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11/19/2012 - 12:38am The addition of teams to the

The addition of teams to the B1G seems pretty inevitable at this point. I feel MD and Rutgers are not the worst options possible. First and foremost, they are ACADEMICALLY sound universities, which is something the B1G is obviously set on maintaining (considering both schools' AAU credentials). MD obviously has potential to become a better football team and their basketball program helps the B1G in strength. This switch is not solely based on improving the football side of the conference. We have to take into account the entire athletic realm of our conference. MD also, historically, isn't a terrible football school. They have had bright moments in their history and the switch to the B1G may be the spark needed for that program to turn around. Rutgers has been strong the past half-decade or so and continue their strength into this year. You have to give credit where credit is due, Rutgers is 9-1 (5-0) in a BCS AQ conference. While I'm not saying they will come into the B1G and be a force, they also won't lay down. They will definitely be a decent, middle of the pack team that could alter some divisional races along the way. Both programs' recruiting will be positively impacted by the switch to the B1G as well. Entrance into the B1G gives these schools a conference prestige that they haven't had before. This strengthens their recruiting in the NE region of the US, while also improving established B1G schools recruiting in the same area. Delaney has seemed adamant in trying to break into the NY market and this is the perfect chance. While maintaining a connecting B1G state blueprint, our conference will establish ourselves (hopefully) in the biggest market on the east coast while reaching numerous other areas along the coast. This helps in terms of TV rights for the conference, leading to more money, and as I mentioned before, recruiting. Now, with the addition of these two teams, I feel realignment is completely necessary. Splitting these two teams into two different divisions would not make sense. A clear divisional line (in my opinion and many other from what I've read) should ideally be placed on the border of Ohio and Indiana. Geographic (east/west) divisions make the most sense to me. I also feel I speak for the majority of us that this is an easy way for Delaney to fix his mistake of splitting Michigan and Ohio State. I'm still repulsed by the thought this match-up could happen twice in a season (even in back to back games). Bottom line, the addition of Maryland and Rutgers isn't the worst thing that could happen.

10/31/2012 - 8:22pm Predictions

45-9 Michigan

648 Yards

10/24/2012 - 3:18pm Score and Rushing Guess

Michigan 48 - Nebraska 17


Rush Yards: 273 yards