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01/19/2016 - 10:15am i think she might be a little

i think she might be a little worried as well as mich after this weekend could poach to other guys that UW feels quite confident about in  asiasi, and tagaloa people are afraid because harbaugh is just crazy enough to make a recruit look and him and say whoa i have to play for this guy

01/07/2016 - 9:47am could it be possible the

could it be possible the LITTLE rumors are trying to be debunked since i guess whoever said recruit is wants it left quiet and discrete , so maybe debunking it is really helping the kid to keep it quiet till he figures out what he's doing so that way people quit talking about it

01/02/2016 - 9:20pm I believe the info stated

I believe the info stated that it was a current commit to another team, and a friend of gary's, and he was trying to schedule an official if i am right, so that makes me think its LITTLE since Upshur already officialed here but i could be wrong plus i have a feeling we land nauta.

12/04/2015 - 12:17am what about the missed hold

what about the missed hold and block in the back on the last play its funny how the refs seen an inadvertant pass interference but cant see a hold or block in the back on the same play, you know why they were in awe of that GOD aaron rodgers and werent paying attention, now i agree you dont defend at the back of the end zone, you cover at the front of the endzone and adjust from there but the no calls on the last play were a joke

03/16/2015 - 2:37pm manuel and joyner

i dont understand why we havent offered these two in the 2016 cycle manuel is a flo kid,so you would think he has a good relationship with durkin, anyone know why we havent offered these two

02/13/2015 - 5:50pm Does anyone know why we

Does anyone know why we havent offered shavar manuel, saivion smith and keion joyner yet these kids look great on tape and yet manuel and smith I believe are from florida, so why arent we pursuing them

02/04/2015 - 8:17pm does anyone have the link of

does anyone have the link of them talking to the coaches while the LOI's are coming in and being put on the board, i have watched that the last 2 years and cant find it this year

02/03/2015 - 11:43pm guys i have a feeling about

guys i have a feeling about marshall, his dad stated that the big ten is more suited to his game, and his dad loved michigan, like what somebody else once said i believe he was looking for something better than USC and he may have found it in M, who knows i could be way off basis here

02/03/2015 - 10:53pm 8

my guess is


1. clark

2. weber

3. marshall

4. jefferson

5. johnson

6. wheatley jr

7. smith

8. adams


I am going all in on this one

02/03/2015 - 10:39am well we keep getting negative

well we keep getting negative nancies on here doubting we get anyone of our remaining targets, well i for one am gonna be positive and believe we get at least 4 of the 7, and I believe those 4 will be perry, jefferson, wheatley and marshall and i do feel comfy saying we are still favored to get clark, i dont think weber flips back and i am not confident on smith

02/03/2015 - 1:06am well for some good news,

well for some good news, jefferson is back to trending M, the last Cb of the night on clark was M and we are trending for 2016 gary which is great, lets finish 2015 with perry, wheatley, jefferson, weber, clark and marshall and i call that a tremendous haul to finish strong with

02/02/2015 - 9:35pm well maybe jay heard

well maybe jay heard something positive from the NSD guys who are announcing

02/02/2015 - 4:17pm my guess is there are 2

my guess is there are 2 corners set to commit today and the 2nd tweet came out shortly after arnette said he was announcing tonight, so hopefully its williamson and arnette

02/02/2015 - 11:59am i saw that to, wonder what

i saw that to, wonder what that means, are we actually in a better position for some of the guys we are after than originally thought, i hope so

02/02/2015 - 11:25am the way it was worded, i tend

the way it was worded, i tend to think its one of the bigger targets, maybe jefferson, maybe weber, maybe wheatley i dont know but to me the way he worded it makes be think its a bigger target

01/25/2015 - 9:14pm KLS

i read on his twitter feed signing day:   Wait on it  as if there is a surprise coming what does anyone think of that

01/20/2015 - 9:46am i would also throw the (its a

i would also throw the (its a cold weather state) in my selling point, and reference that if you want to be in the NFL most teams in the league play in cold weather, so playing here would also weather wise prepare you better for the next level

01/12/2015 - 4:53pm I know its probably a pipe

I know its probably a pipe dream, but with ties to Durkin, what are the chances we pursue CeCe Jefferson, Byron Cowart, and Martez Ivey now i know the likelihood of us getting them is slim this late, but i cant see us not going after them since are they uncommitted

10/03/2014 - 7:28pm i believe the tigers will be

i believe the tigers will be vewry active in FA, ILLITCH wants to win or die trying so i expect the tigers to sign about 4 bullpen arms this off season , and since we all know scherzer is gone, extend price and sign a lester or shields to replace scherzer, no comp pick lost for signing lester, and i full believe we have a whole new outfield next year, not sure who else but i think JD will sign somewhere else as he will get a multi year deal from some one, and hunter just has no patience at the plate every time there is a big moment and we can get the big guys up to do damage hunter always makes the last out before they can get them, i have had a hunch all year that the rf that they are playing right now in this series in markakis will be ours next year, and i would love to sign span to play cf not sure on LF yet, also i do believe we resign vmart and trade iglesias just my two cents though, also dont just look at the bullpen this year the defense has been atrocious and the bottom three hitters in the lineup are almost non existant alot going on with this team right now that has to be fixed

09/09/2014 - 10:24pm brian cole

247 crystal ball has someone predicting brian cole to tennessee,  is he already wavering in his commitment  to michigan, or this just a bunch of hogwash, and just a bunch of bander by a blogger

08/28/2014 - 10:49am i would say my my 4 favorite

i would say my my 4 favorite football movies of all time are


1. rudy, i just love the inspiration he shows and passion he shows to get what he wants in life

2. varsity blues, this is a classic with a lot of humor to me that i never get tired of watching

3. facing the giants, i love how this movie depicts how nothing in life is to big to overcome and if you really put your heart and mind into something you can truly overcome

4. the blind side, love how it shows that no matter where you come from if you have talent it will be found 


just my take

06/25/2014 - 6:46pm on a side note

derryck thornton who everyone believes michigan leads for has not been trending well on 247, almost everyone on there now is saying kentucky,  is there a reason for this or is it just because they offered and everyone assumes thats where he is going just because of the offer, getting kind of worried about losing another highly regarded target to that weasel calipari, any info on this kid would be great

06/12/2014 - 2:58am excuse me for the lack of

excuse me for the lack of grammar i dont have a coolege education like most of you all so does that make me less of a human being, i am sorry that i got so much going through my head at one time that i need to typee it or forget where my mind is going, and sorry that so many of you are more intelligent than most and belittle people who dont grasp the grammar topic with you all, i sucked in HS in english never have been good at it but i guess the geniuses you all are expect everyone to be so if you dont like how i right when i reply dont read it, i am sorry i am that much more of a moron than you guys, and it sucks we are all fans of the same team/ teams and all we nitpick about is grammar, thanks have a good night

06/11/2014 - 11:49pm verlander got paid plain and

verlander got paid plain and simple hasnt been effective since he signed the contract last april, he has been very mediocre since he signed the contract and he i suggest is another one of those players that performs until he gets paid then soaks it up and calls it a day, so i am sorry if this offends anyone or as people have said before attacks justins integrity but the guy in my mind just doesnt seem to care anymore, he is always doing interviews and all kinds of other stuff where he should be watching film and finding out what is going on  but thats just my opinion take it as a grain of salt

06/06/2014 - 10:16pm probably both they need a

probably both they need a shortstop they need a more consistant catcher and at least two solid relievers i doubt they make a play for hanley but rollins may be in play since they would only keep him through the end of the year with hopefully iglesias coming back next year


06/02/2014 - 7:20pm i know this isnt the thread but according to touch the banner th

i know this isnt the thread but according to touch the banner the east st.louis guys were supposed to be in town this weekend, did they nake it in and if so how did it go i would love to get beckner

05/09/2014 - 11:43pm my picks for

my picks for tomorrow


loston with the 133rd

bryant with 136th

mcarron in the 5th and

purifoy  or d thomas in the 6th


on a side note i have been keeping a tally and the BIG is holding its own against the vaunted SEC in players selected through 3 rounds

SEC 23

BIG 16 so i dont see much diff between the two now thats pretty comparable but there are still four rounds left

05/09/2014 - 2:01pm here'e the thing guys most

here'e the thing guys most analysts who follow the lions have stated the lions are loving the young corners on there roster already they have drafted like 12 in the last 4 drafts so they have plenty and we all know cb takes the longest to develop so from what i gather by that comment is that the lions want to develop what they have, they still may draft a cb but it wont be to be a starter, and there is no need at S unless you are talking about depth quin and ihedigbo will be fine back there, i still think they take a safety though but only for depth purposes so can we all stop getting in a tustle about our secondary and trust our organization, lets see how the new coaching staff develops sopme of these young guys before we get all upset about certain picks

04/06/2014 - 7:43pm taylor lewan

for  everyone saying he is absolutely gone, I remember everyone saying the same thing last year with lewan, and look he pulled a major surprise and came back anything can happen with these kids, but can we please stop assuming he is gone until he says it himself, I like to imagine what the team would be if all of them came back and also for everyone who says he cant improve his draft stock is full of crap as well, right now this is a deep draft and he is a bonafide mid 1st rounder, but if he comes back for one more year and plays at the same level or improves slightly with a week draft class next year could be a top five pick,  sounds like improviing your draft stock to me. so lets please stop assuming he is gone until he says it because essentially it is his decision.

02/12/2014 - 5:54am if all of them come back cant

if all of them come back cant they just redshirt one of doyle or wilson and medically redshirt hatch, then let chatman and doyle or wilson start next year leaving the class at 12,  isnt that plausible just wondering not sure how basketball goes

02/05/2014 - 3:19pm mom is legal guardian she has

mom is legal guardian she has to sign off on it

02/05/2014 - 2:45pm i have heard he needs both

i have heard he needs both parents to sign it since he is not 18 yet,  if he was 18 and living at home only one does, but i believe the rule is both have to, thats why i believe he wasnt smiling at the press conference because he knew his mom would not sign it

02/04/2014 - 8:33pm I remember when Malik wanted

I remember when Malik wanted to commit to michigan before his senior year and his parents no we want you to see other places to make sure michigan is what you want for sure, I bet they are regretting that decision now if he was committed to michigan he would have never visited state and had all these problems, parents are just to blame if you ask me

01/12/2014 - 7:22pm you would think he would need

you would think he would need to think about it especially if smart leaves bama too i mean thats both guys he will be working with there, they could go a different way with there defernse, plus i hear they want to turn him into a LB

01/01/2014 - 8:19am shaw said last night he is

shaw said last night he is not going to interview for any NFL jobs and was staying at stanford for whats it worth i truly want bill cowher if we can convince him to leave the booth the guy is a born winner

01/01/2014 - 8:14am just a question but was he

just a question but was he the photographer barreled over in the fourth quarter where the duke guy tackled the a&m guy way out of bounds and fell into a cameraman just wondering

12/29/2013 - 10:11am and you know for a fact they

and you know for a fact they are not teaching these kids correct? my problem is still half the team that is starting are richrod players , why hoke and mattison persist with this I will never know they are not as talented as the group of players he is bringing in, i have noticed signs of improvement in the playters hoke recruited, i just dont think the ones rich rod recruited are very talented no matter how much you try and teach them, talent will show when there is some and rich rods players were always to small for the big, the only bad thing about the coaching staff is borges play calling which has set the offense up for failure all year no matter who was out there, so i agree on this one borges has been terrible but lets not call out the whole staff just yet lets wait until hokes players are all playing and we can officially put richrod out of here, just my two cents

12/22/2013 - 8:41am here is my problem with this

here is my problem with this offseason for a team who wants to win a championship before mr I passes on isnt encouraging there fan base with whats going on this winter you trade fielder to save money and add kinsler who has never hit outside of texas sure you still have hunter, cabrera and martinez but then you have a platoon of dirks /davis and dirks hasnt hit in the last two years then you throw in strike out machine jackson, oh lets not forget i can barely hit above 200 avila and then a rookie at a key offensive position at third this offense may score oly 400 runs our pitchers cant throw shutouts every night and defense only goes so far to me the mves they made this year are a joke mr I has said every year that money is no issue so why does dombrowski think it is and try and relieve some there is no cap in baseball like there is in the other sports so utilize it when you can i do understand why no to choo thats to much for him but the the beltran contract was feesible and dont know why we didnt go that route right now on paper the royals are a better team than the tigers are and i doubt there will be a second wild card winner in the central this year so get ready for a disappointing season for a team who is supposedly all in, oh and what have we done to fix the bullpen other than add nathan and add a wild chamberlain nothing

11/13/2013 - 9:16pm maybe the kid wants to start

maybe the kid wants to start from day 1 which he probably wont do at alabama, and like i have said before if he chooses alabama because of engineering then he isnt true to his word because thats why he dropped VT early in the process because they only had engineering and not sports management and they also had his favorite coach so why if you are gonna bring engineerring back in wouldnt you give VT another chance just my 2 cents i believe he chose sports masnagement and was blown away by it and i truly believe he is a kid of his word and will choose michigan tomorrow

11/11/2013 - 6:37pm my issue with this response

my issue with this response is if he is really considering engineering over sports management at this time then why not give your presumed favorite coach another look and re-visit virginia tech he dropped them earlier this year because he said they didnt offer his major, now the kid seems to be true to his word and if thats true then bama should not be in the picture at all and it should come down to us and florida, but thats just my take i havent heard him contadict this as of yet so i believe he will be blue on thursday

10/06/2013 - 10:09am and to add to it 2 of those 3

and to add to it 2 of those 3 were by don kelly a reserve who should not play most nights so i thought i add a littlke more to the disappointment

10/06/2013 - 10:03am and you know they had the

and you know they had the same hitting coach then maybe they need a change in how to aproach at the plate in my opinion cause with this offense you should not lose 1-0 8 times in a season and be shut out 13 times

09/21/2013 - 9:48pm every since they gave certain

every since they gave certain players certain jerseys this team has regressed tom harmon must be having nightmares seeing his number throw interception after interception

09/21/2013 - 9:46pm nope looks worse than akron

nope looks worse than akron

07/26/2013 - 6:40pm exactly fournette reminds me

exactly fournette reminds me of treadwell and rojo been to lsu and bama several times but looks like he is looking for something else and really doesnt want to go there i am not saying michigan is where he is going to go but i wouldnt be shocked if he didnt go to lsu or alabama either

07/25/2013 - 8:10pm i just went through both

i just went through both there twitter accounts and seen nothing about fournette from either one i did se the tweet from sam webb though just my two cents plus if true the visit may not be completely off he just might not be able to make it in today but the speculation is killing everyone so it would be nice to get some actual accurate info to ease everyones minds

07/22/2013 - 7:28pm well most stories i have

well most stories i have heard about peralta are that he only went there for a consultation and if so he will not be suspended but many of players have lied, but i dont think jhonny did it what has it done for him if he did he hasnt had any great numbers before this year and i am sure this ahappened before this year so if he was trying to cheat it didnt work for him that is why i dont think he did it

07/02/2013 - 11:37pm the only hard team in the ACC

the only hard team in the ACC is florida state so there schedule wasnt that hard

06/27/2013 - 8:54am i keep hearing that his

i keep hearing that his commitment may not stick as did nkemdiche last year clemson has a bad habit of losing alot of recruits i hope he does stick with them but scott has to be thinking about that

06/26/2013 - 11:37pm sorry if it sounded negative

sorry if it sounded negative but i just feel mich is closer is all i meant plus they have more tradition i didnt mean to sound negging