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11/18/2018 - 9:29pm Oh the pain you bring back…

Oh the pain you bring back with that. He & Ty Issac. So much show with so little go. 

11/15/2018 - 10:47am I love hearing him talk…

I love hearing him talk about coaching at West Point with all those Michigan guys. I think the HC at that time was the guy who took over the HC job at Benton Harbor out of retirement and led them to the playoffs for the first time in their history. That was a great story. ESPN did an E60 on it a couple years ago. 

10/28/2018 - 7:22pm That’s as solid a Gen Xer as…

That’s as solid a Gen Xer as there is. 1973 is in the numerical center of the generally defined limits. 

10/27/2018 - 11:33pm Purdue would beat both of…

Purdue would beat both of these big 12 patsies. NW, PSU, Sparty, Iowa, Wisconsin. Hell Minnesota & IU might.

10/26/2018 - 3:31pm NHL, while far more fast &…

NHL, while far more fast & open than yrs ago, has continued to bleed fans & viewers. No storylines anymore. Better hockey for sure, but no characters. No rivalries, and yes I’ll say it. No fights. 

I used to not miss a single Red Wings game. When the old Norris division rivalries were strong it was must see sports TV. 

Now I tune in once in a while and find myself disinterested real quick. 

10/25/2018 - 10:28am Using that logic, every HS…

Using that logic,(every college team should have a running QB) every HS team should run a T offense. 3 things can happen when you pass and 2 of them are bad. 

10/24/2018 - 6:42pm There truly is nothing new…

There truly is nothing new under the sun. 

Anyone who wants a great education on all of the blocking schemes and terminology that are at the root of all of this can google “Olivet wing T playbook”, download the pdf & enjoy. 

10/21/2018 - 11:45pm Anyone with access to replay…

Anyone with access to replay take a look at the first LJ run. Where Bush was down on the sideline for a minute. Scott punched him in the throat IMO. I’d like to see it slo mo

Also, the first offsetting PFs on DPJ, Bell was down a full second and Sparty runs in and punches him in the ribs. This game was full of shit that should be looked at. Of course nobody will do shit about it.

10/20/2018 - 12:57pm IDK if anyone posted these…

IDK if anyone posted these but

1. LJ throat punched Bush on that run.

2. On the DPJ personal foul play, MSU punched M WR after he was down. I think it was Bell.

Fuck Fox, no replays on either play


09/29/2018 - 8:08pm My God. That wasn’t a hold…

My God. That wasn’t a hold it was a tackle!! Send this tape!!

09/29/2018 - 8:05pm Let’s pick 6

Let’s pick 6

09/29/2018 - 8:00pm I counted 6 flags that were…

I counted 6 flags that were total bullshit on replay. Total fabrications. All on M. Not that it matters but send in this fucking tape with an envelope full of dog shit.

09/29/2018 - 6:23pm Just a fucking sad display…

Just a fucking sad display of complacency by basically the entire organization. 

Don Brown, did you scout this team? I could have told you the quick slants were gonna be their bread. 

09/29/2018 - 5:16pm We didn’t do our work this…

We didn’t do our work this week. They did extra.

This game is about to be a demonstration of preparation vs talent. 

I hope our talent can squeak this out. Fuck!!

09/27/2018 - 12:03am Evil is a bit harsh. I’d say…

Evil is a bit harsh. I’d say OSU fans mostly just perfectly complete the word. Fanatic. They are consumed with their football team, to the point of rationalizing everything they need to in order to get their desired result. Winning. Look only to M’s response to the Ed Martin/ fab 5 scandal. We didn’t enjoy it but we took our medicine as a program and as a fan base, knowing deep inside that we were wrong. Forces within UM took their eyes off the big picture and got led by shiny things. What circumstance would you assert that OSU as an institution and a fan base would provoke the same type of priority recalibrating? 

09/24/2018 - 4:49pm I’d love the idea of…

I’d love the idea of starting every game with a FB trap using Ben. Give those opposing LBs something to think about. If it gains the 4-6yds I expect. Run it again. When your holding a hammer you owe it to yourself to designate some nails and commence. 

09/22/2018 - 10:39pm Winning with character and…

Winning with character and cruelty. 

09/11/2018 - 11:50pm BTW. When is someone going…

BTW. When is someone going to defeat the pick play with aggression? Tell the DB to go right thru that cheating fuckers earhole at full speed because you have as much right to that piece of ground as him, and you’re not breaking a rule since you’re in coverage on a WR. Take about 1/4 of a game doing that and while you will get burned for a TD or 2. Their whole game plan will be scrap. They won’t have the starting WRs and the rest will get shy. 

09/11/2018 - 11:37pm The proper defensive…

The proper defensive response is to mug the recievers. Sparty style only more aggressive. If they won’t call pick plays or ineligible that’s what I’d do. Right from play one just be rude on anyone eligibile and dare those refs to actually call it on every play. We already know they won’t. Same with holding. Watch teams like OSU & Clemson start a game. They push the threshold for a holding call back from play 1. 

09/09/2018 - 12:28am This had the look of a…

This had the look of a Harbaugh called O to me. 

09/08/2018 - 12:40pm There is nothing wrong with…

There is nothing wrong with running a perfectly executed off tackle power. Get a helmet across the first ugly on your track and bury him!!

09/05/2018 - 8:53pm Wow. So that’s what you…

Wow. So that’s what you believe? A guy who was NEVER going to field a defense that could even slow down any team with a heartbeat, which is certainly a proven fact now BTW, he fired the Casteel rube you probably thought was the missing piece, was railroaded by Michigan? We just needed to give that fucking hillbilly more time & patience? He can’t find a coaching job. His greatest season ever isn’t good enough to make Harbaughs top 5. 

Given only 2 choices right now today. RR or Hoke. I’d take Hoke. He won’t sexually harass anyone working for him and without Brandon hanging over his head he’d probably hire the coordinators to get it done. All while recruiting better than RR, except at Runnerback and slot midget, and running a cleaner & less controversial program.

I could make a list of 40 coaches better than RR. We should thank our lucky stars we got away from him when we did. We now know exactly who & what he is. 

09/03/2018 - 6:03pm This X 1000. Thank you for…

This X 1000. Thank you for this post. 

I think JH needs to take over 100% of the OC duties and put the rest of the gang securely into lesser roles. I:E Pep, QB coach, JM, WRs Coach etc. 

I think JH has been resistant to doing this because he feels it takes away from his ability to “manage” the program as HC. Which probably is true in reality but I think he needs to make it work with himself as OC.

09/03/2018 - 5:42pm Spread and shred is the…

Spread and shred is the college equivalent of the high schools that run the winged T. 

It IS the single most effective offense in HS period. But that’s because of a few things.

1. It’s easy to teach throughout a football program at all levels. Starting in pee wee.

2. It hides talent deficiencies by using simple leverage based plays to overcome speed advantages you already know the opposing D has. 

3. It eats clock, keeping the other teams most talented players off the field.

But.. it is a system that virtually eliminates most of your players from next level consideration, especially your skill players. 

Is spread & shred the same thing but for CFB? I’d say no, except for one position. QB. 

So. Is our(M fan base) resistance to going full spread & shred rooted in that one thing? Wanting our QBs to look like the guys playing on Sunday? I’m starting to think that might just be the case. 

09/03/2018 - 12:01pm Offensive identity Jim. What…

Offensive identity Jim. What is it? I think we should be Wisconsin with better QBs & Recievers and a more open passing game. Or.. do we want to be PSU with a spread passing attack? Or.. perhaps we want to be some hybrid that’s a shitty version of both? Whatever it is you as the head coach need to define it, then you can demand it from your players and bench those who cant execute it. 

Coach Brown, you at least have an identity on your defense. I appreciate that and it works, until it doesn’t. You need to recognize quickly when teams are using your aggression against you. Those NFL D ends are making pee wee football mistakes. We preach to 10 yr olds” heels deep and then you better have your head up looking”. Our ends were run under time & time again Don. That’s too basic of football to be excused at this level.

09/01/2018 - 10:18pm Don, your ends are getting…

Don, your ends are getting worked like a bitch. Those super studs are getting run too deep and simply looking like amateurs. Rule #1 of a dual threat QB. CONTAIN!!! God damn it let him stand in a pocket but don’t let him around you. WTF??

08/31/2018 - 12:26am That is a football coach…

That is a football coach. When you close your eyes and imagine a coach it should look and sound like Greg Mattison. 

08/26/2018 - 1:44pm Branham is one heck of an…

Branham is one heck of an athlete and will be a strong WR with great YAC potential. I did enjoy seeing the Dux of Zeeland West go down to their house and beat them. Take THAT Ohio!! 

08/11/2018 - 12:22pm Desmond Morgan is on staff…

Desmond Morgan is on staff at Maryland. O-line coach I think?? Too bad if he let himself get wrapped up in a toxic situation like this. 

07/08/2018 - 6:06pm Would they have to learn to…

Would they have to learn to flop about on the pitch grimacing like they’d been stabbed when someone brushes by their cheek? Will they(the soccer world) ever stop that shit(probably only possible thru shame & humiliation) or are we condemned to tolerate that crap forever? They look like pussy’s and it insults me as a fan. An American football punter is tougher than those ladyboys. 

07/05/2018 - 10:19am I got to be close on this…

I got to be close on this one.

06/26/2018 - 9:03pm Coming from the OK Red &…

Coming from the OK Red & wearing #58 if he settles in at an interior position he could be a 2nd coming of Rob Renes. I saw him play WO and he was definitely the full focus of their O-line scheme. Mattison was at that game as well. Same guy that recruited Renes.

06/02/2018 - 7:28pm When Dusty says

The only one who could ever teach me was the son of a preacher man

It makes me want to be that son of a preacher man

05/31/2018 - 10:26pm Watching the chase reminds you..

That running fast is running fast but as soon as that run turns into flight shit gets real! Watching a goose or especially a duck step on the gas always gets me staring. How cool would that feel to just be in a full sprint and bam!! Air born.

05/25/2018 - 12:22pm Bullshit.

It’s all how you qualify “Rich” and what you consider “inherited”.

Look around even your own world. Even your extended family and look at the astounding results of even one generation of “pass thru” vs. a dead start at home plate.

I know and admit that I was born with probably a good lead off from 1st base but those who start out rounding 2nd or better make up the VAST majority of those with fuck you money if you really dig in to the financial support system in place when the key moments of their lives come. That’s what real inheritance is. Not some simple he got X dollars when his X died.

05/25/2018 - 12:10pm Ramsey is a blow hard

I’d love to ask him what happens if tomorrow morning even 30% of the people followed his methods to the letter? The fact that our economy would freeze in place, the Dow would begin a free fall that might land at ??? 8k? 6?

05/20/2018 - 12:19am Think Bo had better players?

Jumping Johnny Kolesar vs. Chris Carter?

I think the talent gap is roughly what it has always been. Bo out coached the dinosaur that was Woody, did the same to Earl Bruce, Lloyd had the closest talent but still out coached Cooper.

We have to out prepare, out work and use every mental advantage we can leverage to beat Ohio. I’ve never seen the talent equal and I doubt we will.

05/16/2018 - 8:33pm Amen

Exactly. Although I have perhaps more understanding for Carr’s reaction to the perceived slight against his legacy. Understanding is not condoning but merely recognizing the emotions that were driving his actions.

I tried hard to like RR but always smelled a rat. The way he left WVU. His general aw shucks way along with a severely over inflated ego. His success was always more about time & place than man & machine and history has verified this.

05/16/2018 - 8:00pm Agree...sort of.

Carr thought protocol was to pass the HC torch to either DeBord or English and maintain the Michigan status quo. It’s this system that got him his opportunity along with Moeller.

When it became evident that this was not going to be an acceptable path I think he took that personally as a indication that he had no developed a qualified successor. He took that personally and his behavior was a reaction to that.

Food for thought, if we had done the same thing to Bo when he retired, passing right over his guys and looking to hire the hottest name we could, does anyone here think that would have been perfectly fine with Bo? I think he would have pissed a hissy fit and made Carr look measured.

Keep in mind Carr had big bowl wins & a NC on his resume and got less perceived respect than Bo got upon hanging up the whistle.

05/14/2018 - 10:05pm I thought the same thing

If they are similar enough then the answer is time & rehab. If he sat another season to fully rehab what would his eligibility be?

05/11/2018 - 12:02pm "You can have those perks too

"You can have those perks too by being in the top tenth of a percent of whatever it is you do"


Really?? Waitress?, Welder?, Machinist?, Seamstress? How many others should I list where there is ZERO chance of getting those kind of "perks" or even being recognized as being among the best at what you do?

Nope, we love to reward CEO's because they create the perception that they are just that special. Is there an objective way to actually measure their value? No. They create the measureables that best suit them and wave them around as "evidence" of their incredible value. Reality is there are literally thousands of professions where you could be THE best in the world at what you do and nobody will ever know it or recognize it. Much less reward you for it.

05/03/2018 - 11:13pm Cardale and his ability

Won them their NC. His downfield cannon was a far more deadly weapon than the power zone read of JT.

Ask yourself which Saban would rather face.

That’s my hesitation with spread is that once a D has dominant athletes with speed it’s advantages become liabilities. The LSU’s and Bama’s of the world seem most beatable vs. quality passers. I’d add with good mobility as well. Tough for a statue to survive that D line but I have to believe that JT’s lack of downfield threat would spell disaster real quick. The ideal college QB is probably of the DeShaun Watson, Andrew Luck, Jamius Winston, variety. Used in an offense that takes advantage of the whole field their arms allow paired with good to excellent mobility. I hope that’s where M lands in the near future. I have zero desire to see Denard style O trying to survive against the D’s of the best out there. That wasn’t fun.

05/02/2018 - 8:31pm If your argument is that

If your argument is that regardless of scheme, you believe we did not have the talent to beat Toledo, the players from that roster that got NFL time, some great(Graham) some good(Schilling) many just had a look. Says different. The worst Michigan teams of the past 30yrs would beat Toledo with Defense & FGs alone. Of course RR had very little time for such trivial pursuits. Gotta spread & shred!!

I wonder if he used “hold the rope” on any of those secretary’s he tried to bang.

05/02/2018 - 5:55pm Talent that was still WAY better

Than anything Toledo was putting out there against us. A rocket football level double wing executed even 75% beats Toledo. But it’s neither here nor there. The real reason RR went full hog without any consideration for modifying to suit is well known. He has no idea how. He’s a one trick pony who’s trick is all used up. In the end we were right to exit that when we did and history has demonstrated that. If Brian wants to claim the decision to implement fully in 2008 as a victory. He might be right. I don’t think so myself. Of course I could coach up to a JV level team to execute any of 3-4 different offensive schemes with reasonable success, adjusting as required to match my personnel and win the games that my teams talent will allow. RR had no such ability. Everyone knows that now.

05/02/2018 - 2:21pm 3-9 and losing to Toledo says

3-9 and losing to Toledo says he might have been advised to "taylor" his Offense to his personel. I could have installed a double wing in a week and beat Toledo with our talent. But, alas that ship has sailed away to sexual harrassment island and we are better for it. But thanks for tossing that in there just to remind us again how he did everything right here and we were the dysfuntional ones.

04/30/2018 - 9:10pm Things have changed.

A lot. I coached my sons team from 3rd grade thru 6th. Being aware of the stupidity that guys like us endured 30+ years ago along with having to go thru all the concussion protocol we just don’t have unnecessary hitting at all.

We start them easy focusing on form over force. Get them feeling comfortable in their pads. Butt low, head up, wrap and roll. We also keep size & aggressiveness matched up in all drills. Removing the kid getting wrecked just for coaches entertainment from the equation(something that still pisses me off from 30 yrs ago).

Are there still A-holes coaching like morons? I’m sure. To that I say be the change you want to see. Coach. Protect them by being aware & teach it safely.

At every level I’d venture that hitting has been reduced by 80% from even 15yrs ago. That’s the problem with the study’s. They’re looking at people who played in a different time. In HS we HIT!! Every day, all day. Run it again, go harder. Run it again. You have to smash thru him!! It was WAY overboard. Watch a HS practice today and it looks nothing like what it did.

04/29/2018 - 12:44pm And vice versa. Plays break

And vice versa. Plays break down, defenses guess right sometimes, the blame does not only lie with one or the other. A great QB would have vastly improved our production last season as much or more than a great O-line. That’s why they(eventually) get the biggest checks. They have the most impact on outcomes.

04/29/2018 - 12:37pm Look at the film again

And tell us how many times you can count to 3, 4 or even 5 before our QB gets flushed or sacked. Our O-line play was less than stellar but, if any QB needs a perfect pocket to make plays? He’s not a QB.

I counted dozens of times that the break off dump was there(FB, HB, TE) and our QB’s simply panicked and fell apart.

Last yrs passing game woes were IMHO at least 50/50 between O-line & QB blunders.

04/28/2018 - 9:44am OK I’ll bite

Wanna bet on who finishes with better career #s in college? Nobody Lewerke or Peters? It pains me to say it but we have a problem, some parts Hoke, some parts not, that is just unexplainable. Wyoming puts a guy in the 1st round, NDSU a couple yrs ago etc. while we flounder to find a leader that’s more than a 1yr hired gun. Somebody needs a better eye for finding winners. They aren’t always accurately rated by the services.

04/27/2018 - 8:35pm Happy but still sorta sad.

Sad because there is no way we should be sitting in yr 4 of Harbaugh in need of a transfer miracle to get us a serviceable QB.

We watch MSU turn Lewerke into a winner, Whisky same thing, PSU, hell even IU and that’s just the B1G. Don’t even start on the freshman & Sophomores across CFB that we’ve had to watch succeed while we just lean on excuses about youth. If Mccaffrey is/was a 5* then you come able to play. Same with Peters and his 4* rating. How can you deserve those ratings and be 2-3 yrs from ready? And what voodoo is it that makes nobody’s like Lewerke so much more capable with far lower ratings?