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05/26/2010 - 4:04pm Exactly

Just saying there is probably more to this story that is not in emails. The coaching staff may find paperwork incredibly annoying and a necessary evil of the position (don't we all?). So it is feasible that Ladabie/Draper had a tough time getting the necessary info out of them, but knew that throwing them under the bus would be a death sentence. I would hope U of M would not hire folks as incompetent as Draper/Ladabie come off in this report. If the situation I described above was truly the case, UM is never going to volunteer that info if it isn't documented. Of course, I know they do a lot of interviewing in these cases and I would hope that we weren't telling the NCAA blatant lies either. Impossible to corroborate that many stories.

05/26/2010 - 10:51am Playing Devils Advocate

Hey Brian - Awesome post. I have read your blog for years but this was the first time I have taken the time to post a response. It was great to see something about the details of what was actually going on prior to the report even coming out. With that said, I have to believe there is a lot going on outside of these emails. They know that anything put in writing can be used later.

One thought that came to me while reading this...... maybe Brad is in one of those positions where he is getting hit from both sides. He can't get the information and responses he needs from the coaching staff/players, and he is getting hit from CSO weekly about not turning in the forms. It isn't like Brad just needed to sit down at his desk, complete the forms, and click send. He had to get the information/signatures from coaches and players. Obviously he cannot throw the coaching staff under the bus in the emails for being non-responsive to him. He is between a rock and a hard place. The fact that Draper doesn't seem to get this straight way in advance, makes me think he felt Brad was doing his job. And Martin not even getting involved........ I don't know. Just hit me while reading this that it could be a really tough spot to be in.