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06/29/2012 - 11:09am Good luck with Bakich glad he

Good luck with Bakich glad he left maryland.  Players dont know what they are getting into.  six hour practices,  football type weight lifting, screaming at players during game if they make outs in critical situations, calling players pussies.  Cares about grades, thats a joke check out Maryland baseball players academic standing, see how many seniors graduted last two year.

He is full of energy (and a whole lot of something else),  will raise money by getting people to drink the kool-aide and he will recuit good players.  In game manager, you will see soon enough.

Current and ex players desroying him on twitter and facbook, calling him a traitor.  He had no intention of building the Maryland program and he will do the same at Michigan jumping ship at the next high profile baseball job.

Cant blame him for taking the money: what is Michigan thinking.  He hasnt won anything at Maryland