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03/21/2019 - 11:13pm What do you see? Poole is…

What do you see? Poole is chasing on D, always late and searching for the ball. Goes airborne on EVERY headfake and can’t find a shot for himself on O. Tell me what part of this is incorrect.

03/21/2019 - 10:58pm I’m ready to see Brooks over…

I’m ready to see Brooks over Poole starting. Feels like Brooks might be able to play his way into finding  a game. Poole is just ruined. Start over with him next year and see if the maturity gets him on his game. He is playground BS all the way right now. Makes 4 bad decisions for 1 good one. That’s a tough thing to shake in tournament play.

03/17/2019 - 10:32pm I think Pooles shitty huck…

I think Pooles shitty huck from 5ft behind the arc was the dagger. State ran after that miss and got an easy layup that our resident brain surgeon Jordan Poole tossed in a weak foul to give them the +1. That’s a 5 or 6 pt swing right there. All 100% thanks to the 15yr old(mentally) college sophomore who does not learn. It’s one thing to make a mistake or a bad decision. It’s another to repeat it and then repeat it again. I could see that Beilein was beyond furious with him on the bench and would not even look at him. I’m afraid it doesn’t matter. He’s incapable of adjustment. He will come down the floor in the waning minutes of another big game, ignore all coaching and instruction he’s had, and chuck up another heat check 3 from 4 ft behind the arc. I just wish he would look at his teammates afterwords and say “fuck all you guys!!” Cuz that’s what that play is saying. 

03/17/2019 - 6:08pm Better? Sure. Fine? Far from…

Better? Sure. Fine? Far from it. 

We are #18 nationally in fouls committed. 

They are like #102. 

By the rule of probability when those teams play they should have at least 2X as many fouls as us. Did that happen in any of the 3 games? 

03/17/2019 - 5:53pm Disagree. Without B1G…

Disagree. Without B1G officials we beat them 3 times. Izzo gets too much respect. 

03/17/2019 - 5:43pm No. We have to acknowledge…

No. We have to acknowledge that Poole is a 15 yr old playing. Bench his ass till next yr. He never learns from his boners no matter how many times

03/09/2019 - 10:22pm They weren’t the ONLY issue,…

They weren’t the ONLY issue, but they were the biggest. Change the 10 minutes without our starters and we lead by 16 at half. Game over. 

03/09/2019 - 10:18pm Seriously, why not just take…

Seriously, why not just take a head pass on the B1G tourney? Fuck it. Rest your guys and take your 3 seed. Send a message to the league office. You let the refs fuck us, we fuck your attendance and TV ratings. 

03/09/2019 - 9:43pm This is over. We will lose…

This is over. We will lose by 15. Thanks zebras. You did Izzo proud tonight. Keep up the good work and you can hand him a B1G tourney title only to watch them get blasted in the NCAA when they don’t have you guys. 

03/09/2019 - 9:37pm This is a joke. A fucking…

This is a joke. A fucking joke. Will we actually finish this game with 1 FT attempt? Really? Every time a Sparty is in the paint they get the whistle while we get nothing, nada, zip. Send this tape and tell the B1G we are not going to attend the tournament in Chicago this year. Fuck em. Just stay home & rest. We’ll be a 3 seed at worst anyhow. 

03/05/2019 - 4:29pm 3-9, 5-7, 7-5, 11-2. I’ll…

3-9, 5-7, 7-5, 11-2. I’ll pass on most of “the way we were” thanks. 


Good for ol shoelaces though. He’s now played more pro football than any other RR QB. 

03/03/2019 - 5:16pm Why is the artist formerly…

Why is the artist formerly known as prince playing on our basketball team? 

02/14/2019 - 11:47am In aggregate yes. 


In aggregate yes. 

Better question is could you intentionally forgo ALL 4 & 5 stars, but have uncontested access to ALL the available 3 & lower stars and build a championship team? Current NFL rosters say yes. You could probably build 3 championship teams.

02/12/2019 - 11:20pm Press conference was a…

Press conference was a textbook example of why Jon B is the classiest coach in the land by a long mile. That man is as cool as the other side of the pillow and as smart as they come. Thank you thank you and thanks again coach. You set a bar that will be impossible to reach. 

02/12/2019 - 10:58pm This was a debacle. PSU got…

This was a debacle. PSU got away with handsy D, chipping and pushing off ball guys like Sparty used to in their hey day. The crackdown on that shit cost Izzo his perennial advantage but once in a while a crew forgets the new standards(4 yrs new) and somebody gets screwed. We were that somebody tonight

02/12/2019 - 10:30pm Iggy? Look like Tarzan play…

Iggy? Look like Tarzan play like jane. Fucking use your tools!! Play physical or sit

01/16/2019 - 2:17pm I like this kind of stuff. …

I like this kind of stuff.  For anyone interested. There is a playbook available online that is great.

Google "Olivet wing T playbook" and its a pdf file that's great to read thru. As the OP indicated, so many of what we think of as "modern" plays are squarely rooted in this offense's principals. The window dressing changes(motions, formations etc.) but the blocking concepts are very much rooted in these old classics.

Good stuff OP

01/13/2019 - 7:49pm actually happening? I… actually happening? I Jon Teske making me forget to miss a player like Moe Wagner? I mean Wagner was IMO a special player in his time at M and big Jon is making me forget him too soon. Just amazing.

01/12/2019 - 10:37am Show this to Army & Ga. Tech…

Show this to Army & Ga. Tech. They seem to have missed the memo. 

Or, they actually focus on perfectly executing their plays and making the most out of the slightest windows that their system opens instead of just trying to out athlete everyone since they know they cannot. 

I’d love to see a UFR of a game like Army v Oklahoma 2018 and watch heads explode when folks see the + numbers on Army’s offense. 

Point being, it all works until it doesn’t. And it should never work but then it does. If there truly was a formula every game would be the same. The only part of a formula that has any level of predictive consistency is execution. How many plays did we execute with Army like perfection and still fail? When I look at UFR’s it’s not many. 

01/07/2019 - 11:16pm Clemson has a big, strong…

Clemson has a big, strong armed QB with the balls to stand in the face of the rush and fire BB’s to WRs that are great but not better than M’s crew. His protection is good because his coaching staff understands that nobody’s gonna call 4 holding penalties in the NC game.(this is a major reason these big games are won with big O not D) 

Is the JT Barret, Denard, Tebow QB now officially obsolete? Can we(M) try and lead the trend rather than chase this time? IDK what the board thinks but I motion we look more to the Ryan Mallet, Chad Henne type than the dual threat with only moderate arm talent. What say thee?

01/07/2019 - 4:31pm If Baltimore intends to…

If Baltimore intends to trade Jon Harbaugh to Cincinnati, any chance he comes here as DC and Brown takes the Temple job? 

01/01/2019 - 8:35pm I’d like to see us use 2…

I’d like to see us use 2 offensive philosophies. 

1-possession & body blows. Low risk style play calling that seeks to physically dominate opposing D

2. A 4-5 wide, up tempo attacking scheme that, for lack of better is a traditional 2 minute O. 

Start the game in #1. Is successful scoring drive ensues, rinse & repeat.

If #1 is not successful, go to offense #2 until a 2 score lead is achieved then return to #1. 

01/01/2019 - 12:53pm Des was physically limited…

Des was physically limited both size & speed wise. No question and that meant his ceiling was low. That said he came in and started as a true freshman. Mostly due to a high football IQ, great instincts and having a motor that never quit. That’s all besides the point. I watch a pretty good amount of HS football on the W side of the state. Some players just stand out. Mazi, like Des & a few others I’ve seen, really stands out. 

I watched Devin Gardner in HS games as well. He didn’t stand out like Des & others I’ve seen. Based on the amount of football both played at the D1 level, Des was a better football player. 

12/31/2018 - 6:07pm I dont know about day 1, but…

I dont know about day 1, but I will predict that he takes on a starting role as a true freshman. I watched him play live 2x and he is a unique talent. 

BTW, the last player that I predicted would play as a true freshman and would have a great career at M was Desmond Morgan.

Mazi has far more upside than Des, but is similar in terms of how he dominated games in HS.

12/30/2018 - 2:09pm I think that JH’s NFL…

I think that JH’s NFL experiences are actually hurting his coaching in CFB. In the NFL it’s all about game control. Doing things that don’t hurt your team and staying close so you have a chance to win in the 2nd half. CFB is much more of a gamblers game. You need to roll the dice, create opportunities and be willing to tolerate risk for the potential upside while accepting that you could sometimes cost yourself. 

JH coaches not to lose, which is the way in the NFL, but he’s going against teams & coaches in CFB that are far less risk averse. This shows up in his record against lesser teams where you can play close to the vest and still win. It also shows up when he faces a coach that will throw in the kitchen sink to win. If you looked at the likelihood of success for a 1st down bomb in the NFL? It’s probably 4X less likely to succeed than in CFB. There’s just not enough mismatches.


12/29/2018 - 7:20pm Please no. Just no. Get a QB…

Please no. Just no. Get a QB with serious arm talent. 

The RPO is fast becoming yesterday’s scheme. Try and RPO Alabama. 

Haskins killed us with arm talent. Clemson is crushing ND with a true freshman that got it. NFL arm talent. 

Shea does not have that and you can’t teach it. Put in Milton or McCaffery and let’s get to doing what is the ONLY thing that will beat the likes of Bama. Make them respect the vertical field or they stack up and crush you. To do that you need a CANNON with a big ol brain. 

Please stop insisting we chase the field. We went to spread/read option 3yrs too late. Let’s not go all in on RPO with a mobile QB that sacrifice’s arm talent. Henne was the last real arm talent we had and I’d put his worst team on the field against any we’ve had since and bet on the arm. 

12/29/2018 - 4:03pm Annesse is better. Campbell…

Annesse is better. Campbell is a flash. Annesse turned a perennial doormat at Ferris into a NC contender. He can flat out coach.

12/29/2018 - 3:39pm This looks like a quit…

This looks like a quit. First a coaching quit, followed by a players quit, next a Brian quit. 

Winners dont quit. Except cable.

12/29/2018 - 3:34pm Remember the scene in step…

Remember the scene in step brothers when he farts in the interview? Then the tuxes don’t look so cool? The khakis are now that tux. I can taste the ketchup. Ketchup & onions. 

12/29/2018 - 2:56pm I think Shea should go pro…

I think Shea should go pro. Has all the tools. They will love how he always throws off that back foot. That’s a sign of well coached fundamentals 

12/27/2018 - 3:11pm If he was #5 it must have…

If he was #5 it must have been as a dual threat. Watching Devin play live in HS his game consisted of hurling arm punts 40 yds downfield to Gordon & running a QB sweep & QB draw. 

He wasn’t as quick/elusive as most true spread to run QBs and his arm motion was a mess. As far as reading D’s and understanding progressions etc, he didn’t show that in HS due to coaching deficiencies at Inkster HS. 

Devin is the textbook example of what the emergence of spread/zone offenses in HS football has done. Put the best athlete on the team at QB and let the coaches RPS the game. If he had played for a better HS team he would have been a WR and I’d bet we’d be watching him on Sunday’s now. 

12/23/2018 - 1:50pm This game was more support…

This game was more support for my belief that if a team could get even a nice handful of 4* and majority 3* athletes to commit to a system offense like Army, they would win championships. Army was simply abusing Houston’s superior athletes with discipline and strategy. Army’s lineman could have told Houston’s front where the play was going and they still wouldn’t have stopped it. 

12/14/2018 - 11:00pm Great post. I’d add a couple…

Great post. I’d add a couple other observations about safety’s. 

Its a position that isn’t really taught well at the HS level in general. A very few elite schools are the exception. 

The nature and prevelence of the spread to run offense with 5 wide & a running QB have taken a lot of the athletes that might be safety’s in previous eras. The current M commit QB from Colombis Northwood HS is a perfect example. I think we’re considering him a WR but I saw that kid live and he would be the perfect safety. He played like a viper in their D on crucial downs and he was dominate. 

Also the 6 man thing bites again. So many kids playing that and it is WAY different in terms of how you read & react in the secondary. 

12/14/2018 - 8:48pm Independent media analysts…

Independent media analysts who specialize in qualifying the bias among media outlets disagree with your assertion. 

Example. Fox News mentioned the “caravan” over 150 times in the 24 hours ahead of the mid terms. There was a total of 3 mentions in the 48hrs following the mid terms. This is an example of nothing more than driving an agenda. A racist, xenophobic agenda that plays on fear. 

I refuse to watch any TV news and only read mine. I figure if TV has figured out how to make me thirsty, hungry, horny and question if I might have psoriatic arthritis, I don’t want to give them the opportunity to program my political & social beliefs. Even if you want to read conservative publications it is 100x better than letting them drone ideas into your head using that box. They know it works. They’ve mastered how to do it. That’s why we all know that “for a great low rate you can get online, go to the general & save some time”.

12/09/2018 - 11:27am Help me here.

Assertion: M…

Help me here.

Assertion: M can’t & wont compete w/ OSU unless & until we can match their talent. 

Assertion: Talent & therefore wins are evaluated and graded by recruiting services & assigned star ratings that are reliable predictors of that players potential both at the college & future NFL level. 

I’m not calling these assertions correct or incorrect. I only assert that by this logic, a random NFL starting roster should display a strong bias toward OSU/ Bama players. 

So I picked a team at random and looked at the colleges of their starting roster. The New Orleans Saints were my random pick. Here’s what you see. 

A surprising # of players from schoools like SMU, Arkansas st., NIU and various other nobody’s that there is NO WAY we would lose out to in a recruiting battle. 

How do we become better at finding these guys? I mean if you can’t beat out the OSU’s & Bamas for the consensus guys(we can’t) then stop putting so much effort at it. Concentrate on finding those guys bound for NIU & CMU that have NFL talent & fucking go get them!! 

Easton Stick at NDSU might be a better QB than Shea Patterson & Dwayne Haskins when it’s all said & done. How the fuck does he end up at NDSU?! Or, how does Carson Wentz do what Ruddock, O’Korn, Speight etc. appear far from doing and why can’t we “flip” guys like him? 

12/07/2018 - 6:42pm Or, All by himself, Watson…

Or, All by himself, Watson could recognize the dire nature of the situation he’s faced with and drop off by 5yds and sacrifice an 8 yd gain to protect from a 40 yd gain. 

I knew to do that as a S in HS when speed was too much. 

12/04/2018 - 10:20pm Iggy is a strong dude. Much…

Iggy is a strong dude. Much like Simpson also. 

12/04/2018 - 7:05pm This is what give credence…

This is what give credence to the “stars don’t matter” folks. 

This situation plays out every year. Guys who go to the most camps get the most stars. Guys who don’t get ignored. 

Met a guy a couple years ago who helps his brother in law coach a HS team in Minnesota. He told me that you could build a competent D1 O line out of completely unrated guys in Wisconsin alone. He mentioned one kid who was 100% as D1 ready as any lineman he’s ever seen and didn’t even go to college because his family owns a big dairy farm and he just wanted to get to work. 

Similarly, if your even from the state of Florida you get what? 2 stars just for that. 

I loved the story about the Boise st. Coach that just traveled all over the fly over country recruiting QBs. Knowing that in a school of 3-400 kids he’s the best athlete and although he may be the #456 rated QB in the nation(no camps) he’s likely to be a decent LB or S or TE. Genius. 

11/29/2018 - 10:34pm Sitting in my chair busting…

Sitting in my chair busting a gut on the Leroy Jenkins reference. What does that even mean?? I’m only familiar with my sons 12 yr old friends saying it in a funny voice “Leeeerooy Jeeenkens”. 

I recall it being a couple years since Ive heard it but as I read that I spit my beer and just cracked up all alone here. Great stuff!!

11/29/2018 - 11:00am Change the rule on…

Change the rule on ineligible blocking downfield to match the NFL rule

Change the hashmarks on the field to match the NFL

Change the illegal procedure rule so that if the QB looks to the sideline once his formation is set it’s illegal procedure. 

Once the refs spot the ball allow a 10 second count for defensive substitution. 

Tempo is bush league IMHO. If we’re going to allow that then we might as well allow the A11 formation and all that it entails. 

11/28/2018 - 7:01pm Those in the “we need to…

Those in the “we need to recruit better players” camp. Good luck. 

Ohio st will always have a talent advantage. Even in those rare times when M’s “1’s” are as good or better than OSU’s, our “2’s” won’t be.

We need an intense, all consuming, lazer like focus on the game in order to best them. Bo understood this. His rose bowl record demonstrates this as much as anything. 

Our coaching staff failed us in this aspect. The question is what will they learn from it? Will they spend 4hrs every sunday night next season watching OSU’s game tape? Will they go thru the if/than exercise until they know them better than they know themselves? This is the cross they must bear. It’s the one they are handsomely paid to bear.

Id like to cast a family of chains similar to Miami’s turnover chain only the pendant is simply a “62”. Our entire staff should wear those 24/7 as a reminder of what happens when you forget Bo’s lasting lesson. “We ain’t gonna our recruit them so we have to out work em.”

11/26/2018 - 4:18pm Disagree, we should have…

Disagree, we should have been in a cover 5 zone with all 5 DB's looking at Haskins on every snap. The sad part to me is that we received warning shots. Rutgers & IU both showed us the weakness in our D. Don Brown chose not to see it.

If we had played say MSU & Iowa in the weeks leading up to OSU I could almost forgive the lack of scheme going into OSU. BUT!! we didn't. We played 2 teams that overall suck but they used the same strategy that Urbs copied to slice up our coverage. WE WERE WARNED!!

This is one documentable case of Michigan arrogance biting us directly in our nuts for all to see. Congrats coaching staff. You lived up to our worst traits as a university. You matched Lloyd Carr, Brady Hoke, Dave Brandon, hell even RR who was arrogant enough to think he could install an offense with ZERO players to run it and go 3-9 and keep people on his side. Hell, for that matter you topped them all. They did not have the luxury of the loud and clear warnings that you were given and ignored.

11/26/2018 - 4:00pm It looked to me like Don…

It looked to me like Don Brown brought the game plan to stop JT Barrett. He faced Cardale Jones instead.

BTW, lets give Urbz his due(which pains me to no end) he saw over the past several seasons, that the power spread ala Braxton, JT, etc. was no way to beat the Alabama's of the world so he adapted. He looked at what DID beat bama(Cardale "mothafucking" Jones) and began to re tool his offense as such.

My question, are we once again behind the curve? Are we now forgoing the "pocket gunslinger" in favor of more mobile QB's? Is this not the correct answer to yesteryear's question?

11/25/2018 - 2:15pm Who are we? That is the…

Who are we? That is the essential question. Are we Bo? I’d argue we’ve achieved that. 

Is OSU Woody? Hell no. They will do whatever is required to win. 

Will we? Should we? I mean guys, there IS a sell your soul to the devil element to this modern version of CFB. Are we ready? 

If yes then let’s crack the seal on that bottle of snake oil and start finding all the nooks & crannies that land the 5*s

if no? Then I’d suggest following a Paul Johnston at Ga. Tech model. Only we could be better at it. There can be no question that the schematic O style that presents the greatest advantage over ANY is option style. If any legit P5 school with 3-4* talent committed to that style you would win and win big. You’d have to sell it as such. “We win but getting you to the NFL is not our priority”. Take the very best of the guys who don’t have NFL delusions(which is what most should realize they are) and sell them on winning thru complete service to the system. 

11/25/2018 - 9:52am For the better part of a…

For the better part of a decade we have heard from this blog how critical it is to have a running QB. At least a dual threat because it’s what most perceive as the main reason for our struggles with OSU. 

How do we feel today? We just got boat raced by the OSU version of Jon Navarre. That all important threat of the QB run was non existent. 

Based on results, I’d rather face JT, Braxton, Troy etc. than go against the big, strong armed and accurate guy. You know. All the traits we’ve decided to de value in favor of that all important mobility. 

After yesterday’s ham blasting, do we still want to continue with that narrative?

11/18/2018 - 9:29pm Oh the pain you bring back…

Oh the pain you bring back with that. He & Ty Issac. So much show with so little go. 

11/15/2018 - 10:47am I love hearing him talk…

I love hearing him talk about coaching at West Point with all those Michigan guys. I think the HC at that time was the guy who took over the HC job at Benton Harbor out of retirement and led them to the playoffs for the first time in their history. That was a great story. ESPN did an E60 on it a couple years ago. 

10/28/2018 - 7:22pm That’s as solid a Gen Xer as…

That’s as solid a Gen Xer as there is. 1973 is in the numerical center of the generally defined limits. 

10/27/2018 - 11:33pm Purdue would beat both of…

Purdue would beat both of these big 12 patsies. NW, PSU, Sparty, Iowa, Wisconsin. Hell Minnesota & IU might.

10/26/2018 - 3:31pm NHL, while far more fast &…

NHL, while far more fast & open than yrs ago, has continued to bleed fans & viewers. No storylines anymore. Better hockey for sure, but no characters. No rivalries, and yes I’ll say it. No fights. 

I used to not miss a single Red Wings game. When the old Norris division rivalries were strong it was must see sports TV. 

Now I tune in once in a while and find myself disinterested real quick.