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10/31/2016 - 12:06am The 2-PT Run-Back

This got my most emphatic F-Bomb of the day: "F*ck you D'Antonio, you arrogant Ass!"

04/09/2013 - 2:48pm SPIKE & Refs

Ove the last several hours I've swung from mad at the refs for bad calls, to a position where I say the refs put us on the line and we didn't capitalize once they did.  Between that and ending the game with timeouts and fouls to burn, I think there was more we could do.  Especially in preparing our kids for the inbounds.  I never like the idea of leaving anything on the table - give all the fouls, take all the time-outs.

All that said, I'm encouraged by our prospects next year and was thrilled to make the final four - and losing may have felt awful, but there were 14 teams who really wanted to be there and didn't get it done, butu we did.

SPIKE - during the game, he went from 5k followers on twitter to over 28k today.  Most eligible indeed.

03/09/2011 - 11:32am Youngstown State

Let's not forget about the problems he created at Youngstown...


Now retired, Cochran looks back on the 1994 non-investigation by his athletic director and coach with embarrassment. "I feel like I got crapped on," he said.


Youngstown State would admit to a lack of institutional control and accept minor scholarship cuts. But avoiding the truth for so long served the team and city well. With the NCAA's statute of limitations on violations having expired in 1996 -- five years after Isaac left college -- the NCAA declined to strip Youngstown State of its beloved '91 national championship

Eleven months after the NCAA issued its decision, with no reprimand for Tressel at Youngstown, Ohio State athletic director Andy Geiger hired Tressel as the Buckeyes' new head coach.

11/06/2010 - 6:04pm One More to GO!!!

And I get to stop hearing from the RR haters and their vitriol.