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09/08/2009 - 6:08pm Hey whoa Hey

Whoa whoa whoa

wait up a minute 'peoples'

this is a game in which the Notre Dame Fighting Irish have a lil more to lose than the Michigan Wolverines. Guess what,"We're still rebuilding here in Michigan people!" Notre Dame needs to be 'rebuilt' by this game. This is a coronation moment for both Clausen and Weis. This is a big, if not huge game, for Mr. Charlie Weis.

If Michigan wins, think about it, with the big tens performance this past week, Michigan will more than likely still not be ranked. Rather Notre Dame will just slide out of the rankings. The idea that at week 2, a non ranked 3-9 of last year, can slide into the top 25 at 2-0 is ludicrous. AND I DON'T WANT MICHIGAN RANKED TILL THEY BEAT A RANKED TEAM ON THE ROAD!

Michigan, with freshman QB's, a never quit attitude(MUCH LIKE NAVY HAD), and the idea that WERE THE UNDERDOG can really make this a game.

09/07/2009 - 9:09pm People need to talk about

People need to talk about that O-line of Michigan. If all goes well Saturday I think they will some more.

One thing Michigan had on Saturday was tempo. Tempo, overall game tempo is tough to get or control when you are playing an evenly matched team. I believe these two teams are now evenly matched given Michigan's home field and last game played. But fret not young Michigan and just hang with them punch for punch until the last ticks of the clock.

09/06/2009 - 5:09pm Nice

There seems to be a friendly game of can you top this, as far as play making goes amongst the younger Michigan team. I mean this both offensively and defensively. Very good sign, very good. Carlos Brown, I mean, is anyone that overly concerned now with the idea of starting Brown? With the play of Koger is anyone overly bummed about Sims at MSU? The players were holding onto the football, taking big hits and then stretching the plays for an extra 2-3 yards. There seems to be a developing sense of,"we, the young guys of Michigan, want to take ownership and show what we can do." To me, that's family values 101.

One of the few negatives I heard, and I heard it from people who could care less about Michigan. But they all said,"You got blanked in the 2nd half. Did they figure out your schemes in the 2nd or what?" I did not notice there were no points in the 2nd and I still think there were points in the 2nd half. But if there were not I'd write it off to experimentation and to the idea that,"Dude, we're up 31-0 at halftime."

The reality is, for all teams on Michigans schedule, that you can't really look at Forcier as a freshman anymore. And you cannot sleep on that offense.

09/04/2009 - 4:59pm He will be a great guy and

He will be a great guy and coach here. I mean in the long view, when people give the guy some room to do his thing. Perception is a weird thing. Because the guy, I mean coach, could be smiling and teaching and have that moment not on TV. And then the media could cherry pic and seek out the moment where he blows his cool and then air that. I want to see the public or overall narrative changed on Coach Rodriguez because he is a likable guy. But he's a football guy and there's nothing wrong with that. Recommending a football coach to smile more is kind of chintzy and lame. I mean it's football for God's sakes! But, I also think the days or Woody Hayes are long gone. You almost have to be part coach, part baby-sitter and a full time pr guy. Who also has an agent by the way. All in all, with all the crap that goes along with it, college football coaching is not for the timid. One can deduce that from following Michigan and Rich as of late. "Win one for RR," is my motto.

09/04/2009 - 4:32pm As the author of this

As the author of this mgoboard posting, I can say not much thought went into it. I am sitting here nervously hoping we don't lose tomorrow. The typing part, is just therapy.

09/01/2009 - 5:20pm Perception, period.

Jim Rome said the same thing. Actually Rome said something to the effect of,"And he'd better hope most of the team has bought in or there will be something to really cry about. And if they lose to Western, look out Michigan."

In all of this, every moment of controversy that has happened from day one, it has been about perception and the handling of how things went down. Some one on ESPN radio said, paraphrasing again,"throughtout the hiring process you wished there were handlers in the athletic department managing the overall output of the decisions upon the brand name of Michigan. And in the press conference as well." The question you the reader have to ask yourself is,"Do you think the guy knew he was going to tear up before going in?" In some ways that's what journalists who take the,"He teared up?" avenue may be thinking. I dont think a coach gets emotional on cue. If I was making desicions and part of the athletic dept. I would've already put Brian on payroll and asked him to be the handler of all things media. He has the insight and the youth. Once again, if Michigan wins, people will shut up.

08/31/2009 - 8:55pm Good Football Weather!

What's the forecast on Michigan Football as of today??? Well, the 'shot across the brow' of Michigans Football vessel has been taken. As I watched the news today, the interviews and season felt like it came a week early. In some ways, this may serve advantageous to the mindset of the warriors involved in this up and coming football game. It should be a better, more focused week of game prep. It's a must win game. Will Michigan lose games this year? Could Michigan possibly lose to Western Michigan? Could Michigan win it's first 4? Yes, to all. Don't be surprised if this game is close and don't be surprised if its a blowout. I mean that for both squads. It's essential that the Wolverines take a rational, methodical approach on both offense and defense. The idea that emotion can be harnessed, or the idea of playing off of it has kind of left the building. At this point, it's just for the love of the game. At this point, for the players, coaches and fans of Michigan Football, you will win and lose quietly.

08/31/2009 - 10:38am He must complete the training!

Physically, he(#7 Devin Gardner) has all the tools. He is taller, and moves side to side as well as he does when he squares his shoulders and runs up field. BUT, and I hate to sound like some crusty curmudgeon, he is not a jedi yet.

08/28/2009 - 10:42am The NFL is different

I just don't see it long term. People talk of the core ideas of offensive football changing from an offensive formation. That formation being the spread. Did Donovan McNabb make his money in the NFL running the ball or from his scrambling mobility? Think of Steve Young firing lasers to T. Owens. Think of any running vs scrambling QB and you'll see scramblers, who are tall with good instincts and passing ability succeeding in the NFL. For gods sakes Eli Manning is the highest paid NFL player. Dude couldnt run our spread if he tried. To make money in any professional sport, you need reps. You do not currently get enough reps when as a NFL QB you're only reps come from running the Wildcat. McNabb, he made his money by scrambling and also being an adept passer. As a QB, first and foremost you need to be able to throw the football. Sorry, but it's a job req. and it always will be. A running QB will rarely be franchised(because of fear of injury) by anyone looking to throw money at a young college kid. Even Timothy Tebow will have to prove himself as a drop back passer in the coming years in the NFL. The fact is there is no way D. Rob or even Darth Forcier garner the NFL looks Barkely will, should all stay healthy. With Mark Sanchez starting as a rookie in the NFL in his first game you have the perfect analog for Barkely. The reality is here and is no longer on the horizon. USC is winning with the old Michigan ideas and formulas. And thus the idea and title of QB U has passed to them. So the idea of a 'draftable' high round QB from Michigan is no more. Maybe, maybe Gardner should be develop though.

08/27/2009 - 10:04pm Yeah, it is weird that a

Yeah, it is weird that a freshman is STARTING let alone playing at the QB position. BUT, it seems to me, that once the game starts, USC, no matter who is running what position, just takes over the game. As a Wolverine fan at Quarterback 'U,' it will be tough watching pro-style QB after pro-style QB from USC get drafted over ours. It is really a no brainer that a healthy Barkley, in two-three years time, garners 1st round draft money over what we currently have at UofM. And that is also another reason why Denard Robinson should stay(shows commitment and loyalty) at Michigan should be not find time at the QB position. Because if he's that fast and skilled, an NFL team will make room for him somewhere at some position.

08/26/2009 - 2:39pm Drop back:Spread

How many college spread QB's, below 6'0, start in the NFL as of today? Versus the percentage of college based drop back passers who start? How about a ratio of how many qb's per roster is spread based vs drop back?

08/26/2009 - 2:32pm Agreed.


08/25/2009 - 12:52pm They'll be alright

They'll be alright

08/24/2009 - 9:52pm Western Michigan is a MUST win for the Wolves

Wait, must win? Yeah, must win. Weird as hell to utter it aloud if you are a long time supporter of Wolverine Football. However, don't kid yourself, it's a huge game. When I think of UofM football I think of the 2006 season. 11-0, opening day victory over an SEC team. Then a M.A.C.-CMU drubbing, followed by a line of consecutive victories. And then barely losing to tOSU, coupled with a bowl game loss to the PAC-10. But, I think my history of Michigan Football kind of stops there. It then merges into a moment, a moment I am still sort of in. After giving up 21 points in the second quarter and the ensuing 34-32 opening day loss to Appalachian State, my ability to remember what I knew of Michigan is lost. My point is this, you can play 3,4 or 5 QB's coach if you want. But this team and it's fan need to stop the bleeding and win a home opener. I WISH it were like basketball or baseball where you could try this and that in pre-season tournaments. Football is a different animal, especially in these days of the BCS. So, if you are hoping to go to a bowl game as a Wolverine fan(as I am), well, I hope WMU is a W for you(us).

08/14/2009 - 4:29pm

08/14/2009 - 3:50pm "Punt Catch Team"

As a punt returner, the only thing you really have to do is field or catch the punted football. Personally I am not concerned one bit if their return yards are in the negative. The concern is a special teams turnover after our defense has caused a three and out! I would hope the special teams coach changes the name of the punt return team to the punt-catch team.

You only have to catch it fellas. Fair catch if it helps!

08/10/2009 - 7:13pm Multiple Guess

On Mgoblue the video of the day shows a bruised coach.

What's the rumor mill saying about Coach Smith's black eye?

a. Feagin clocked him on the way out.
b. Mallett hit him at a bar while on a recruiting trip.
c. While recruiting Braxton Miller he _______.
d. he signed up for jujitsu class.

07/15/2009 - 8:54am I agree here. Brian is one of

I agree here. Brian is one of the best, natural writers around. I feel it's the subject matter that brings out the beasties and troll like replies. Subject matter being sports. I think we've all left some replies out there that have sucked. But because of Brian we're all still here able to comment and ramble.

07/14/2009 - 10:41am f.y.i.

07/14/2009 - 10:32am I like the way Ellen uses

I like the way Ellen uses alumnus in this commencement speech.

07/14/2009 - 10:23am Fa- la- la - la

This is just how you are judged in the long view when you lose. If he wins, his cursing, whether at you or at those around you, is something akin to a verbal anointment. If he wins, he could not cut his grass for a month and post a sign in his yard that read,"F-You, You cut my Effing Grass," and people would mindlessly cut it. Cheering merrily as they go.

06/29/2009 - 4:27pm A year like that will cause a

A year like that will cause a drop off or dip in recruiting. But there is a real concern in the areas of recruiting for the d-line and LB's.

06/26/2009 - 12:09am Solid Prospect.

The more reps this young man gets the more dividends he'll pay off. And it is weird saying that about someone so young and inexperienced at the QB position. He understands reads well for being as young as he is. He has older brothers who have played QB. Also guys like Marv Marinovich helping with this facet or area of learning. Secondly, he has great technique and like Brian said is freakishly accurate. Lastly he is a good scrambler who can do a lil running. But the most important thing I saw at the spring game is that he wants to take ownership of the offense. By the time he's a senior he'll be barking and coaching on the field. Should he stay healthy, he will be tough to dethrone over the years. Just a great fit all the way around for Michigan fans. Should be a fun four years.

06/26/2009 - 12:00am Ha


06/25/2009 - 4:55pm I think Forcier is a great

I think Forcier is a great pickup for Michigan. There needs to be some kind of forward motion, or the identification of some of the missing puzzle pieces that Coach Rodriguez and Michigan fans need. And this recruit landing in Ann Arbor is one of those pieces.

The downside is that he scrambles and then gets a zinger or dinger laid on. Height is really not an issue simply because he played taller in the spring game. Scrambling was not an issue either because he was elusive in the spring game. The fear is the spaces in between where the play breaks down, causing the scramble, and some random 200 plus LB'er or lineman simply falling/tackling the young man. Because there will be breakdowns, 3rd and longs and other obvious passing plays where he will scramble, be elusive and be one on one with some bigger people in the open field. His loss would significantly hurt the passing rhythm of the Michigan offensive attack. Not that Jack Kennedy and Denard Robinson cannot throw.

Great recruit, hard worker, so heres to sliding into tackles and staying healthy fella!

06/24/2009 - 5:11pm Wow


06/22/2009 - 12:54pm what a video! wow.....

what a video! wow.....

06/21/2009 - 1:18pm Heart and intellect trump

Heart and intellect trump height and speed for the most part. I'm sure they see something they can work with here. If you can be a point guard and quarterback you can definitely use those skills & knowledge in man-to-man coverage and zone reads as a corner back. So I like this pick up alot for RR and Grrr.

06/19/2009 - 9:05pm The easy whipping boy

I hope Threet makes all PAC-10 first team by his sr. year under Dennis Erickson! And then I hope he gets drafted high in the NFL! Same for Mallett! That guy, Threet, has a lot of justice on his side man. Threet was somewhat altruistic in my opinion last year. Namely because he was playing for a school he loved when getting called out socially by am offensive coach who'd been there one year! For a redshirt freshman, he took more than his share of blame. Knowing damn well he'd be forgotten and wrote off completely. He learned a great lesson last year that could really help that young man out long term. He wasn't coddled that's for sure. It's an endless debate about the bare cupboards. I get that. But I think when Steve Threet came in against Utah and dropped that pass to Hemingway in the corner, it said something. That CB was pretty good as well. Here's the thing, people judge you when you do great things with an empty cupboard, not a full one. I get CFB is about winning, but there is a game within the game as well. As good as Gardner, Forcier are and will be, I am still concerned by the handling of Threet. My opinion.

06/18/2009 - 8:46pm For Michigan this is a huge

For Michigan this is a huge acquisition. Good Luck!

06/12/2009 - 11:46pm He will contribute

I've watched a lot of these videos and this particular recruit and this particular video stood out from the rest. The term vision, as far as running backs and kick returners go, is kind of a misnomer. Vision implies seeing the field. But running backs must feel the field as well. There's an internal mechanism beyond the eyes that moves great runners around the big chessboard. This kid has that. You can see it when you watch him. And no, I do not run a recruiting service, or an operator of Fitzgeralds website. Nor am I a budding pro football agent. But seriously Why is it Steve Breaston found daylight on kick/punt returns? Why was it Hart made guys miss? And so on right. If he can withstand the pounding of 3 years of Big Ten Football then he will contribute.

06/09/2009 - 2:03pm this does help

this does help

06/08/2009 - 4:51pm Ahh yes, the sweet joys of reminiscing.....

Looking back is kind of nice isn't it. It makes me realize we were once the omphalos of college football. Now, as Borat says,"not so much."

But hey, pass me a beer, cue up some Cougar Mellencamp and let's look back!

Desmond Howard would get a vote from me. He could play in any system.

Although, you almost have to wonder if a lot of the guys you mentioned would have even have played at Michigan given the current offensive system.

06/05/2009 - 12:48am I just think that Michigan

I just think that Michigan football needs to be prudent in its approach to this season. So the need for stewardship and seeing the risks are at the forefront and of the utmost importance. So what I 'wrote' above to start this out was as you said. But I am also not worried about it and I am sure you are not anymore as well. College Football is silly, ya know. Nothing to get all crazy about, but yet everyone does. If Michigan loses to Western Michigan to start the season, well, the boo birds and know-it-alls in the student section will be up in arms and seething in anger. We've all made the long walk up those stairs and out to the parking lots. And now, especially after the last two home openers, we can all see that as a possible outcome or reality. Michigan Football is everyone's baby. Seemingly everyone owns some fictional stock in this program and it's day to day workings. I just hope the exodus subsides, players show improvements and the team comes together and just overachieves.

06/04/2009 - 4:23pm Michigan's version of Dexter

Michigan's version of Dexter McCluster. Who had a great bowl game against Texas Tech last year.

06/04/2009 - 3:54pm Th fear is that the football

The fear is that the football program slides into a realm equivalent with what happened to the basketball team. A lost decade. Recruiting violations are obviously not an issue at Michigan. However, if you lose a lot, or for two straight seasons, you might as well be on probation. Programs can rise and fall overnight.

06/04/2009 - 12:17am Toney Clemons, Ryan Mallett,

Toney Clemons, Ryan Mallett, and all those other transfers are people to watch. No matter how one may feel about them, at any level of their overall character, if they do well and overachieve it will be used as a negative on all levels in recruiting talks against Michigan. Or Michigan 2.0 in its current state. The real worry is alumni in the NFL draft year to year. Ok, because USC, whether one feels they are legal or not...puts guys at a good rate in the NFL. Michigan fans can look back and feel good about it all. But the future past this year, speculatively speaking, is kinda sketchy. The other thing is that USC still plays old Michigan football. And or Pro Style Offenses and 4-3 defenses. Pete Carroll was an NFL coach and runs running plays and passing plays like Lloyd and Bo did. He and whomever is is his offensive coordinator seem to be on the same page. Even if that Offensive Coordinator goes on to be a Head Coach and blows, under USC, they do not. And so you look at the NFL and then how that relates to high school recruiting. You factor in what Clemons said about values, family and a program and you see that MI has many things to wrap up. Michigan Football needs a superficially good season of W's. But Michigan, as a university, has never been satisfied with just that. It wants to win on every level and all of those levels matter. Otherwise it would not attract the type of student and athlete it regularly does. Damage control usually happens from the inside and goes out into the elements. It's strange when old elements, ghosts of old who are outside now are hinting at a vacuous middle. Here's to sliding down the surface of things and spread based W's!

05/31/2009 - 12:18am In the new Star Trek movie

In the new Star Trek movie Spock wants the logical choice where Kirk wants the illogical. As it is always is in ST so no big spoiler there. But it comes down to the old EXCEPTION/RULE argument. People are already arguing that the spread is the exception and a gimmick. Where Carr is the rule and more true. One winning season and a bowl win though and many flip flop from that stance. Some begrudgingly, some after their first beer. And so goes the legacy of a college coach. Thus the reason why Carr was a man of rules and loathed even contemplating the idea of exceptions. And we all know or could guess what were Carr's exceptions or things he thought College Football should be without. Carr had a formula, and it was from a different time. Perhaps a better time. In season one there was little merging, to use a driving term. There was a lot of quick exits and quick onramp entries though. It was a bumpy ride. MY that as fans, and I am also hoping the two coaches( LC & RR ) now see is that the answer, THE REAL NEW DIRECTION OF MICHIGAN FOOTBALL lies somewhere between these two poles and not at either extreme. When you are fluid and loose you use what you have and whats thrown at you and when you're tight and rigid you do the opposite. And in football that translates, usually into more losses than wins. Ok I'll shush it, damn the green tea.

04/30/2009 - 9:43pm put up your dukes.....

In boxing, there are weight classes for a reason.

04/29/2009 - 11:40am You know, I love your subtle

Stop kicking the guy as he leaves..........

04/28/2009 - 8:12pm Good Luck Steve....

As a former resident of Scottsdale, Arizona I have to say there is nothing wrong with Arizona State University. I think they have a pretty decent Division 1 football program going for them. Sure, if you can play at Michigan, it is a good thing. And from some pure-bred genealogical based mindset playing Football at the Quarterback position at Michigan is obviously full of more,"Blue Blood."

I am not one to bash Threet even if he bashes Michigan in an on the nose fashion or even subtly. He left Georgia Tech because of a change there and because his heart was here in Michigan. He wanted this place, he was raised here. It was really unfortunate it did not work out. I wish him well. It should say something to people though that Threet was basically one of the few Quarterbacks to be allowed scholarships in the ACC, BIG TEN and now PAC 10 all at decent football schools.

There are alot of Michigan people in Arizona. ALOT. There's a good Alumni base there as well.

There are hot chics everywhere if you look, they just have real tans in AZ.

04/12/2009 - 6:46pm anyone have any denard

anyone have any denard robinson vids on here? I'm now interested to see his reel of tape. I think his playing time will come down to how well he understands blitz packages and zone coverages, in relation to designed Michigan passing plays.

This is an end game of sorts for guys like Robinson and D. Gardner. And yes I know Gardner is not on campus yet or neither is the other guy. But it may not matter. To go back a little in time, look at Guiterrez. One shoulder injury and his time at MI was over. And from what I saw yesterday out of number 5, it will be tough to dethrone the kid over time. Because this is a man who will be a backup and not let his ego get to him as he wears the hat on the sideline. Just as if he is throwing TD's he won't let his ego get to him as well. Once this type of kid settles in, these types usually stay playing. You do not need to Tebow that or whatever, you just know some kids are winners. And none of us here are in the media, we are simply observers and comment types. But here's the scenario. You have a 3-9 team and a hopeful fan base. The michigan media was not exactly kind to the staff last year. Now let's say you win 3/4 your first games with number 5 starting. Even if young QB's stats are just average, he is managing wins. This is better than stats and this is the intangible that is needed now more than ever.

04/12/2009 - 6:33pm Personally I am also rallying

Personally I am also rallying for Jack Kennedy.

04/12/2009 - 6:32pm What did you like that you

What did you like that you saw yesterday in Forcier?

04/12/2009 - 6:20pm Forcier is the right fit.....

Yes, he has not played a real game. And he is no savior and he also does not have a god complex. But that is the rallying point. When I saw K. Newsome interviewed and T. Pryor....and a few other QB's...I knew these were not Michigan QB's. YOU JUST KNOW. You don't have to watch a lot of sports to know when something is a good fit. You don't even need to watch sports to know that.This is a good fit. Listen I am the guy who was yelping because Forcier was too small. That's me! But, when something is a good fit, the physics and the interplay of how things should happen changes drastically. The skill set he showed in footwork alone, just footwork was NOT that of a freshman QB at all. His ability on the fade, slant, and dump outs was fine for a kid in his teens. Actually for a kid that age it is fantastic. Listen you have to find things to rally around. And with the skill set he showed yesterday, you have a rallying point. You can be cynical, it is your right.

What I listed in terms of reasons as to why this and that were perhaps not exactly perfect. But when something is the right fit, the right alignment, it is tough to define.

Were there some things he struggled on? I think yeah, a good many. Down near the goal line his nerves got up on him some. And I think this was because he couldn't see or scramble.

Contrary to what some people think or feel, there is a lot at stake here this season.One or two more losing seasons and it could get ugly. I am sure some people would like to see it get ugly this year. I am not one of them. I support the school and then the football team whomever is coaching on the sidelines and coaching on the field. Forcier is the right guy, for now, for that transition to occur.

03/31/2009 - 9:38pm All they have to do is beat

All they have to do is beat Western and then the Sunday morning hang over will allow millions to take to their keyboards declaring,"Michigan is Back Mofo!"

03/31/2009 - 9:35pm ha ha

ha ha

03/27/2009 - 9:17pm Tougher WideReceivers......

I tend to agree here. Where it broke down for me was when MI was in 3rd and long scenarios. That's when they were forced into transparency as an offensive unit. You'd have Odoms not knowing his route because he's not a long ball/stretch receiver. And also a freshman. How many times(I'd day one a game)after a pass play did Odoms and Threet go talk on the sideline? A few and they were not pleasant talks. And so personnel, who were in there to ensure the look of the potential spread option or spread run had almost no effectiveness when MI was forced to throw long. And this is also why I feel you need more,"Tweener," wideouts like a Hemingway. People who are not all speed or finesse. But carry over guys like Greg Mathews need to pay the bills this year. I can blame the ill tempered RR Chihuahuas all day but that is not fair. Mathews needs to be a combo of possession guy( guy who can take a hit ala J.Avant) and a stretch wide out as well if he wants to remembered as a great one in MI wideout history. Because he is not there yet.

And the amount of fumbled kicks, punts and dropped passes was in the realm of the ridiculous last year.

03/27/2009 - 9:06pm Where a lot of younger guys

Where a lot of younger guys get hurt is after contact, in the process of a guy slamming your whole frame into the turf and the rolling on you. I think if Tate works his angles(meaning how he's tackled), slides, and uses the sideline he should be ok. But yes I'm sure some coaches would not mind giving up a 20 yard Tate run just to get one of their upperclassman a shot of body slamming him. I think Tate can use his speed MOST EFFECTIVELY this yea by ALLUDING THE RUSH AND SACK and thus buying time for our killer Chihuahuas to get open and wreak havoc in space. Hopefully he left the mentality of,"I am going to run for 100 yards a game," in San Diego. Could he do that? Yeah. But it would be risking an injury, and that from a team's perspective is too risky. He should start and he's got the Bronco's of Western Michigan on the docket. And this is a needed win for Michigan football.

I could blame spell check for my sheik but then I'd be full of sheik....

03/26/2009 - 10:42pm He actually looks like he has

He actually looks like he has a good deal of burst speed. Which is about the equivalent of your vertical jump in football in my opinion. Especially in the spread. I hope he comes here.

dunno if hes visited....he seems like a safe commit though. something seems right about him.