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04/13/2010 - 5:45pm i agree that devin gardner is

i agree that devin gardner is going to be a stud at michigan, but 6 months ago we were calling tate the Savior. If tate needs to work on his pocket presence, then i'm sure the coaches are working on it with him. The kid is only a year removed from high school. I disagree that his potential is much lower b/c of his training in high school. You can't really simulate the speed of the college game and being comfortable staying in the pocket while you're in high school. Spring ball is going to help him, but don't forget they still have fall practice for him to continue to get more comfortable.
I'm with everyone that Tate will be the starter come the opener, but I think he'll be our starter next year also...come 2012 that might be a different story.

02/16/2010 - 11:56am i'm with TIMMMAAY on this

i'm with TIMMMAAY on this one. I didn't go to UofM but not b/c I didn't want to but b/c i lived in OH. Out of state tuition at michigan is insane and I chose to stay in state. i still had season tics for football and attended every home game I could with the additional away game (ex: minnesota in 2008 where nick sheridan actually looked competent as a college football qb...maybe a DIII college qb, but a college qb nonetheless). I would consider myself a huge UofM football fan and feel that I can call them my team even though I didn't go there.

Here's to hoping Michigan and Ohio work out some type of reciprocity deal, so us guys down south can get an opportunity to go to a real University.