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10/28/2012 - 2:51am The O-Line is good/great, the RB's are fine...

The plays suck. Did you see how long Denard was able to stand on the pocket?! Our Offensive line was terrific. Denard threw some gret balls today, running lanes were open.... The problem, for the most part, is the awful play calls. Why is it that we run zone read every single time we run? Teams shut it down by bringing more than we can block. When Borges "switches" it up and we go I formation it's a weak side Iso. Belamey (sp?) first play was zone read and he read it right by keeping it (the kid is just slow, they brought 2 line backers who keyed the RB, and he got bck to the LOS).

I thought Borges was 'adapting' to personal. That's why we were running nothing but read zone/3 iso's a game. All of a sudden Denard is hurt and we put in the backup who is the player Borges wants at the position yet we're still running the same offense! Borges must go! Last year against Michigan State, it's 4 & 2 and we line up in 'I', I know it's Iso or play action since that's all we ever do from I. Borges, who has gone shotgun all damn day, decides to play action and nobody bites (why would they) and they drill the fuck out of denard. Game was over then and there with bad cal.

Bad calls/plays on offense alone plagued last years MSU game. They ran a simple 'bullet x blitz' linebackers both in A gaps but one goes first and the other crosses making an x) all day destroying our zone read. Same thing happened through much of last year and ESP this year. If we had a decent/good offense we make Alabama a game, beat ND's ass, and Nebraska. Our defense has been terrific and made outstanding stops when we've fucked our defense. Our defense will keep improving but Mattison can't do it all. Replaces Borges immediately.

10/28/2012 - 1:57am How could you be all season?!?

How could you possibly blame the defense ever at all once this season? Alabama? We forced a three and out on the first drive and played very well until half our offense played absolutely horrible all day. Notre Dame? How many times did our defense save our asses? And not just save it forcing field goals when Denard threw another int that was returned to their side of the field? 5 turnovers (maybe more?) and they only beat us by one touchdown. That game should have been a blowout yet our offense had 2 drives where it should have at least been OT. We just fumbled there.

Nebraska? We had some bad calls (the ground causing that fumble/int and the first replayed call on the made catch that went back) and it was still close for much of the game. Denard had some good passes today in tight coverage. Can't possibly ask this Defense to do more. They can't be on the field this much. We had BAD calls o offense all night and the defense can't possibly do more in any game. Yes Alabama scored a lot but with any kind of offense it's a close game, ND we win, Nebraska we win.

Never have been a big Denard guy but last year and this year combined he's beaten al Big Ten schools we should beat (convincingly I might add) and ND, MSU and OSU. He hasn't improved any this year vs last year and the pays don't help him. You want him to throw more yet call zone read for every run? Gimmie a break. Our offense isn't good enough to win out much less OSU and we can't expect more from our defense..

Closing I'd like to say I prefer this over Rich Rod. I'd rather lose 6-13, 9-24 or whatever than 60-75. Yes he beat USC which is more than he could do at Michigan in 3 years. Hoke knows more about Offense than Rod knows about Defense but we need a decent/good offense and we'll be a serious threat.

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