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10/22/2009 - 5:31pm You're a knucklehead, Cook!

You're a knucklehead, Cook! I know exactly the scene you're referring to when accusing JoePa of asking for and receiving two seconds. The fact is he was verifying with the officials that he had two timeouts left at the time, not asking for and receiving two more seconds. Good Lord, you Wolverine fans are perfectly shameless!

As for the 2 seconds added on, and since you asked, this PSU fan thinks the two seconds added at Carr's request were irrelevant. For one thing, it happens all the time now that the coaches can call TO from the sidelines. Had the two seconds not been added then the only difference would have been that the TD pass to Manningham would have come one play earlier than it did. What really pissed me off was the catch out of bounds on 3rd and 17 (I think it was) earlier on that drive. Toe tap my ass! How can a full half of the reciever's foot come down out of bounds and still have it ruled a completion? Shameless!