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06/22/2018 - 8:24pm You are also taking the…

You are also taking the bottom line approach.  That only tells you about the bottom line.  It's a lazy take.  It involves little analysis nor gives you any indication to what the future holds.  And, I'd disagree that OSU and MSU are our top in league competition.  I think PSU provides more competition than MSU at this point.  The reality is MSU is lucky to be 2-1 against us.  It should be the other way around and I'm confident we will beat them regularly moving forward. 


Now, OSU is another story.  I don't think looking back at how things were in the 90's is all that relevant today.  The recruiting landscape has changed since the dawn of the internet, recruiting services, social media, etc.  UM simply has not been able to match OSU's recruiting since that time.  It hasn't under late Carr, RichRod, Hoke, or Harbaugh.  IMHO UM can't expect to out recruit OSU with any regularity nor can they hope to beat them more than once every 3-4 years.  I'd happily take beating them 33% of the time and is the best I think we can hope for until Meyer is gone.  Meyer et al. has recruited at a level that we can't compete with and I don't see that changing anytime soon.  We can regularly produce top 10-15 classes with an occasional top 5-7ish class, but Meyer appears to be poised to recruit top 5 classes regularly.  But, we have the best coach we're ever gonna get.  Our best option is stability and keep Harbaugh around as long as possible to build a roster and depth suited to his style/system.  We have done that with many positions with the only real outlier at o-line.

06/21/2018 - 6:09pm My last day of school is…

My last day of school is tomorrow (teacher) so I plan to workout at whatever effin time I prefer every day, spend lots of time with my girlfriend and 2 dogs (Harbaugh & Maizey), spend a bunch of time at my family's summer home in Mount Desert Island enjoying the summer ocean breezes of Maine's coast, and just generally relax and recharge the batteries.  I'll probably spend way too much time on here too so I apologize when I get inevitably annoying.

06/21/2018 - 8:57am That is certainly one way to…

That is certainly one way to look at it.  It is the realistic, bottom line, pessimistic stance.  Believe me, I get it.  I can understand why you'd be frustrated.  However, if you chose to, there is another perspective to take.



When it comes to winning Harbaugh has been here for 3 seasons.  He has a combined record of 28-11.  In 2015 he went 10-3 and beat a good Florida team in a quality bowl.  That was better than expected by most accounts.  In 2016, he again went 10-3 and lost to a good FSU team in the bowl.  That was expected to be a really good year and was for much of it, but losing 3 of our last 4 was a disappointing way to finish and likely began the beginning of a bit of a recruiting down turn.  In 2017 he went 8-5 and finished with a disappointing loss to South Carolina with a bit of an implosion in the 4th quarter.  The previous 3 seasons were a combined 20-18.  5-7( 2014), 7-6 (2013), and 8-5 (2012).  So, clearly the record has gotten better under Harbaugh.



When it comes to our rivals our record vs OSU is 0-3 and 1-2 against MSU under Harbaugh.  But, if you look closer it's not as bad as it sounds.  Our record in the previous 3 years was also 0-3 against OSU and 1-2 against MSU.  However, the last 3 years included our closest lose in double overtime to OSU during the past 6 years, which could have easily been a win if not for a controversial call.  And, our combined score against MSU the past 3 years was 64(MSU) - 66(UM) and that also included a final second play we that we lost the game in 2015 on a dropped punt for a touchdown.  The previous 3 years against MSU our combined score was 74(MSU) - 29(UM).  So, clearly things have improved under Harbaugh's watch against our rivals despite the same record.



When it comes to recruiting (ESPN rankings) Harbaugh's average class raking is #10.6.  He had classes of #6 (2016), #6 (2017), and #20 (2018).  The previous 3 year average was #21.6.  Hoke had classes of #40 (2015), #18 (2014), and #6 (2013).  So, again clearly things are improving under Harbaugh.



Now, there are some parallels that are alarming between Hoke and Harbaugh.  The main one being that both started to get worse as time went on.  However, Hoke's best year was year #1 and Harbaugh's was year #2.  Hoke continued to get worse every year and only exceeded expectations in year one.  Harbaugh has only had one bad year and it was expected due to a lot of young players playing.  And, Harbaugh's worst year was way better than Hoke's.  Both coaches have also had poorly performing assistants on offense they had to get rid of (Borges & Drevno).  But, Harbaugh made the adjustment sooner than Hoke.



So, there are absolutely some frustrating parallels between the last 2 coaching regimes, particularly when it comes to winning and recruiting and how they have gotten worse as time has gone on.  However, Harbaugh has shown the ability to improve over time and Hoke did not.  Harbaugh's down turn was expected due to youth and Hoke should have in theory gotten better over time.  And, when you look closer at the record against the rivals things are not as bad as they seem and there is reason for optimism in the future with Harbaugh and at the very lease a wait and see approach for another year or two to see if improvement happens and last year's down turn was circumstance or a trend.

06/21/2018 - 7:08am Still curious about a…

Still curious about a conclusion.  That was an honest question.

06/20/2018 - 6:34pm Bluey, what are you…

Bluey, what are you conclusions?  I'm assuming it's that the 2018 class sucked in comparison to the previous two?  Well...duh.  It was a rebuilding year with a lot of young guys playing and a lot of returning players and not a lot of immediate playing time opportunities.  This led to very led buzz for the team, particularly on offense.  I'm not sure that tells us much other than demonstrates an expected cycle of things.  Lets see how '19 and '20 pan out before we say our recruiting is going down hill.  One year of a predictable cycle is not at all unreasonable nor surprising. 


If you have a completely different take I apologize.

06/20/2018 - 11:21am I'm looking forward to the…

I'm looking forward to the all time (post-Bo) team, should we be so fortunate to receive one.  I'll take my stab at one.


OT - Lewan & Long (I know they are both LTs, Jansen if required to have specific RT)

OG - Hutchinson & Backus

C - Molk (UM career, not NFL)

QB - Henson (based on UM, Brady if we take overall career)

RB - Wheatley

FB - Floyd

TE - Butt

WR - Edwards, Howard, & Funchess

DT - Hurst

NT - Branch

SDE - Gary

WDE - Graham

OLB/SAM - Ryan

OLB/WILL - Foote

MIKE - Irons

CB - Woodson

CB - Lewis (could go with Hall, Law, Hill, etc.)

S - Jackson (kinda cheating but he played some safety late in career)

S - Welborne

06/20/2018 - 11:03am It would sure be an…

It would sure be an interesting matchup to watch.

06/20/2018 - 6:59am Totally agree, but which…

Totally agree, but which differential is more important to a game's outcome?  Woodson >> Stribs or Brady >> Henne.  I love me some Woodson.  He's my all time fav UM player.  But, in that matchup the QB has the larger impact on the game IMO.

06/19/2018 - 12:47pm My take is that the…

My take is that the positions where the 5-stars are better are only marginally so.  The positions where the 3-stars are better are 1) at more important positions, and 2) are significantly better.  I'd take Braylon & anybody over Terrell & Toomer.  And, with Brady as your QB.  Just take Brady, Edwards, & Biakabutuka & give them some semblence of an o-line and you're good to go.  


Who would you pick if the two teams played head-to-head?

06/19/2018 - 12:11pm Braylon makes up for the WRs…

Braylon makes up for the WRs IMO.  He's better than any of the 5-star WRs, but I'll give you the DBs.

06/19/2018 - 12:10pm I take the 3-stars in a game…

I take the 3-stars in a game if these two teams played each other any day.

06/19/2018 - 12:05pm I think the all 3-star team…

I think the all 3-star team is better than the all 5-star team.  I know recruiting rankings do count & do correlate to wins, but that has to tell you something.  Maybe the sample size of 3-stars is larger and that accounts for this?

06/17/2018 - 8:40pm Hopefully we can get him on…

Hopefully we can get him on campus for the PSU game and when we spank (and he sees Hudson knifing through making plays behind the LOS) them he changes his tune.

06/15/2018 - 8:19pm There is zero research out…

There is zero research out there that exists that demonstrates that low carbohydrate diets are more effective for fat loss if protein and calorie intakes are equal.  That is the bottom line. This is widely supported in the literature.


The reason ketogenic diets are so popular is because people over consume carbs.  There is no magic metabolic trick that makes burning fat as a substrate superior to carbohydrate.  Let's look at a few points that keto supporters often cite and what the current body of literature suggests.


The proposed fat loss advantage of carbohydrate reduction beyond a mere reduction in total energy is based largely on insulin-mediated inhibition of lipolysis and presumably enhanced fat oxidation.  A study by Hall et al. examined the effect of 4 weeks on a low fat diet followed by 4 weeks on a keto diet. Although insulin levels dropped during the keto diet a slowing of body fat loss was seen during the first half of the keto phase.


Another common keto claim is that the production and utilization of ketone bodies impart a unique metabolic state that, in theory, should outperform non-ketogenic conditions for the goal of fat loss. However, this claim is largely based on research involving higher protein intakes when comparing low carb diets to keto diets. A meta-analysis by Clifton et al. found that a 5% or greater protein intake difference between diets at 12 months was associated with greater fat loss. Soenen et al. also demonstrated that the higher protein content of low-carbohydrate diets (not low carb CHO content) was the crucial factor in promoting greater weight loss.


I am familiar with Volek and his work and without getting too heavily involved into that separate discussion as this was more about fat loss and sustainability I will just say that currently the literature that supports to keto approach for athletes seems 1) to be more beneficial for endurance athletes than strength/power athletes, and 2) the studies that show increased fat oxidation & aerobic capacity with keto approaches have come at the cost of increased oxygen demand (and also often don't equate protein intakes).  There is also evidence that shows a higher carb intake was preferential for performance, so I think the research here is also still supporting the idea that keto is not superior.


So, again at the end of the day if you equate for protein and calorie intakes keto has no advantage to other dietary approaches.  Yes, people over consume carbs. Yes, reducing carbs is beneficial as a means of reducing total calories. However, if you reduce the same number of calories and keep protein the same, keto is not superior.  If it works for you great. Consistency and adherence are more important than what's optimal when it comes to dieting. But, don't fear carbohydrates as long as you're not over consuming them.

06/15/2018 - 7:33pm At the end of the day…

At the end of the day adherence trumps all when it comes to dieting.  Consistency is more important than optimal.  So, if you've found something you can follow that works for you, stick with it.

06/15/2018 - 9:50am The ideas that you can lose…

The ideas that you can lose weight in a caloric surplus and that controlling insulin (in order to burn fat as a substrate instead of glucose ((carbs)) is superior to a more carb heavy diet (assuming calories are the same) are not consistent with the body of literature on the subject.


The current body of research summarized by Alan Aragon et al. in the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN) provides us 4 keys points regarding diets focused on improving body composition.


1) Diets primarily focused on fat loss are driven by a sustained caloric deficit. The higher the baseline body fat level, the more aggressively the caloric deficit may be imposed. Slower rates of weight loss can better preserve lean mass (LM) in leaner subjects.


2) Diets focused primarily on accruing lean mass are driven by a sustained caloric surplus to facilitate anabolic processes and support increasing resistance-training demands. The composition and magnitude of the surplus, as well as training status of the subjects can influence the nature of the gains.


3) A wide range of dietary approaches (low-fat to low-carbohydrate/ketogenic, and all points between) can be similarly effective for improving body composition.


4) Increasing dietary protein to levels significantly beyond current recommendations for athletic populations may result in improved body composition. Higher protein intakes may be required to maximize muscle retention in lean, resistance-trained subjects under low calorie conditions.


06/15/2018 - 7:45am Congrats on your success!  I…

Congrats on your success!  I'm curious if you feel this approach is sustainable long term?  The reason I ask is because the overwhelming body of research suggests (the more weight you lose the stronger the correlation) that if you are only "dieting" short term and plan to eventually stop your current approach, you will likely gain it all back and then some. 


I only point this out because "no cheating" is impossible to maintain long term.  At some point most folks need to find a balance between eating things they enjoy and things that are low(er) in calories (because the tastiest foods are high in calories) ((this is purposefully engineered by the food industry that is in business to make money off you eating/buying more of it)).  Eventually when this will power wanes many people go to a binge on all the foods they've been avoiding.  So, being able to eat the foods you crave in moderation is an important part, as well as accepting the fact that foods lower in calories can still taste good, but won't taste as good as junk food (like comparing an apple to a cookie). 


So, my take home point is to find a strategy that you can follow long term that allows you to occasionally eat the foods you enjoy while using the majority of the time to eat the foods that will hep you maintain a healthy body composition.  This is all about coming up with a long term apporoach to eating versus "dieting".

06/15/2018 - 7:09am I would simply focus on…

I would simply focus on improving your food choices and getting enough variety.  I like the 90/10.  If you follow sound nutrition 90% of the time, you can pretty much eat whatever you want the other 10% of the time without having a negative impact on health, performance, or body composition.  So, 90% of the time I would focus on eating regularly spaced out meals every 3-4 hours with each meal containing a whole food protein source like lean red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, low/non fat dairy, nuts, or legumes.  Then, I would focus on consuming mostly whole grains and try and get a variety (think lots of different colors) of fruits and veggies (frozen or fresh are both fine), and drink plenty of water.  If you do this you will likely get most of the vitamins you need, adequate fiber, enough protein, and the sort of carbs that will keep your blood sugar and energy levels fairly consistent throughout the day.

06/14/2018 - 7:49pm Out of curiosity are you…

Out of curiosity are you using a keto approach because you want to or just being supportive of your wife and getting healthier?


There are a lot of dieting strategies out there from keto, intermittent fasting, carb backloading, tracking macros & calories with various counters, using portion sizes ala Precision Nutrition templates, etc.  They all work by simple thermodynamics.  They are using different strategies with the same goal in mind of reducing calorie intake.  I would just caution you that although keto can be effective there is no magic to cutting carbs and it is not superior to any other strategy that involves the same amount of calories that include any combination of carbs, proteins, and fats.  This is supported by research and if you want some I'd be happy to provide you some.  The reason cutting carbs is so effective because it's a lot easier to over consume calories from carbohydrates than protein or fats because they are not as filling and foods high in carbohydrates tend to be higher in calories.  But, if you want to keep your carbs and find other ways to cut calories don't feel like you have to cut carbs in particular.  If for example if you are active, play sports, or like to workout cutting carbs all together can be challenging.  If it works for you that's great.  It can be effective.  I however, would never want to cut carbs completely and think there are much easier ways to create a caloric deficit. 


You have to ask yourself if you can follow this approach long term.  If you plan on only doing this "diet" for a period of time, then go back to the way you were eating before, I would not recommend that strategy for you.  All the research says not only will you gain all the weight back, you'll likely gain some extra pounds than you had before you started dieting.  Instead you want to find a long term sustainable approach to how you eat rather than a short term diet.  if you can't see yourself doing it long term your results will likely be short lived.



06/14/2018 - 7:00am This problem goes back…

This problem goes back further than this.  And, while of course wins and development help recruiting, the problem was more than recruiting & development.  There are plenty of schools that got better o-lines than UM with less recruiting stars and less heralded coaches.  So, there's also a fair bit of either bad luck and/or poor identification of talent.  However, a look at the offer sheets of these players would say it's more bad luck.  Guys like Dawson, Kugler, Kalis, LTT, Bosch were scouted fine because other big time programs wanted them.  So, there's gotta bit quite a bit of bad luck.  Statistics would say if you get the '13 haul every year you'll be just fine and their particular outcomes were the outlier.  But, we should be much better with the recruiting and coaching we have at the present by simply having a larger sample size over time and the numbers should eventually bear that out.  Also, coaching stability will help

06/11/2018 - 11:30am If that isn't a future coach…

If that isn't a future coach I don't know who is.  He is very mature and understands the big picture very well...very unselfish.  And, FWIW he looks like he's about 25 years old.  What a great kid.

06/08/2018 - 12:54pm I don't think either DM or…

I don't think either DM or BP will fare well until our o-line gets better at pass pro.  Shea has the ability to make more plays outside of the pocket and use his feet.  DM is better than that than BP I'd assume, but I have seen him take any live snaps yet under the heat of college defenses, so time will tell.  But, with our current o-line I have a hard time believe either of them will fare better than average and BP in particular.  Hopefully by 2019 (assuming we don't lose Bredeson) we should quite a bit of experience and above average pass blocking and really good run blocking.

06/07/2018 - 5:54pm Let's talk after the season…

Let's talk after the season. I feel like UMs stock will go up and PSUs Wii go down.

06/06/2018 - 8:52pm Can we no longer go to our…

Can we no longer go to our account in order to find previous posts?  That was a convenient way to see if anyone replied to your comment.  Is that no longer a thing?

06/06/2018 - 5:06pm Is it just me or does the…

Is it just me or does the back button for web browsers not return you to the previous mgoblog page? I seem to have to reopen blog posts each time from the top toolbar.

06/06/2018 - 3:47pm I feel like we need a season…

I feel like we need a season saying Ala "We On".

06/06/2018 - 3:44pm The season is not over yet. …

The season is not over yet.  A strong season on the field can have a dramatic change in the perception of youngsters.

06/06/2018 - 3:36pm He does have a great…

He does have a great athletic physique!

06/06/2018 - 3:31pm  I would just like to ask…

 I would just like to ask what is wrong with being a philistine?  This is a sports site.  Who cares about the arts ;)

06/03/2018 - 3:31pm Why would he do that this early?

Why would he leave already before a starter has even been named?  That would mean the writing is already on the wall that not only is he behind Shea, but he's also behind DM &/or Milton.  Because even if he was #2 he would have 2 years to start.


Personally I hope not as I still have hopes for him.  At the very least he'll be a capable backup and if recent events have proven anything it's that we need at least 2 good QBs to get through a season.

06/03/2018 - 12:51pm Depends on who the losses are to

I would happily take 3 losses as long as none of them are in the division and only one of them is in conference. 


That would mean that we sweep PSU, MSU, & OSU, which essentially gurantees we win the division and go to the conference championship.  That also means we likely lose to ND & either Wiscy (likely), Neb, or NW and then would have to drop another game out of conference to WMU or SMU which is highly unlikely, but just saying.  I would happily trade 3 losses in that scenario to get a win against OSU.

06/03/2018 - 9:55am Hmmm

I'm not sure about that, but certainly there was some problems offensively, but that seems mostly in large part to the o-line & QB and how that limited the play calling.  But, there shouldn't be any concerns about the defense.  And, I would think that HS kids could see the larger picture of recruiting success over the course of Harbaugh's tenure vs MD's and see that UM would have the long term advantage once they get over the hump of this o-line/QB issue.  Maybe that's wishful thinking. 


Here's to hoping a good year offensively and the change of Drevno to Warriner & the addition of Patterson coupled with a win over MSU (and some other qualitys teams like Wiscy, PSU, ND, & OSU) can change some of that perception.  There is still plenty of time to shift the perception with a good season for the 2019 class of guys we are both after.

06/02/2018 - 6:50pm Clemson & Bama, then everyone else

Yeah, basically everyone is saying Clemson & Bama (again) are at the top.  The rest seems like a crapshoot.  It seems like only one of OSU & UM can get in and most folks favor OSU (understandable).  And, if those two are the B1G favorites, then PSU, Wiscy, & MSU will all have losses to them.  That sounds wonderful to me, but I wouldn't mind losing a few other games to get a win versus OSU.  That would mean a lot for the program.

06/02/2018 - 9:57am MSU Recruiting

O haven't been following the 2019 MSU recruiting class very closely, but they seem to either be in the mix and often even favored in a number of top guys we are going after. This seems out of the norm for MSU. I wonder why so many guys are favoring them now. Hopefully after a strong season and a win against them that will shift some perception around the difference between MSU and UM.

06/01/2018 - 12:39pm Probably not this year

While I don't think he was an elite QB last year, he did show potential and has the opportunity to improve going into his second year of starting.  He should have a decent o-line ahead of him and a good RB.  I'm not sold on their WRs, but they aren't terrible.  If he has an improved year this year I would say there is the potential for 2019, but right now I would not consider him a candidate.  I also don't expect MSU to win enough games to be a consideration.  I'd predict they are 9-3, but time will tell.  They don't have to play Wiscy in cross divisional and they don't have too difficult of a pre-conference schedule.  So, they should have a pretty clear path to 8-9 wins, but doubt they get by OSU, UM, or PSU (in State College).

06/01/2018 - 7:56am I'm wondering if you read

I'm wondering if you read what I posted or just caught part of it?  I said they are a regional big time program.  However, they are not elite recruiters like OSU, UM, ND, & PSU.

05/31/2018 - 8:59pm Hard to say what they'd do, but it's possible

In that scenario it's possible that OSU's only loss would be to UM and although they'd have a better overall record, UM would have a better record (6-0 vs 5-1) in the division which would put UM in the conference championship game. 


That would be a difficult decision for the committee and would depend on a lot of other variables within the other Power 5.  Certainly you'd think any undefeated or 1-loss Power 5 champ would get in ahead of both OSU & UM.  But, if there were in theory only 3 undefeated or 1-loss Power 5 conference champs and the last slot came down to a 10-2 conference champ in UM and a 11-1 OSU who's only loss was to UM in a close game...boy that would be a difficult decision to make.  My hunch is UM would be the pick to get in because they would have more quality wins due to the difficulty of their schedule.  UM would have wins over PSU, Wiscy, MSU, and OSU.  OSU would have wins over TCU, PSU, & MSU. 


Although this does seem like a possible scenario it seems pretty unlikely.  I'd assume 2 losses probably won't be enough to get in the playoff for most scenarios.

05/31/2018 - 8:45pm Wiscy doesn't sign OH o-lineman often

Wiscy is a regional big time program, but they are not elite recruiters like OSU, PSU, UM, & ND.  And, many of their o-lineman tend to come from WI.  I can only think of one  o-lineman from OH they have signed in the past 5 years.  

05/31/2018 - 8:41pm Elfein is the exception rather than the rule

That is true, but Elfein is probably more of the exception rather than the rule.  I trust the coaches as well, but more offers (or lack thereof) from big time regional programs is also a good indication of talent.

05/31/2018 - 2:45pm Notable offer absences

Midwest powers OSU, PSU, MSU, & ND did not offer.  Not that I don't trust the coaches, but it would be more inspiring if he had some of those offers under his belt.

05/31/2018 - 12:34pm We'd have to win the B1G

That would mean that our conference record would be 8-1 and our division record would be 6-0 and we would be in the B1G championship game.  So, are we also assuming we win the championship game?  If so, I think it's possible, but it would still assume there are no undefeated or 1-loss conference champions in the Power 5.  It could come down to a debate between a 2-loss conference champ in UM vs a 1-loss (but 2nd in the division) OSU.  Kinda sounds like 2016 PSU/OSU/UM.  It's possible, but seems unlikely. 


That would mean that we'd have to be undefeated in the division (beat MSU, PSU, & OSU).  One or both of the losses has to be out of conference (almost guranteed ND) and the other has to be out of division (Wiscy, NW, or Neb) or also out of conference.

05/31/2018 - 10:14am 10-2 or 9-3

If I had to guess I'd say 10-2 or 9-3 with Wiscy being the swing game.  ND could go either way too, but I give the advantage to the home team.  I think we beat MSU on the road soundly.  PSU is another one that could go either way, but at home I give UM the advantagege.  Indiana has the potential to be a trap game, but I think we squeek one out there.  OSU continues to be the one game we are clearly not favored to win, but I could see us winning that game too, but playing the odds I assume a loss.


ND - L



Neb - W

NW - W

Maryland - W

Wisc - W (this one could go either way)



Rutgers - W

Indiana - W


05/31/2018 - 7:40am Potential Transfer?

If memory serves me right he's been the topic of a potential transfer over the spring.  I do not believe he made the trip to Paris.  Someone that pays a little closer than I do may be able to chime in.


Prior to these more recent developments I think the general consensus is that he has a lot of potential, but is a little more raw because he bounced around a bit from RB & LB in high school.

05/31/2018 - 7:30am You think?

I'd be surprised if a 2-loss team gets in.  That means there aren't 4 0-loss or 1-loss teams in the Power 5.  I don't picture that happening unless both of our 2 losses came out of conference or came to teams other than ND, PSU, MSU, Wiscy, & OSU.  I don't think we can for arguments sake lose to OSU & Wiscy and still get in.

05/30/2018 - 10:02pm These kids are risking their bodies & minds for our entertainmnt

My favorite quote is when the author says "These kids are risking their bodies and minds to play a game for our entertainment for nothing."  I call BS.  While there is no doubt they deserve compensation and have a value, they are not getting nothing.  These kids would play for less if given no other option.  They have been their entire lives.  They love playing.  Being a football player is their identity.  They get recognized, they love the attention & celebrity they recieve from playing in addition to getting a full scholarship, great coaching, the best training staff, and preperation for either the NFL and/or a free education, etc.  They may noy get as much as they deserve, but it's far from nothing.

05/30/2018 - 2:50pm OSU vs Clemson (Recruiting & W/L)

Since Meyer took over OSU has had the following ranked recruiting classes (ESPN)

2012 - #6 (12-0)

2013 - #8 (12-2)

2014 - #7 (14-1) NC

2015 - #6 (12-1)

2016 - #5 (11-2)

2017 - #2 (12-2)

2018 - #2

Average Recruiting Class - #5.14

Average Finish - 12-1.3


Clemson during that time

2012 - #10 (11-2)

2013 - #6 (11-2)

2014 - #12 (10-3)

2015 - #4 (14-1)

2016 - #8 (14-1) NC

2017 - #10 (12-2)

2018 - #5

Average - #7.86

Average Finish - 12-1.8


So, it's very close but the numbers speak for themselves.  They both have one championship (both against Bama).  But, OSU slightly out-recruits Clemson.  So if I had to rank them I'd say 

1. Bama

2. OSU

3. Clemson

05/30/2018 - 11:07am Singleton

Singleton has been mentioned a bunch too.  He may not get a starting position, but is apparently too good to keep off the field.  So, it looks like Bush, Hudson, & Ross with a bunch of snaps for Furbush/Uche/Singleton.  That's an athletic and speed upgrade from last year, but not a lot of bigger bodies for the MSU & Wiscy's of the world who will have big o-lines and big backs.  None of them are likely to crack 240 lbs.

05/30/2018 - 8:55am I hear ya, but they'll be good

I'm glad we get them at home.  I think they are better than MSU & PSU.  I would peg them as tied for 2nd (with UM) behind OSU in terms of returning talent and likely outcome for the B1G.  

05/29/2018 - 9:39pm He probably would, as he should

You want to focus on the things you can control as a coach and a player and you cannot control luck so it's a useless consideration for them.  On the outside however, fans love to do this.  No one is saying Harbaugh et. al could not do things to improve their chances.  However, when you have two fairly even teams both playing hard, the outcome can, although not always, come down to plain ole luck.  Harbaugh may not admit this publicly, but that doesn't make it wrong.

05/29/2018 - 9:31pm News flash

OSU continues to be ranked in the top 10 and assemble top 5 recruiting classes.  So, how can you really expect anyone to overcome that?  Only Bama has reallly done better during Meyer's time at OSU.