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12/30/2010 - 11:16pm Thank God we don't have to

Thank God we don't have to hear about that team anymore.

12/13/2010 - 7:21pm Starting linebacker for the

Starting linebacker for the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars.

12/13/2010 - 7:19pm The Tony Soprano of the 3

The Tony Soprano of the 3 Star Mafia.

12/03/2010 - 7:35pm then I'm screwed...

then I'm screwed...

12/01/2010 - 12:57pm Dope


10/21/2010 - 7:30pm I came across a match

I came across a match yesterday while taking a run in the arb.  A girl color commentated with a megaphone.  I shit you not. WHO WANTS FREE PIZZA??!!!!!!!!!

08/23/2010 - 1:45pm Shook Ones Pt. II-Mobb

Shook Ones Pt. II-Mobb Deep

The What-Notorious B.I.G. feat. Method Man

Bulls on Parade-Rage Against the Machine

Release Yo 'Delf-Method Man

Return of the Mack-Mark Morrison


08/21/2010 - 3:22pm Good to see another Reds fan

Good to see another Reds fan on the board...I'm hesitant to admit my passion for pro sport teams in Ohio on this board.  Ohio's proximity to West Virginia and WV's lack of sports teams made me follow Ohio professional sports.  Go Reds...their success breathes life into my miserable life as a sports fan.

08/13/2010 - 7:36pm Love Chris Webber but you

Love Chris Webber but you can't say he "had a tough childhood."  He had two very supportive parents and attended Detroit Country Day for high school.  Juwuan Howard was dirt poor.  His grandmother, the biggest role model in his life, passed away the day he signed with U of M.  Howard had it tough, not Webber.

07/21/2010 - 1:30pm Favorite-Kornheiser



Last Favorite-Cowherd

07/20/2010 - 9:55pm This likes this guy might get

This likes this guy might get some open looks next year as well.

07/20/2010 - 11:36am Thank you Captain

Thank you Captain Obvious...the Cavs job w/o Lebron is the worst job in the league.  It's become evident that Lebron was never staying in Cleveland, thus Izzo was never leaving.  Either that or the "We <3 Izzo" was the most successful viral marketing campaign in recent memory.

07/09/2010 - 5:22pm Randy Moss playing for I-AA

Randy Moss playing for I-AA ball at Marshall University when I was 7 years just wasn't fair.

07/07/2010 - 5:33pm I have never encountered a

I have never encountered a single Raptors fan.  +1 for you and your misery.

06/30/2010 - 12:00pm One could even argue that

One could even argue that football, from a pure talent standpoint, is at its peak right now and will slowly diminish when the real risks of football will continue to be revealed.  Some parents will eventually just not allow their sons to play football and pursue other sports.  It's interesting to see if this does indeed happen where the talent pool will disseminate. 

06/28/2010 - 11:55am Completely agree...he

Completely agree...he would've made these "athletic" forewards look mediocre.

06/25/2010 - 8:45pm Getting drunk obviously.

Getting drunk obviously.

06/25/2010 - 6:19pm Where the hell is Josh

Where the hell is Josh Cribbs?

06/25/2010 - 12:40pm My life is ruined.

My life is ruined.

06/24/2010 - 7:03pm Incoherent rant.

Incoherent rant.

06/24/2010 - 2:37pm Where fun goes to die?

Where fun goes to die? Doesn't sound like a BIG 10 school to me...

06/22/2010 - 1:42pm Or you would just shit

Or you would just shit rainbows.

06/19/2010 - 2:13pm How do you feel about Jay-z

How do you feel about Jay-z as a free mason?

06/17/2010 - 8:24pm Braybray you really seem to

Braybray you really seem to enjoy posting pictures in threads. Just an observation.

06/17/2010 - 8:22pm Ummmmm...welcome to MGoBlog. 

Ummmmm...welcome to MGoBlog.  Stop posting diaries now, k thx.

06/13/2010 - 5:17pm Best sports movie of all

Best sports movie of all time.  Yeah, I said it.

06/12/2010 - 12:54pm Bringing me back to FIFA '98

Bringing me back to FIFA '98 for N64 days.

06/10/2010 - 5:42pm That's just creepy.

That's just creepy.

06/10/2010 - 3:45pm Wait...he's a genius for

Wait...he's a genius for inheriting a situation where USC is potentially dethroned as The Program of college football?  Riding the Pete Carroll monetum/recruiting classes sounds like a better long-term move than losing 30 schollies and missing two rose bowls.

06/10/2010 - 3:29pm Ridiculous*


06/10/2010 - 10:32am And ATM withdrawals in Vegas.

And ATM withdrawals in Vegas.

06/09/2010 - 3:53pm Yes

Yes. I think it is in fact a fair assertion that Lebron has an "influence."

06/02/2010 - 11:34pm Fail.


05/09/2010 - 8:34pm Illmatic-Nas

The best 40 minutes in the history of hip hop.

04/13/2010 - 11:16pm That's

That's what she said.

02/22/2010 - 12:22pm +1

For your venerable Sandlot quote, my friend.

02/17/2010 - 11:47pm Almost

Almost as funny as Stu Douglass losing repeatedly to freshmen at beer pong last weekend at my house.

02/16/2010 - 11:22pm WOOOOO


02/15/2010 - 9:44am YES


02/13/2010 - 2:05pm FIrst of all

I would take The Big Aristotle, arguably one of the most entertaining yet dominant figures in the sports world of all time. Coupled with childhood hero Reggie Miller, the duo would provide outrageous anecdotes of the NBA in the 1990s, the glory years of the league. Finally, I would throw in Ana Ivanovic, the hottest women's athlete on the planet. Sounds like a helluva time.

02/13/2010 - 1:48pm Sharapova?

Dude pick up the new swimsuit issue. Try Ana Ivanovic.

02/08/2010 - 7:19pm CLCIV 372

Sports and Daily Life in Ancient Rome. You study for definitions like it's a 7th grade social studies class.

02/04/2010 - 2:16am Walter in Big Lebowski

Does this rant remind anybody of Walter in the Big Lewbowski when he pulls out the gun in the bowling alley claiming he was the only sane person there? Hmm...

01/28/2010 - 4:59pm CITR

If you read the book in high school and haven't read it since, I suggest you pick it up one more time. I read it for summer reading in high school, liked it, but didn't truly appreciate it until taking English 298 last year. You might have a completely different perspective on the book if you revisit it.

01/27/2010 - 12:08pm Call Me Biased

Call me a little biased because I lived in WV my whole life before I enrolled in LSA. I was always a huge Marshall fanatic and could not care less about the team up in Morganhole, but the success RichRod and Beilein enjoyed at the university was impossible to ignore. Beilein needs to stay at University of Michigan for quite some time for the multitude of reasons mentioned prior to this post.

Having said that, we need Zeigler/Manny to stay. I feel like Smotrcyz can be the real deal, but quite frankly I'm a little uneasy about the immediate future of Michigan basketball. The beauty of basketball recruiting is that we need only 1-2 immediate impact players per class. I simply don't believe we can ever build our team around Novak/Douglass/LLP (Morris might break out?). I believe those guys blossom as role players around Smotrycz, Manny, and Zeigler next year. To say we need Manny and Zeigler next year I believe is thus far the biggest understatement of this premature decade.

01/26/2010 - 10:01pm As if

As if we needed any more evidence that there is in fact an Angry Michigan Hating God...

01/25/2010 - 9:46pm Pat Patterson

Played on YMCA all star teams/went to high school with Patterson. Great kid and easy to root for. Aside from playing favorites...this team has ridiculous amounts of star power and talent wise is probably superior to every team in the country.

01/23/2010 - 5:57pm Next year there will not be a

Next year there will not be a single player on the roster that will be able to put the ball on the floor and create his own shot. After watching the game today, I think we can confidently say if Manny leaves next year we are screwed. Tim Hardaway will be just another above average shooter. Unforunately the nasty cross-over dribble skips a generation in the Hardaway family. Smotrycz will be good. Hopefully we will be able to build around him. Morgan and McLimans are ho hum 3 stars that you can pick up off the shelves at Wal-Mart. Hardly adequate replacements for Peedi. We simply don't have the players to compete with the upper echelon of the big ten.

01/23/2010 - 5:36pm Ladies and Gentleman

Your 2010-2011 mens basketball team (minus Sims of course). Can't fucking wait.

01/20/2010 - 3:54pm Evan Smotrycz

The second coming of Kevin Lee Pittsnogle Jr. Getcha popcorn ready.