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03/26/2011 - 2:17pm try rugby

flag football is brutal even if officiated well because of down field blocking (and lots of cheating). Rugby is safer and more fun. Go ask UM if you can participate on B side...

03/24/2011 - 6:55pm We're doomed

Rich, oh Rich, why have you forsaken me with the 3-3-5???

03/20/2011 - 8:35pm Well said Fielding Yost

"Any street urchin can shout applause in victory, but it takes character to stand fast in defeat. One is noise --- the other, loyalty."  Fielding Yost.   soooo. per Yost, those of you who didn't...are street urchins. I totally agree.

03/20/2011 - 8:31pm well said mmb82

My friend of 30yrs just turned me on to PBR. Cheaper than Guinness. Works just as well. Go Blue.

03/20/2011 - 6:50pm 5 yrs 9-9 Big Ten

    you David Brandon. Football would have done same or better a year earlier you football meathead with onion and garlic.  Because of you M goes back to it's traditional meaning on a nati'l level. and you're buddy fired Bo...

02/10/2011 - 5:36pm let me know when you see the Great Pumpkin

I hate you. But I hate David Brandon more.

02/02/2011 - 6:20pm the future

Dear Knowledge:
1) What conference or team will RichRod coach next and will it be 3,4, or 5 yrs until he wins NC?
2) How many years will it be until Brady Hoke beats a Pac10 or SEC team in a Jan. 1 bowl game?
3) When will Michigan fanbase realize that in order to be "the leaders and the best", the team must a) be leaders, and b) be the best (not just in the Big10)?

01/28/2011 - 3:03pm rodriguez haters

Can now live the fruits of their lack of support of him and the young team. We had the RB we needed committed and the kicker. A bunch of freshmen would have figured out how to be an average defense in a year or two even with GERG. Equals nationally competitive. Now we go the way of OSU, USC, Notre Dame, Miami, Washington, etc...before us. Sk it dense and unrealistic M fanbase (and of course David Brandon, whose chewy tasteless head I continue to eat).

01/19/2011 - 4:20pm wolfpack phil like pistol, grrrrr

kapernick is fun to watch

ps heard today repeated smaller head impacts can effect "executive function"...this explains brandon!!

01/15/2011 - 12:31pm David Brandon made a horrible mistake

Thinking, I suppose, he could get Harbaugh who would have been ok even if we didn't give Rich enough time to develop some upperclassmen starters. We just have to _____'n live with it now. I continue to eat David Brandon's head. This is a short-term and long-term program setback ...

01/14/2011 - 3:01pm from the Urban Dictionary...


Boy Howdy: "An exclamation of enthusiastic agreement which can be used in both a genuine or sarcastic tone. In addition can used to add emphasis to a statement, much like the word _ can. " . I am actually using the sarcastic tone...but also with the emphasis on the "_" us, ouch, I hate impatient retro M fans. They can't really have attended the M and BE that way could they? I support Bradey Hoke but a big _ YOU to the RichRod haters, David Brandon, and esp. the Lloyd (arrived in Pasadena 2007 at 4am to get parking spot, drove from Reno NV, only to sit next to USC frat boys chanting "OVER RATED"... I will always remember you Lloyd but not fondly.

01/14/2011 - 2:44pm Michigan deserves what Michigan now is

both the state and the school. Not "leaders" not the "best" and certainly not Champions of the West. Results come with process, and process takes time and a lot of people won't accept their ultimate demise.

I have to say I am impressed with Ford... of late...

01/14/2011 - 2:35pm I continue to eat David Brandon's head

Munch. Who care's we've driven off our best recruits for 2011? We've got a Michigan man endorsed by Lloyd on board now, boy howdy! Let the rubber field pellets fly! Let's have a Michigan Ho down and remember the good 'ol days! (of losing bowl games every year...). Hail Lloyd!!!

01/13/2011 - 3:42pm I continue to eat David Brandon's head

Munch. Taste's like chicken.

01/09/2011 - 2:09pm fire the defensive side

I think RR could have made the case to DB that starting 8 freshman was a necessity brought on by bad luck and that no defensive coord or staff anywhere could take so many freshmen and have any chance at even a decent defense. I also got a feeling that Rich, an emotional guy, might have soured on how the fanbase was howling against him and maybe didn't go 110% in preparing the team for MSU...more like "let's get this over with 'cause I'm outa here".

01/08/2011 - 2:53pm Michigan Man...

Not to mention this "Michigan Man" thing... any non-M related coach would have to be absolutely nuts to come here. So we are left with Miles or Hoke. Crazy/wins or Boring/mediocrity. M would be a career killer for Hoke. For Miles a swan song or retire...

01/08/2011 - 2:11pm old is not necessarily a bad thing

and increases the chances we could actually get him. He can hold it together for the 4 yrs it'll take to ramp the program up then retire either a hero at the school he loves, or...well just retire. Any "outsider" won't stand a chance here at M and I don't want Hoke...who else now? PS I started playing collegiate rugby at age 50...much of age is in the mind and sitting on the couch... Miles has plenty of mojo left...

01/08/2011 - 1:43pm he drinks human blood

of his quarterbacks.

01/08/2011 - 1:33pm basketball on grass

Hoke thinks the spread (run by the two teams in the BCS bowl this year...) is "basketball on grass". He's a smash mouth guy. Do you really want to go back to the dark ages? Both Harbaugh and Miles except creativity in their offense. I will miss Rich and was a ranting supporter of him and still am, but he did choose the D coords (2) and apparently ignored the kicking game (Bo did it too one time, 1979 I think). It was a mistake to fire RR so soon but I'm for Miles, best proven track record, M man, excellent recruiter than can open up LA to us. Insert here "SEC excuse" about his behavior there... Athletic dept needs to get over themselves re. angst against Les.

01/08/2011 - 1:26pm sorry, SEC excuse

He has to play by their rules or Saban wins. Yes it is wrong and he won't do it at M

01/07/2011 - 4:00pm les miles

It's not so bad that he's pushing 60, often the catholic church picks an old pope knowing they will die soon. Miles hasn't got a lot to lose coming to M... fix it he's a hero, wallow in mediocrity and he retires. Also, he acts the way he does because he's playing by SEC rules now..he has to do what he has to do to beat Saban who is doing the same things. He'll dial in to M and the Big10.... Good track record (much longer than Harbaugh's), excellent recruiting tool....BEST OPTION

01/05/2011 - 4:52pm we had a good coach, didn't give him time (says decommit Dallas.

I'm with Lou Holtz on this one, M fans getting what they deserve (glory days are over) because of impatience, entitled attitude, refusal to really support this young team. Like a young bride who leaves after 3yrs for a BBD (bigger better deal). It never works out and M is now screwed for a long time. Maybe the next coach will buy me flowers and pick up his underwear....haha hahah hahah. BTW this is me, Nevada Wolfpack fan now (I play rugby there) eating David Brandons head...
Phil Hersey

01/05/2011 - 4:42pm there is no god

small g, so stop praying. I'm with Lou Holtz on this one, M fans getting what they deserve (glory days are over) because of impatience, entitled attitude, refusal to really support this young team. Like a young bride who leaves after 3yrs for a BBD (bigger better deal). It never works out and M is now screwed for a long time. Maybe the next coach will buy me flowers and pick up his underwear....haha hahah hahah

12/30/2010 - 4:32pm Swwweeeeet Johnny!

Sweeet. (Maybe there is a god.)

12/30/2010 - 4:27pm Lame ass pro style

I was thrilled to have RR come as Michigan's coach because I was tired of M and Big10 losing to Pac10 and SEC in the biggest games. I felt (and feel) that updated schemes on O and D are needed to compete nationally. Yes the 3-3-5 too.  I don't have the emotional energy to care anymore should RR be let go (my wife is considering intervention re. my time on mgoblog...). The Michigan fan base seems to me unreasonable and unrealistically "entitled". Should RR go, I'll bet there are only more years of lamentation and wailing, not real support for the team and it's development.

12/14/2010 - 3:31pm rugby not for just for white guys

Meet my multicultural friends. I played opposite the blond guy in my first game. Guy yelling is our coach.

12/13/2010 - 7:35pm some need pads

we understand. ruck you too. 

12/13/2010 - 6:29pm space bitch

I like space bitch but she doesn't look like a typical Michigan gal...where is the ballast? She must be grad student from CA...

12/13/2010 - 6:17pm in season training

I'm 51 but have played rugby last two seasons with U.Nevada (ahhrrooo, we beat Boise!. I am also UM BSEE 1981.) Anyway, it's hard trying to keep up with 21yr olds but I found that the more aerobic conditioning I did the better, running, sprinting etc... BUT I quickly dropped all my weight lifting (I like power and hang cleans most) because it was slowing me down in practice. The other players likewise told me not to seriously weight lift in season. So yeah, I think the first year transformation is going to make playing as a freshman more difficult.

12/04/2010 - 10:18pm what would Bo do?

"When your team is losing, stick by them, keep believing".. ‎"Everything you do, take into consideration the effects it will have on the team....we're not going to criticize each other...we're not going to talk about each other..we're going to encourage each other...because we're going to win as a TEAM" Bo Schembechler

12/04/2010 - 10:12pm what would Bo do?

"When your team is losing, stick by them, keep believing".. ‎"Everything you do, take into consideration the effects it will have on the team....we're not going to criticize each other...we're not going to talk about each other..we're going to encourage each other...because we're going to win as a TEAM" Bo Schembechler

11/04/2010 - 6:17pm Palo Alto to Ann Arbor?

Ann Arbor is cool and all but who in their right mind would leave Palo Alto CA for Michigan? And leave a successful program for M with it's bunch of entitled clueless-about-how-teams-win fans?

10/18/2010 - 4:26pm Michigan weather

Graduated from M in 1981, I know M weather. But also I spend most summers in Charleston SC. Tried to train there this August in 120F + heat index weather (95F plus extremely high humidity). I couldn't train in that heat (for rugby) in fact I couldn't even walk in it...walked 1/2mi at 2pm and almost passed out. I play rugby in Reno NV which gets as cold as M (one game we played in 5F and ice shards all over field...field was pink at end of game...), and also wet (snow). I am small with little body fat and was scared at first of playing and practicing in the cold, in the evenings, outside... But, I find that I MUCH PREFER practicing and playing in the cold than in the southern heat. I've said it before... cold weather is preferred for football and can be a recruiting advantage. You don't know how miserable (/life threatening) it is trying to play in extreme heat...

10/08/2010 - 2:58pm Running into space

Is what backs do in rugby. Even Old Phil (me,51) can get around 20yr olds untouched IF I'm at speed when I approach them. I think new emphasis of spread offenses on evading defenders by sending ball carriers into green is partly responsible for bad tackling...because it's HARD for a defender to accelerate fast enough to catch anything but a leg sometimes. You can advance on the runner but have to be ready to go in any direction so can't totally commit.  Also, re. injury potential, most of this is on the guy being tackled not the tackler...don't they have some kind of extra gumby suits ball carriers can wear? We wear these in rugby scrimmages.

10/06/2010 - 1:26pm more cogent observation

Ok, I was disjoint. My point is this... some people are genius re. football on this site. Some of these genius people (don't want to say geniuses because I might misspell it and get negged by the Harvard of the West grammar nazis (me BSEE 1981 BTW) get annoyed with newbies who either don't have their knowledge or are unaware that what they are posting has already been discussed. I actually play team sports and have gained new perspective into what makes a team successful and how long that takes (years), having played on both championship teams and crap teams. I also watched my son's football team go from 1-8 to 9-1 in three years. So, big pointers, although they may have played sports long ago to get their knowledge, have forgotten what it's like to actually be on a team (I know some of this type personally-think they could fix our team by just doing such and such...). As newbies annoy them, they-sitting on their couches with their big bellies and a beer- annoy me. I would like to know of any big pointers on this site who actually play sports anymore. I have my doubts.... So, leave us newbies and low pointers alone, and I will leave you guys on your couches. ha ha

10/05/2010 - 6:53pm If you don't like it, don't read it

I've been around since 2007 season I think (went to RoseBowl, was disgusted). I don't post that much and used to have a different login that I forgot.  For all you know it alls out there who like to pile on newbies...get a (athletic) life. I started playing men's full contact flag at 48, 5 seasons of softball, and this is my 2nd season with Nevada Rugby. I'm 145lb and I try like hell to keep up with the youngsters. Anyway, I hate reading opinions of any kind from people who don't actually play team sports... Which is most of you big pointers too. Neg away, mostly I just read anyway. The guy's right and some new people may not have seen it.

08/31/2010 - 3:14pm Voice of reason

""Forget all of this hot-seat nonsense," says Michigan athletic director David Brandon, in his first year on the job. "All I want to see is a team that's on the move and improving. And that's what Rich needs to see and that's what our fans need to see, and that is what we are looking for this season." 

08/09/2010 - 12:31pm Michigan weather is an advantage in recruiting

I played rugby in Reno NV last year. We start in Sept. and season is Jan-Mar. California schools hate visiting us not because of cold but because of altitude (4500ft). I have been unable to train last two months in South Carolina (2nd home) because of 110-120F heat index. I was scared to play rugby in the cold but found it was quite nice compared to trying to play in summer heat. Cold weather makes football MORE COMFORTABLE, it is NOT a disadvantage!!! Southern players must HATE playing in this heat!!!

02/19/2010 - 2:48pm Increased weight will help prevent injury

I'm 145 and play rugby. I tend to get thrown around and down, and go flying when hit by bigger guys (everyone). So far I have got dislocated shoulder, fractured elbow, whiplash, and ... broken collarbone. If I weighed another 50lbs I would not attain as high kinetic energy and I think I would have avoided some of these injuries.. So, pork out Tate!!

11/08/2009 - 1:57pm Does anyone remember the coaching search???

I was terrfied we'd end up with another conservative guy who would coach us to every year moderate success except for losing usually to OSU and almost always to USC. So I'm still happy we found RR. And I worry not at all anymore, despite the continuing and increasing howlings, that he will be fired. First there is no one to replace him with that could do any better with what we have to work with, and second, Mary Sue showed she will stick with her picks by giving kirk ferentz (iowa) years to build up that program...which is paying off now (they lost yesterday because QB was injured...). A new AD is going to do things her way, and that's her way (BTW Ferentz makes even more money than RR - I think it's the big money that is primary cause of RR hatred..they think big money = instant success assured). So enjoy watching our offense (assuming reasonable health) pile up points over the next several years, waiting, waiting for a good'll be awhile.

10/29/2009 - 9:30pm epic roomate drunks

Alice Lloyd 1978. Dorm kegger (legal then). Tried to take hinges off my roomates closet so I could put on his band uniform and return to the party. He got a single (room) shortly thereafter. Ah the pure innocence of the act though... and I ended up chasing off both my roomates and making a triple a single...

07/05/2009 - 6:03pm My son and I were there

Super exciting match. Defensive struggle. I've been playing with Univ.Nevada Reno team for several months now. We're going to enter a flag football team in the fraternity IM leaque in the fall and try running a touch rugby-like offense but plus passing...should be interesting. USA team captain Todd Clever used to play for Nevada.. he had excellent game yesterday as did no.13 the outside center. It was really really exciting...i wish espn would show us more!

05/26/2009 - 11:58pm I think Syracuse should try it...

I think the tongan Zephyr with dyed blonde hair ( would disagree (he is often in front of me...). re. speed of rugby players (the wingers, 2, are the fastest players, same speed as best WR's). I've play flag against ex-D1 players (at corner) and many of these rugby guys are screaming fast.

But, what made me thought this might work, even in a lower variance setting, is the experience of trying to tackle a guy in space NOT KNOWING IF HE IS GOING TO KEEP THE BALL! At least in flag I know if my guy catches the ball, I gotta stop him, not someone else. In rugby if my guy gets the ball and I run up to get him, quite likely he will pop it L or R to someone running in at speed who will evade his assigned defender by running behind me...beat the fullback (our version of safety) and it's goalline..

I have bigger, slower guys getting around me because I can't commit to rushing in anytime they get the ball. It is maddening... rush in to tackle but perhaps get burned by support runner, or stay back giving my guy more room to juke?

I only posted this because I am jonesing for football like everyone else. Something needs to kill the time. However, I think in some situations 1 or 2 support runners could come in handy, even downfield. Thanks for your posts. I'll probably post later on how to tackle big monsters at speed without getting squashed.

03/09/2009 - 11:19pm receivers

See recent post:
Summary: the Tate will spray the ball all over the field at scampery quick electron guys who will either turn and catch the ball quick or get their eyeballs shot out or the ball stuck in one ear. Big slow Linebackers and overwhelmed 2ndary will be helpless. Should opposing team load the backfield with all corners, our revitalized O line and solid RB's will take over. Yeah for us! But I wonder about the D....

03/06/2009 - 1:20pm "children weightlifting"

This is the term, when searched, turns up a lot of positive info. My son and I started with machines. It had been more than 25yrs since I had been in a gym and I was scared and felt way out of place (now we're gym rats). Machines are far safer I think than free weights. For instance Charley gets in good position for a olympic snatch, then instead of leading the lift with his legs, he sticks his butt up in the air and proceeds to pull the weights up with his lower back. I yell at him and he has a good lift or two, then back to bad form. So, I think for sure start with machines for a couple of months. We do snatch, power clean, pullups, dips, legups, squats (on sliding rack "smith machine" I think they call it), bench, hanging situps, back/side crunches holding 25lbs, a midsection twisting machine (for baseball hitting), then a bunch of (3 exercises each type , machines and dumbells) exercises for bicep/tricep building (for looks). A new principal of lifting is changing the stimulus ofen so we'll probably do this for a couple mo. then switch to something else. FYI, I went to my first yoga class ever last night and left drenched in sweat and I'm sore as hell today. It's cool.

03/05/2009 - 2:37pm Barwis Workout

I am dying to know what typical flow is for a Barwis Workout; does anyone know? I know generally he likes Olympic lifts, core/ball exercises, plyos,sprints, but what specifically does a typical workout entail? Surely someone in A2 might have spyed this out? I don't see why we can't know...Boren I'm sure has already detailed everything to Tressel... Phil

03/05/2009 - 2:25pm kids weightlifting

Search this term and you will be surprised at positive attitdes toward pretty much universal. If you are careful and build slowly there is a lot of benefit to early weight training. It was suggested to me by a HS football coach so I started my son at age 10. We are two years in now and he is scary strong. I started an SC program for all of our pop warner jr. midgets (11,12,13) and many of the kids achieved 50% strength gains in just 3-6 wks; we finished 7-3(3rd)whereas last year we were 1-8. In season I switched my son (we do exact same workout which is now only a little suboptimal for me (142lb, he is 124lb and just turned 13) to 2x/wk machine workout because football practices. We did every machine in the gym (30), lifeforce, paramount, and hammer strength (best). We were max'ed out on 8 machines..180lb triceps lift, 395lb leg press... Of course we built up to this over 2yrs starting with 15-25reps, one set, machines only. We did a strength freeweight routine from "New Rules of Lifting" last summer with good result. We just switched back to free weights and I'm trying to build a mainly sports routine (explosive power) but am now also creeping a little into body building (arms only- for looks). Following Barwis, we start routine with snatch (I know he doesn't do snatch but we like it) 75lb, and power clean 95lb. We just started so I am keeping weights low until we are really comfortable. Charley won 2/3 of his wrestling matches yesterday (3rd meet ever) and looks great in his wrestling gig, whatever they call it (well defined and nice V/lats). One doctors son worked out with us in Jr. Midget program and had been lifting for a couple years already. I ask every doctor I run across what they think and all have been postitive, with caveat that single rep max's should be avoided until age 15. It's been GREAT for his self confidence too as many other kids are better athletes, but everyone knows he is strongest and fastest kid in 7th's something... Phil