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03/19/2019 - 11:53pm Agreed - he also wouldn't…

Agreed - he also wouldn't have left Alabama if he thought his calls would get over-ridden within the games.  Whether Harbaugh didn't trust the last folks or he thought he was smarter then them, it seems that he's learned that big time programs need dedicated OCs who run the show on the offense.

Or, we're wrong and he screws this up and Gattis will be gone in one year.

I understand why no one on the coaching staff or the players will say this (TEAM) it had to drive them all crazy that we used almost the entire play clock on every single offensive play last year, and not by design.  Almost every 1st quarter timeout was due to this nonsense.

03/14/2019 - 10:21pm Half the bowl games need to…

Half the bowl games need to go away and never come back.  Imagine players calling home - "Guess what mom and dad - we're playing in a bowl game - it's the Idaho Potato Bowl in the middle of the week in mid-December".  Dial tone.

The other one that's been driving me nuts is the contract the MAC has with ESPN where there are 2-3 games played during the week in November.  These games draw fewer fans than HS football games.  Outside of the mid-west, who the heck is even watching these games on ESPN?  I've heard that local businesses are very unhappy with this - big surprise, not a whole lot of people doing dinner/drinks, etc. on a Wed night before/after a football game.

I don't know how long it will take but I do think changes will have to come.  I'm guessing a lot of folks here have seen the same as I do with regards to football games - there are still a lot of older folks who come to games out of tradition - it's just what they've always done.  I've actually been a bit shocked at the age of some of the folks at the game (and rather worried at some of the Nov games).  The younger generations generally don't have a tradition/legacy mindset and they've grown up in a very different world with respect to access to viewing games.  I know that's a gross generalization but I think it's pretty accurate.

I'm quite certain that the only reason I was able to score season football tickets for Harbaugh's first year was the perfect storm of Brandon's nonsense with regards to ticket prices and "donations" and the decline in the product on the field.  If only one of those happens, people don't give up their season tickets.

03/11/2019 - 9:49pm I would even back up a bit…

I would even back up a bit before the Teske phantom travel to 8:12 where Goins pretended to get hit in the face by Teske - foul on Teske - when he never touched him.

If you look at the roughly 90 seconds between 8:12 and 6:45, the bad calls make it a 12 point game when it should have been either a 3 or 2 point game (depending on if they call foul on Winston on the phantom travel and Teske hits the FT).  This is the 90 seconds where Teske picked up a foul for the phantom hit on Goins, the phantom travel call, the no call on Tillman when he hit Iggy on his shot and then the ridiculous touch foul on Iggy on that subsequent rebound.


03/11/2019 - 9:23pm Thanks for the info.


Thanks for the info.

I always try to give high school officiating a break as I can't imagine anyone who doesn't simply love the game doing that job (any sport).  It certainly isn't for the money.  With that said, I attended 4 high school girl's basketball games this past season and the officiating was lifetimes better than what we regularly see in many of these B1G games.  I realize that the game is much faster in college but as I've stated in other posts - your job is to call what you actually see, not what you think might have happened.  That may not necessarily affect that travel call but it would certainly affect the phantom touch calls.  You simply can't be making calls based on player reactions as many of them have gotten very good at faking contact.  Winston, in particular, regularly throws his head back with no contact and quite frequently gets the call.

03/11/2019 - 7:22pm Vinny - honest question - is…

Vinny - honest question - is there a shortage of suitable refs and/or up and comers that results in this guy continuing to be used?



03/11/2019 - 4:28pm Even if you take a microcosm…

Even if you take a microcosm of the game you can see how significantly this affected the game.

Look at what happened between 8:15 and 6:42 in the second half - take away the nonsense that happened in just that 90 seconds and you're likely looking at a 3 point game instead of a 12 point game.


03/11/2019 - 10:42am Pretty sure that sensors and…

Pretty sure that sensors and AI would have picked up the fact that Teske's phantom 3rd foul where Goins pretended to get hit in the face, when Teske's hand came nowhere near it was completely bogus.

If you had to really break things down to that granular a level you can see that that few minutes stretch where Teske was called for a phantom foul and then called for a phantom travel really took the air out.  Teske was more tentative on the defensive end at that point as it was clear he thought he'd get called for absolutely anything.

Izzo would have lost his freaking mind if that happened to MSU.


03/11/2019 - 10:26am M-Dog - all of your points…

M-Dog - all of your points can't be repeated enough.  It's absolutely correct that mistakes are made but any of us who are more than casual viewers can and do accept when that happens - how many times are we watching the game at a bar and everyone says "I can see how they called that".  How many times did that happen Saturday - not much at all.

I've pointed out in other posts the same - if you can't handle a big game with lots of crowd noise and a coach who is notorious for whining about EVERYTHING you should bow out.

There is simply no way to excuse that officiating performance.  The sequence at the end when U-M was trying to foul to send them to the line and the refs wouldn't call the foul for several seconds just about sums up that whole game.

It's quite possible that MSU could still have won that game - just would have liked to see a fairly level playing field.

03/10/2019 - 3:19pm Maybe I'm naive or…

Maybe I'm naive or unrealistically idealistic but why are basketball coaches allowed to constantly whine to officials and call them over to whine more or ask for explanations?

This really seems to be a simple fix - other than replay reviews, calls will not be explained or justified to coaches and technical fouls will be called on coaches who yell at the refs.

But, yes, there shouldn't need to be a rule for officials to do their jobs much better and ignore the coaches - we certainly see this in other sports.

03/10/2019 - 2:54pm I remember that article as…

I remember that article as well and also remember thinking - it is your job to not let that stuff affect you - if you can't handle it you're not doing your job.  There are many, many jobs where you would say the same thing about this - it's your job to tune out the noise.

This game reminded me of the title game last year when it quickly became apparent that we would not be allowed to play defense and wold get called for touch and no contact fouls while the other team did not.  It clearly affected the way the team played, just as it did last night.

I do wonder if anyone from the B1G reviews these games and sends reports to the officials.  I'm guessing not since that would seemingly have an impact on the consistently poor performing officials.

I really can't even count how many B1G BB games I've watched this year (not just U-M games) where the officiating has been really bad and really inconsistent.

When people can clearly see in real-time that players aren't touched and see the "flops" (including stuff like when Winston throws his head back when there is no contact and he gets the call) how is it possible that people who are right in front of the plays can't see it.  As I repeatedly state - it's your job to call what you see, not what you think you might have seen or might have happened.

With all that said, I realize this is a very fast game and it's sometimes hard to appreciate that when we're not always there in person, but you should still be calling what you see not what might have happened.


03/09/2019 - 11:52pm BoCanHam15 - as I was…

BoCanHam15 - as I was leaving the bar with my wife I mentioned that this game reminded me of the title game - really takes you out of your rhythm when you're not allowed to play defense due to phantom fouls.

I re-watched most of the game when I got home - it is just hard to fathom how anyone watching that game could not scratch their head over the foul disparity.  When ESPN announcers proclaim "this is a team that does not foul" and are incredulous of calls you know it's really, really bad officiating.  I counted at least 5 fouls that weren't even touch fouls, they were literally called when there was absolutely no contact.

Not sure how far they'll go but I still have a lot of confidence in this team and of course how well JB and his staff coach them up.

03/09/2019 - 11:46pm Totally agree.  I just re…

Totally agree.  I just re-watched the game after getting home from watching it and this team has absolutely nothing to hang their heads about.  Yes, scoring slumps are a concern but almost every team has them.  Hated to see them lose this one as I thought they played well enough to win for most of the game.  

We played a bit loose at the end of the half - probably should have been up by 15 at the half rather than 6 - definitely would have helped.

Down the stretch we just couldn't get anything to drop - even decent shots - just sometimes the way it goes.

I'd like to see statistics on how often a team that shoots 5-7 FTs beats a team that shoots 23-30 FTs.

I know it's bad form to blame refs but when you have ESPN announcers incredulous over calls you know it's really, really bad.

02/28/2019 - 11:54pm Totally agree regarding…

Totally agree regarding Poole - played much, much smarter tonight.  Proves that he's willing to liten and learn as I'm sure he's had a tough week after the last game.

Was nice to see some of the bench players get extended minutes, even in a blowout - builds their confidence.

02/25/2019 - 3:05pm And other teams know this -…

And other teams know this - I dread the beginning of every game where I know someone will pick up a lame foul.

I could get the strategy a bit more if it was more subjective but when your player gets called for a bs or lame foul, don't take him out.


02/25/2019 - 3:03pm I saw exactly what you state…

I saw exactly what you state here plus some no calls on obvious traveling, but that's been one of my biggest pet peeves in college basketball - seems like the big guys can just twist and jump around under the basket and never get called for travel.

And yes, several of those calls were consequential.  Obviously need to play through it but there's just too much of it to pretend that the officiating is anywhere near decent.  If it was consistently bad  in certain areas, that can be dealt with, but it's very inconsistent.

02/24/2019 - 7:22pm Couldn't agree more!  I have…

Couldn't agree more!  I have friends that went to other Big Ten schools (not MSU or OSU) who will text be during football and basketball games commenting that the announcers clearly are favoring the other team.

The reffing is simply inexcusable!  One of my biggest pet peeves is the no calls on big guys jumping around under the rim and then hitting a shot.  Somehow the refs can see phantom touch calls but somehow can't see a guy jumping around repeatedly under the rim.

This isn't sour grapes - Michigan offense did not play well today however the other team doesn't need help from the refs.

And the fact that Izzo is in their ear after EVERY SINGLE call (and plenty of other times) without ever picking up a T is a joke!


02/18/2019 - 10:12pm I was looking forward to…

I was looking forward to seeing how Teske played against Ward.  Teske seems to have gotten better over the year against aggressive big men but the more he sees that the better, for tourney time.  With that said, I was a bit fearful of the match-up as well - seems like a lot of our opponents' big men get away with murder down low while Teske gets tagged for touch fouls.


12/30/2018 - 11:21pm I do believe it's rational…

I do believe it's rational to criticize specific areas while at the same time being realistic that firing the HC is not necessarily the answer.  I've had season tickets for the last four years and attended many games prior to that.  Like others I'm concerned about the way we lose and some of the patterns we've seen over the past 4 years.  How symbolic was it that we had a delay of game after a change of possession?  I've mentioned before that we use up the entire play clock on almost every play, and not by design.  This leaves no room for adjustment and the players frequently look unsettled.  I was mildly surprised yesterday that it seemed like the O was actually moving a bit quicker but that changed in the second half for some reason.  This is just one example but there are many others.

Rational or not one of the things that sticks in my mind is the 2016 OSU game where after the play was reviewed OSU scored easily on the very next play.  This just seems very telling to me as there have been other similar, though much less significant, times where we're a bit down and don't respond well.  It's hard not to imagine that the coaches and players all thought that call was going to go their way and were not prepared to play on - it sure looked that way.  Strategically and tactically, they should have assumed that call would go against them and been prepared to stop them to win the game.

Another example - as much as we all like to say that we dominated Sparty this year the reality is that the score was 14-7 until 10 or so minutes left in the 4th quarter.  This game should have been a beat down worse than PSU and Wisconsin, regardless of where it was played.  Several missed opportunities left Sparty in the game way, way too late and we all know anything can happen in college football, especially on the road.

I'm optimistic and I'm re-upping for season tickets for next year but clearly there are some things that need to be fixed that go beyond better talent.  Watching Alabama, Oklahoma and Clemson play yesterday - Michigan is not even close to the level of execution that I saw.  I think Notre Dame is roughly on par with Michigan right now.  I also believe that OSU would have been blown out by Alabama, Clemson or Oklahoma, had they made it in.  I truly hope all Michigan players and coaches watched both of those games and are honest with themselves in terms of what they need to do to rise to that level.


11/25/2018 - 11:14pm I was at every home game and…

I was at every home game and have had season tickets the past 4 years.


Just a few of the things that seem to be correctable but we are consistently bad at, one of which you mention -


  • Using the entire play clock on every play and not because we want to.  There is absolutely no ability to pick up the pace when needed or desired.  This also leads to wasted time-outs, people running around unsettled just prior to the snap and of course delay of game penalties.  Whatever the reason for this it must be addressed.  We have to be able to pick up the pace when needed or desired.
  • Failure to score a touchdown on first offensive drive of the game.  In 12 games this year we scored a touchdown on our first offensive possession just 3 times - Nebraska, Wisconsin and Penn State.
  • Similar to point 2 above - way too slow start for offensive almost every game.


Fixing above doesn't guarantee anything but it'd be a darn good start!


10/20/2018 - 8:54pm Funny - I was thinking the…

Funny - I was thinking the exact same thing and wondering - am I just imaging this or does he not look well.  All rivalry and other stuff aside, something just isn't right with him.


09/22/2018 - 10:01pm Couldn't agree more.  Had a…

Couldn't agree more.  Had a great football discussion with a Nebraska fan in front of me at halftime.

Happy to say that the Nebraska fans were treated well also.

The best college football fans know how to conduct themselves, win or lose - something a lot of folks need to learn.