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11/11/2009 - 4:20pm Our secondary playing so far off

I dont understand why our secondary is consitenly playing so far off of the recievers? could someone explain this concept?
Isnt it easier to disguise say a CB blitz when the Corner is play a top the reciever....we cant do any bump and runs playing far off....

is this an effort to try to avoid the deep ball at ALL COSTS?

11/10/2009 - 3:34pm WHy arent the RB carrying out the fakes

I see more of the younger guys carrying out the fakes than i see C. Brown. THis isnt the first time he "whiffs" on carrying out the fake. Its annoying when backs get that lazy. Itis basically telling the defenders on that side.."hey go get that other guy" Making it easier to fiqure out our plays. If he carries out the fake and it fakes otu the defenders thats when psychologically it starts to get into their heads "ohh man i dont know who has the ball" and gives us an extra second due to their delay. I am sure this is going to be addressed but its all apart of th basic fundamentals this team is lacking at time (especially on D....since im better with D thani am with Offense)