since Carroll resigned. Is the USC administration that desperate that they would latch on to Kiffen so quickly?

01/11/2010 - 7:20pm Or, in this case,

Or, in this case, quadruplicated.

01/09/2010 - 3:04pm The article says that

The article says that Tuberville became a strong candidate when he agreed not to have a say in hiring his own staff. I wonder how this will work out if Tubs is in charge but has assistants that he doesn't choose.

01/08/2010 - 3:18pm "Under a lot less pressure"

That's the part that is about to change.

01/08/2010 - 2:43pm It's "who"

Trust yourself, my brother, with your inherent grammatical instincts.

01/05/2010 - 9:42pm I remember Bo used to run the

I remember Bo used to run the option to the short side all the time and it would drive me nuts too, for the same reason. I assume it's because you have an extra guy or two over there?

01/05/2010 - 9:34pm I think Fox is trying to set

I think Fox is trying to set a record for the greatest number of commercials in a football game.

01/03/2010 - 6:24pm Great win! Strap on your

Great win! Strap on your seat belts, folks. We're in for a wild ride this Big Ten season.

01/03/2010 - 6:11pm Big Ten Network announcers

Big Ten Network announcers for bball are light years ahead of their football brethren. I almost hate to admit it, but I like Gregory Kelser as an announcer.

01/03/2010 - 5:58pm Need to take care of the ball

Need to take care of the ball better on offense and box out better on D if we're going to win.

01/03/2010 - 5:34pm Agree entirely

With Harris, Douglas, Perry, Novak, and Morris running the perimeter Sims needs to stay down low.

01/03/2010 - 2:45pm Thanks Irish

It's interesting that both Kelly and Rodriguez kept the RB coach as the sole holdover from the previous staffs.

01/03/2010 - 2:23pm Reading what Irish has posted above

just makes me realize how old and antiquated these NCAA rules sound. "The coach may write and telephone you..." When was that written, 1945? Does "write" include email, text message, twitter, etc? Do people really still use "telephone" as a verb?

01/02/2010 - 3:46pm I always liked Lou Piniella

I always liked Lou Piniella throwing first base.

12/30/2009 - 9:55pm With their defense the

With their defense the Huskers aren't going to need a whole lot of O. They are going to be a very good team next year. Let's hope Michigan's defense can turn around that quickly.

12/30/2009 - 7:18pm To Sparty:

"No, we won't trade our lazy wide receiver for your pack of Winstons."

12/29/2009 - 6:36pm God Bless Ernie Harwell

It is rare to find a public persona who displays such class and humility. I'll always remember his sweet southern drawl blending in with the chrirping of crickets out on the back porch.

"He stood there like a house by the side of the road and watched that one go by!"

12/29/2009 - 6:27pm "A lot of folks were counting

"A lot of folks were counting us out of the dance back in December, but they weren't expecting us to upset UConn and win the Big Ten Tournament."

--John Beilein

12/26/2009 - 8:10pm Wish him the best of luck.

Wish him the best of luck. Perhaps with treatment or surgery it's something he can overcome. Let's not forget that Bo coached another 20 years or so after his heart attack and surgery.

12/16/2009 - 8:07pm How about the Western Conference?

Take me back to my roots, baby!

Also, why not Schembechler/Hayes divisions? As an old NHL fan I'm sure you remmeber the old "Norris Division/Campbell Conference" days.

12/15/2009 - 6:57pm I'm all for it if they get

I'm all for it if they get only three downs.

12/13/2009 - 4:09pm I'm holding out for the

I'm holding out for the "strong, strong gut feeling."

12/09/2009 - 5:12pm He should be subjected to

He should be subjected to repeated doses of this:…

12/09/2009 - 4:58pm Even after charges the Freep

Even after charges the Freep refers to the incident as a "fracas," as though it were a 4th-grade french fry fight in the cafeteria.

12/08/2009 - 7:59pm Why is Irish getting negged

Why is Irish getting negged here? He's just adding some useful information.

11/30/2009 - 7:58pm I thought I heard Herbie say

I thought I heard Herbie say that Les Miles had the job sewed up.

11/29/2009 - 7:15pm It's a good sign for Michigan

It's a good sign for Michigan basketball when fans are upset when the team doesn't win. It's a long season and there will be ups and downs, just ask Sparty. That being said, with our schedule we'll have to play well to keep our record over .500 at the end of the nonconference part of the schedule, and you know the Big Ten season is going to be a battle almost every night. A win here would have been nice but I'll bet this team picks up one or two wins later in the season that we might not expect.

11/28/2009 - 1:44pm I especially like the one

I especially like the one Sparty comment suggesting that the perpetrators were somehow provoked. I'm sure those engineers came at them hard with their slide rules and calculators.

11/28/2009 - 9:50am Looks like Shannon Shelton is

Looks like Shannon Shelton is actually doing some investigative reporting. Her reporting of this MSU incident stands in stark contrast to Rosenberg's ridiculous "invstigation" of Michigan practicing too much. Let's hope that Anger and the freep management give this MSU story the full investigative attention it deserves. My hopes are not high, however.

11/26/2009 - 10:59am It's so good to be

It's so good to be Lions-free...

11/26/2009 - 10:28am Another noisy faction is the

Another noisy faction is the "let's attack RichRod and get him out of there because in reality we fear him" crowd. This is mostly complrised of MSU and OSU fans and MSU shills like Valenti and Caputo who are at least smart enough to know that if RR sticks Michigan will be kicking their asses regularly in a few years.

11/24/2009 - 8:34pm Tim has him pegged for a

Tim has him pegged for a likely redshirt, but given the status of our secondary what are the chances he cracks the starting lineup next year?