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11/30/2010 - 10:07pm You people are dillusional!!!

I'm only 23, but I've been going to games since I could walk. I was there when Kordell Stewart threw the bomb to Michael Westbrook in '94. Watched our team and Tim Biakabutuka in 1995 absolutely ROLL Eddie George and the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes. Witnessed Charles Woodson clinching the Heisman in Ann Arbor on November 22, 1997. And was in attendance for the 100th Game in 2003. Saw Lloyd Carr win his final game against Florida in the Capital One Bowl on New Years Day in 2008.

Never in my wildest dreams did I EVER think this program would reach such a low. What we've seen these last 3 years has been sickening. All of you radical RR supporters better wake up. This is NOT Michigan football. We aren't Notre Dame, we aren't Miami, we aren't Michigan State. We are the winningest and most successful program in the history of college football. For years, we were the GOLD STANDARD. How can you settle for this type of mediocrity? Yes Carr didn't leave RR with a whole lot of talent in 2008, but a good coach would've won more than 3 games. Not sit back and try to run the spread read-option with 6'7, 250 lb Steven Threet. Denard Robinson had a great year, hes fast, I get it. But when it mattered most, he fumbled and got hurt, killing our flow. Sure he racked up a lot of yards, but Bo always said the only yards that matter are those in the red zone. Hes nothing more than Steve Breaston sitting in the backfield playing quarterback. 

Plain and simple, dump Rich Rod. We are the LAUGHING STOCK of the Big Ten and we desperately need somebody to save this program. 

Do yourself a favor and listen closely to the lyrics in The Victors. They're there for a reason and they mean something. We've backed those words up with years and years of tradition and excellence.

Thats all I have. You can take it or leave it. 

P.S. I hope everybody enjoys the Jim Harbaugh jersey I'll be wearing at the Big Chill.

11/20/2010 - 11:08pm YES!


I honestly could not agree with you more. Devin Gardner is a freak of an athlete, runs like a gazelle, and already has a better arm than Denard. I am a huge fan of Denard, but seriously, he put up his huge numbers against cupcakes defensive squads. What good are the numbers when you're 7-4? Last time I checked, a 7-4 record in Ann Arbor is UNacceptable. I don't care how much "youth" you have on your team, this just isn't Michigan Football. I haven't seen a single sign of improvement this year either.

Also, this designed run "Denard Draw" doesn't work anymore. Denard was recruited as an "athlete," which means he can play multiple positions. By moving Denard to RB/WR and Devin into the QB position, we utilize our talent more effectively. Trust me. I see bright flashes of Vince Young in DG. All you Denard-loving lunatics can call me crazy, I don't care.

People, you need to wake up. We cannot compete in this conference, period. Quit settling for mediocrity. I'm a full-blooded, born and raised Michigan fan. I'd die for this team. I'm not one of those RR haters that won't give him a chance. But until today, I've never boo'ed Michigan this much in my entire life.

I trust that Dave Brandon will make the right decisions, but for now, this is downright embarrassing.