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09/22/2011 - 1:37pm Know he's a writer on Chat

Know he's a writer on Chat Sports. Don't know him personally is what that was supposed to imply. 

09/22/2011 - 12:47pm Last time I'll respond to

Last time I'll respond to you, cause my responses (somehow, unlike your posts) are deemed "flamebait"... I write for Chat Sports, so does this Ace guy. The guy who runs Chat Sports, as I'm sure you've already "researched" is James Yoder. They hire writers and communicate via phone and email. Their office is in San Francisco. I've never met him. I've never met any of the other writers. I've posted other writers articles on my personal twitter and facebook pages when I've liked them. I can only assume that's what Ace did with a past Lakers post that I wrote. 

If you keep stalking me, you can see that I've written numerous things around the blogosphere, all with my own name. I don't do breaking news, or have sources. It's all my own opinion and reactions. 

If you hate this guy so much, why waste time and go through all of that trouble? Maybe just email the higher ups at Chat Sports. They have an "about us" page with all of their info. Or maybe just continue to blast random people you don't know cause you made a flimsy connection, and figue you could be the Julian Assange of mgoblog...

09/22/2011 - 12:03am Douche

Hey Walter Kronkite, great investigative journalism, but I'm not Ace Williams. Went to UM, was in SigEp (and actually a brother sent this along to me), and don't live in my parent's basement (CA doesn't do basements). I do write for Chat Sports, but about Lakers and UCLA, and clearly all of my info is visible, even with a non-fake picture!: They recently allowed me to post articles about Michigan, because I went there, but haven't done anything yet. Don't know who Ace is, don't really care, but keeping sitting behind your computer stalking a blogger...