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07/20/2018 - 9:16pm This is what I am hoping for…

This is what I am hoping for.

It's probably not realistic, but then again neither is the prospect of me retaining my sanity if this year's OL looks like last year's.

07/19/2018 - 6:27pm Yep.

3 kids here, almost…


3 kids here, almost the same ages. Just trying to make it one day to the next. Good days, but finding something to keep me busy isn't even a thought. 

07/19/2018 - 2:37pm Much better format.

Much better format.

Unfortunately I can't put any UM QB in my top 5 season performers because i think that our OL will be so bad it won't matter; no QB behind that line will excel. I really, really, really hope I am wring. 

Haskins, McSorley, Hornibrook in that order for me. 

07/18/2018 - 1:33pm If this group develops…

If this group develops enough so that Pulisic can stay on the wing, that would be a very good sign. 

I have never seen Reyna play, but if he is anything like his dad, then a big non-sarcastic DO NOT WANT. His dad was the most overrated player in US history and basically gave away the Ghana game in 06.

Long cycle. But I think McKennie will be a major factor. A couple more emerging like him, and we could have a cycle that will help ease the pain of the Klinsmann dark ages.

07/17/2018 - 7:59pm No, I come here just about…

No, I come here just about as often. 

But I do feel that the board is less active and interesting.

07/17/2018 - 2:47pm This is my standard public…

This is my standard public service announcement that "inflection point" is used incorrectly here and pretty much every other time it is used on this blog. It is also used incorrectly by most people period, but I have higher expectations from this blog. 

07/15/2018 - 7:16pm I recommend letting her…

I recommend letting her knowingly choose. I proposed with an heirloom ring, and then we had a good time going around and shopping together for the real thing.

07/11/2018 - 8:40pm Internet high-five from…

Internet high-five from another board member with ties to both the Ephs and the Wolverines. 

And kudos to Duncan. As I said in another thread, every other school in the NCAA must be thanking their lucky stars right now that Beilein is the most ethical guy out there. Because if recruits could choose both the usual payouts AND Beilein's development, there's no doubt in my mind that Michigan would be the Alabama of college basketball right now.

07/11/2018 - 8:31pm Very cool. Makes me think of…

Very cool. Makes me think of Ready Player One.

07/11/2018 - 2:31pm I have never lived in…

I have never lived in Columbus, but I always had the impression it was more than just Sept to Jan. I have stopped at that Ashland/Mansfield fast food mecca many times in march, july, august only to find Buckeye football playing on the tv. Whole games and discussion. Not just highlights. They need a life. 

07/10/2018 - 10:54pm " inflection point in…

" inflection point in year three..." 

I don't think an inflection point in year three is what Brian means to say. I think he means to say something like "a point where Welschof's production either sharply rises or sharply decreases." Neither a sharp rise nor a sharp decrease necessarily requires an inflection point.

Sorry. Calc nerds, engineer writing, second derivatives, all that stuff.

07/10/2018 - 9:39pm Great job, Duncan. I have…

Great job, Duncan. I have had several students and colleagues attend or teach at both Exeter and Williams, great to see someone from those fine schools also attend the best school - Michigan - and have such wonderful success.

And as a side note, every other school in the NCAA must be so freaking grateful right now that Beilein runs a clean program. Because if recruits could choose both Beilein development and the usual payouts, the Wolverines would be winning the NCAA championship at a rate that is, well, something like Duncan's FG%.

07/08/2018 - 7:00pm … or both.

… or both.

07/03/2018 - 9:19pm Florida State in football…

Florida State in football. Hate those guys going back to the Terrell Buckley game.

Also USC, both of 'em, in football.

Basketball has got to be Villanova right now.

07/03/2018 - 4:17pm The traffic in LA is NOT…

The traffic in LA is NOT better than in NYC. LA traffic is the worst I have ever seen. 

07/03/2018 - 4:10pm Given the way OSU operates,…

Given the way OSU operates, I will be shocked if anything consequential comes of this.

07/02/2018 - 9:55pm Adirondacks. High Peaks…

Adirondacks. High Peaks Region. 

Cons: My neighbors had a bear in their yard this morning. I have to drive forever just to get to a Texas Road House or a Wal Mart. Tourist central.

Pros: Same as cons, plus skiing, beaches, mountains, lakes, kids who still play outside.


06/28/2018 - 1:08pm As long as FIFA doesn't go…

As long as FIFA doesn't go all IOC on them.

06/26/2018 - 5:21pm If he comes here and our…

If he comes here and our band doesn't play a Dido song after every sack, I will be disappointed.

06/26/2018 - 2:46pm I get paid to judge…

I get paid to judge teenagers over far less important choices every day.

So I don't think it's silly at all.

06/26/2018 - 12:47pm Absolutely I question Saquon…

Absolutely I question Saquon and Allen's character and judgment. 

There may be extenuating circumstances in any individual case, of course. But at face value, going to a school known for child molestation is a decision that is questionable. Maybe the question is answered one way, maybe another way, but it simply has to raise eyebrows.

It is not virtue signaling to point out that people should be judged. On the contrary, you seem to be implying that you have a certain virtue of tolerance that others lack. 

06/26/2018 - 10:50am There's a difference between…

There's a difference between being held accountable for the sins committed by other people and being foolish enough to associate with those people.

Of course he's not guilty for their crimes. But if he chooses to marry his professional and personal life to the people who _are_ guilty of those crimes, and who seem almost completely unrepentant, then you're damn right that calls his character and judgment into question.

I'm surprised to see that people think otherwise. 

06/25/2018 - 11:51pm Welcome George! You've made…

Welcome George! You've made a great choice.

06/25/2018 - 6:59pm I mean, it's partly that…

I mean, it's partly that they've been hot for more than a decade. It's partly that they're great recruiters selling a good school and a great tradition.

But it's also that they pay their players. They pay them _a lot_. This point is not emphasized nearly enough all the bellyaching about recruiting around here. Schools like Michigan and Notre Dame really are playing at a huge disadvantage compared to Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, et al. Frankly I'm a little surprised we do as well as we do.

06/21/2018 - 6:28pm That is an amazing stat. Wow…

That is an amazing stat. Wow.

But it fits with what I see on social media. I'm out in NY, so I don't have to live with it like you folks in Michigan, but I can't believe the continued trash-talk and general oblivious bravado that I still hear coming from the Sparty camp via social media. I just don't get it. I'd be taking about a ten-year sabbatical from all things alma mater-related, but these guys just carry on like nothing happened.

06/19/2018 - 7:56pm I don't know how you guys…

I don't know how you guys who live in Michigan can stand it.

I'm out here in NY, and it dumbfounds me the number of Sparty fans on my various social media who are still talking trash, yucking it up about the upcoming football season, etc. They're idiots. They should be ashamed to be associated with what has gone on in E Lansing.

And I'm sure it's much worse if you actually live in the state. Mind-boggling, these people.

06/19/2018 - 7:42pm I was going to say the same…

I was going to say the same thing, 3G Blue. Then I wasn't going to say anything. 

Then I saw your join date and MGoPoints total and had to comment. So the topic that draws you out of lurkerdom is Frank Lary? I approve, my friend, I approve. 

06/18/2018 - 12:42am Completely agree about…

Completely agree about Landon. Well played by him, in my opinion.

Disagree about "long way to go" to "compete with the best." US is in a tough spot right now. But from 1994 on, we've competed with the best. We haven't been _one of_ the best, but we've definitely been competitive with them.

06/18/2018 - 12:36am Welcome to the board!


Welcome to the board!

And yes, I agree.

06/16/2018 - 2:12pm I am right there with you. …

I am right there with you. "Push the red button when you're ready to talk" or something to his partner.  Great stuff. 

06/16/2018 - 2:10pm Peru had soooo many chances…

Peru had soooo many chances. Feel for them. 

Amazing from Iceland. Never would have thought they would get the equalizer. Messi just is not a World Cup player. Shame because I'd rather see him have the game Ronaldo had. 

France might not make it out of the group. 

06/15/2018 - 7:45pm Good stuff. Thanks WD. Good stuff. Thanks WD.
06/15/2018 - 7:44pm 3 kids. Heading to Six Flags…

3 kids. Heading to Six Flags on Sunday. Drinking a Pepsi Free right now and watching a nice Adirondack sunset.

06/14/2018 - 11:48pm Hm. I don't think you could…

Hm. I don't think you could get a "significantly better" list of players from Belgium over that time span (maaaaybe if you heavily weight the GK and 2014).

Those other teams, sure, but four of those five teams won a Cup during that time frame. I think the main point was that the English side had talent but didn't even come close to winning a Cup, not that there weren't better sides. 

06/14/2018 - 7:59pm Ah, the irony of Brian…

Ah, the irony of Brian linking an article from George Mason profs.

Great piece of course. Just... the irony.

06/14/2018 - 4:25pm I doubt it was true in the…

I doubt it was true in the 70s. But now - a 4.0 is not what it used to be. Grade inflation is real. The high school I'm at now has to use a percentage system because too many kids have 4.0s.

06/14/2018 - 10:17am What year did you graduate? …

What year did you graduate? 

It's very hard to compare, but if you got 1300+ on the old SAT, frankly you could sleep harder than Michael Jackson and still come out of HS today with a GPA way higher than 3.1.

If you somehow did have a 3.1 GPA today, yeah, you wouldn't get into UM, especially engineering.

But these days for that same effort you'd much more likely be around 3.75, and that combined with a near 1500 SAT (my guess if you got in the 1300s thirty years ago) would probably get you in UM.

06/14/2018 - 8:50am Not buying it.


Not buying it.

Routinely turn down 4.0s, sure.

Routinely turn down 1500s+, no way. I have never had a student score in the 1500s who didn't get into UM if she applied. Would be a shock if that happened. 

06/13/2018 - 9:42pm I had one student apply and…

I had one student apply and get in last year. Great kid, good not amazing test scores, slight chance of making Olympics one day.

Had another apply this year and not get in, which was probably the right decision - however she did get into UNC (seemed about right to me).

It's really, really hard to compare college and college admissions now to when I went to UM (early 90s). Just one example: the SAT math sections are very different. Used to be a slow ramp up in difficulty throughout the sections. Now every question but the last one or two are very easy. I mean very easy compared to what used to be there. But the last one or two are hard. So, it's tough to compare. My gut feeling is that a) the 'harder to get the test scores necessary' is mostly shenanigans, as in my judgment the 1250-level student from the 90s seems to be pushing 1400 now and the 1300-levels from 1995 are definitely in the upper 1400s or 1500s; but also b) it's just harder for kids to learn how to study and to have time to focus on schoolwork now with SO. MUCH. STUFF. going on in their lives. My two cents as a teacher since 95 and SAT tutor since before that.

06/13/2018 - 12:37pm Not sure if serious, but…

Not sure if serious, but that's New York. I mean, the stadium's in NJ, but that's New York City they're funneling the world into.

06/10/2018 - 10:39pm Hm, if you liked Broken…

Hm, if you liked Broken Earth then I doubt my recommendations will help you much.

But if you didn't like it, then maybe try The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu? Although judging by your list, you may have read that already.

06/08/2018 - 9:05am The Great Filter isn't…

The Great Filter isn't hypothesized or implied by the Fermi Paradox. It's just one possible idea that is consistent with the (extremely) limited data that we have.

I don't think we have anywhere close to enough data to make an informed guess as to the resolution of the Paradox. If I had to guess, I'd probably put my money on the idea that life and intelligent life is surpassingly rare. People who say "There are 200 billion stars in the galaxy, there's no way that there can't be life on some of them" usually do not know anything about the probabilities that they are talking about, in my experience.

06/08/2018 - 9:01am Not even the military.

Not even the military.

06/08/2018 - 8:59am Yup. Completely agree,…

Yup. Completely agree, Stephen Don't Call Me Jr. King. NASA agents are self-interested like anyone else, and given the way NASA operates, that leads to a lot of self-aggrandizement.

06/07/2018 - 7:40pm Not following as closely as…

Not following as closely as if the US were in it - so depressing, that - but still following, of course. 

As far as storylines, I found the Israeli-Argentina friendly cancellation an interesting one.

Would love to see new blood, i.e. none of Germany/Brazil/Italy/maybe Spain/maybe Argentina in the finals. I guess we don't have to worry about Italy, so 1 down there.

06/06/2018 - 8:17pm This is what I always think…

This is what I always think of now when I think of Comic Sans.

Well, that and this one paper a colleague showed me where a 6th grader answered "Name two sports that people played in Europe during the Middle Ages" with 1000+ words detailing his opinions about spousal abuse in Ancient Greece, all Comic Sans, ALL CAPS.

06/01/2018 - 10:53pm 1. Freddie Mercury. Yeah,

1. Freddie Mercury. Yeah, I'll go with the crowd on this one.

2. Carrie Underwood. You ever see that duet with Randy Travis where he's just like laughing at how good she is? Yeah.

3 tie. Edith Piaf. The female Frank Sinatra but 800 times better.

3 tie. Steve MF Perry. Arnel Pineda is excellent, but Perry is a legend.

3 tie. Meat Loaf. No one else could do Steinman like he could do Steinman, although Celine, Bonnie Tyler, and Jessica Hendy have given it a good run.

Honorable mentions: Maria Mckee, young Stevie Nicks, Johnny Cash, Neil Diamond, Elvis, Daniela Mercury, Cyndi Lauper (you wouldn't be laughing if you ever heard her live).

05/30/2018 - 9:38pm Ok

Hope Warinner is building something great.

Frankly at this point, I'm not sure I would mind a 10 OL class. We've been so snake-bit/incompetent on the OL and with OL recruiting, got to do everything we can to fix it.

05/29/2018 - 8:31am Still not over the TT loss.

Still not over the TT loss. Or Klinsmann. So bitter.

05/27/2018 - 8:37pm Absolutely this. I would

Absolutely this. I would recommend AR (as long as you like it), unless you have a major, huge, giant reason to move.