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10/24/2014 - 5:34pm Good Luck

Hey Seth,

Good luck tomorrow! Hope to see you up there, you are welcomed at our tailgate again to eat all of our food and drink all of our beer and then lie about the experience to everyone on the blog!!

Text me if you make it up!!


The Mean Guys

11/04/2013 - 11:46am Mr. Nice Guy


Hey Seth...”mouth breather” MSU fan from tailgate here.  We had a great time feeding you all day and listening to you wax poetically on the usefulness of advanced stats.  Maybe if Al Borges had better explained to Devin Gardner that Michigan’s COLCQBSPB% (Crap Offensive Line Causing QB to Spit Blood) would be their downfall, Gardner would have removed himself voluntarily earlier instead of cowering short of the first down marker in the 4th quarter.

We also enjoyed your rhetoric on how MSU has a coach that is “just not very nice” and the players he recruits “just aren’t very nice” and our defense is full of “gangbangers”; I really wish we had a nice guy coach like Bo Schembechler, now that was a nice cuddly guy right?  Also, the “gangbangers” on our team would love to teach their criminal ways to their UM brethren, especially guys like Clark, Touissant, and AJ Williams to name a few.  We especially can’t wait for all the demands for Taylor Lewan to be suspended this week, oh wait that will never happen.  (Also we would like you to beat Nebraska, so hopefully it doesn’t). 

Gotta go, Fox News is running a special on bloggers that apologize in person for getting out of line but then run to their computers to distort the truth to their internet friends.  See you next year!