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01/31/2012 - 8:52pm I'd personally make some

I'd personally make some slight adjustments. First of all, THJ doesn't have the handles to be a 2 and so far this year (at about 27%) he's shown that we can't depend on him to shoot 3's in any consistent way. He does much better when attacking the rim, so I'd put him at the 3. Stauskas is the best shooter in the country and you'd be crazy not to start him when you consider youself a 3 point shooting team.

PG: Trey Burke (backup: Carlton Brundidge)
SG: Nik Stauskas (Matt Vogrich)
SF: Tim Hardaway Jr. (Glenn Robinson III/Evan Smotrycz)
PF: Mitch McGary  (Jon Horford/Evan Smotrycz)
C: Jordan Morgan (Jon Horford/ Mitch McGary)


01/31/2012 - 8:17pm Yet again this shows the

Yet again this shows the point that Scout (as well as most of the other ranking services) are useless. How can you not notice that you have the same guy listed twice? If you're Evan Daniels and you're ranking Shabaz, do you not notice that you have a "Shibazz Mohamed" in Florida and a "Shabaz Muhammad " in Nevada?

How can you trust a thing these people say about any player, when they've proven they have no clue who that player is, where he goes to school, weight, height, nothing?

01/31/2012 - 8:07pm The whole ranking think is

The whole ranking think is just such a crock. ESPN says something and then everyone else follows suit. Wow, what a surprise!

ESPN are the idiots that took McGary from sitting on the bench last year to #2 player in the nation this year. Considering he didn't significantly grow or put on huge weight, I find that impossible to beleive. He has a few good games in front of Telep and suddenly he's the next coming of Christ and going straight to the NBA. Now, he has a couple of bad games and suddenly he drops 20 places and he'll be in the NCAA for at least 2 years. Either they way over-ranked him in the first place or they way over-compensated in his drop. Basically, it just means they make knee-jerk reactions to a few good or bad games and then rank accordingly.

If you ask 3 arbitrary people where they would rank Amare Stoudemire, one guy might rank him #10 another #20 and yet another #30. My point is, you'd have a better chance at winning the lottery than having 3 arbitrary guys ALL rank him at the same spot (withiout talking to eachother).  Amazing how ESPN, Scout (and I'm sure everyone else) has McGary at virtually the same spot on the way up and on the way down. Also, quite shocking that they do it within 2 weeks of eachother every time.

So, bottom line is that Telep and ESPN make the rankings and the rest of the sheep just follow the herd.