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09/23/2017 - 6:33pm Wow

Great escapability O'Korn


02/26/2015 - 4:43pm A little angry? I remain furious

A side story to the Charles White phantom TD:

I was outraged when I read White's account of the play in the paper the next day.  He claimed that he knew he was in and actually saw the official signal TD before the ball left his hands.  Keep in mind that White was the Heisman winner that year, and it struck me as classless that he would spin such a bullshit story as this.  Why not just keep you mouth shut and say something like "It was close, I don't know, yadda yadda".  So I wrote Charles a letter.  I basically told him that as a Heisman winner there were certain standards that he was expected to uphold and lying about that play was well outside of those standards.  I dropped it in the mail and felt a tiny bit better.

Fast forward a couple of weeks.  It was after midnight and I was sitting around my home in Detroit when the phone rings.  "Hello?" "Collect call from Charles White" "Huh?" "Collect call from Charles White" Then I hear another voice on the line: "Charles White, the Heisman Trophy winner".  Holy shit, it was Charles White (and his girlfriend, who I think put him up to it) on the phone.  Of course I accepted the charges, and I proceeded to have a ten-minute chat with my new bud Charles.  He said that he had gotten many letters about this, and that he decided to call me because a) I was one of the few who weren't profane and b) I included my phone number.  

We actually had a nice conversation, and he discussed at length the pressure involved in being a big-time player and especially a Heisman winner. He actually came off as a bit of a sympathetic character (unlike the girlfriend, who seemed to be a rather angry bitch).  At he end he thanked me for talking and for being civil, and we ended the call.

Fast forward a couple of years later, and the Browns were playing the Lions at the Silverdome.  I made a point of waiting around after the game and found Charles as he came out of the locker room.  I walked up to him and told him my name, which not surprisingly meant nothing to him.  I then told him our history ("Remember that Michigan fan you called that night...?") and he laughed and greeted me with a hug.

While that call pisses me off to this day, I atv least gained a Heisman-winning pal as a result...

02/26/2015 - 4:26pm Well the worst call to go against Michigan

has to be the Big Ten's vote to send Uh-Hi-Uh to the Rose Bowl in 1973.  Period.

12/01/2014 - 6:33pm Well yes, I do hold a grudge about 1973

Forty-one years ago and I recall it like yesterday.  It was my senior year.  Despite three previous outstanding regular seasons in 1970, 1971 and 1972 in which they lost a total of two games, Michigan had gone to one bowl game.  So by finishing 10-0-1 in 1973 and outplaying Ohio, who had gone to the previous Rose Bowl, it was a foregone conclusion that Michigan would get the invitation.  At the game I somehow found myself sitting in the student section next to the family of an Ohio senior player.  At the end of the game they were crushed, knowing that their son wouldn't be making it to another Rose Bowl (or any bowl for that matter, since the B1G didn't allow teams to go to any other bowls).  As they trudged out, they wished us luck in the Rose Bowl and even gave me some suggestions about things to do in Pasadena

Then, the next day I was in a KMart shopping for a car stereo when I heard (or at least thought I heard) that Ohio was selected by the B1G ADs to go to the Rose Bowl (hey to Burt Smith!).  I stood there stunned for a minute or two before walking out of the store and going to a friend's house, where I heard the story again.  It was real.

My anger hasn't subsided over the years, so yes I still hold a big grudge.  But it might be ameliorated just a tad if Ohio mangaes to beat Wisconsin and then gets snubbed because of an injured QB.  

10/07/2011 - 1:25pm 909

525 for Michigan, 384 for Northwasted.

09/22/2009 - 12:09am Agreed

Having just watched the Colts beat with Dolphins with 14:53 TOP, clearly you're onto something that's changing in the game. GB is exactly right-- if EMU had linebackers and DBs who could tackle, TOP would have looked much different.

My favorite stat of the game: Michigan had 8 different players who rushed at least one time against EMU. EVERY ONE of them gained at least 10 yards on at least one carry. I would venture to say that that had never happened before in Michigan football history...