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01/08/2019 - 1:37pm No Michigan fan will curse…

No Michigan fan will curse out Jim if he reels off 10 straight wins against OSU.  The current vitriol against Jimmy is well founded and fair.



01/08/2019 - 1:34pm Thank you for addressing…

Thank you for addressing this.

Peters > JOK

I recall this decision was made because Peters had a lesser understanding of Jim's convoluted playbook.  A better coach would have taken the better talent (Peters) and put him in a position to make plays.  Instead, Jim picked the lesser talent to run his yucky playbook.





01/08/2019 - 1:27pm I'm not sure Don can evolve…

I'm not sure Don can evolve his defensive scheme at the age of 70.

01/08/2019 - 1:26pm I would take MSU's WR coach…

I would take MSU's WR coach.  I thought Donnie Corley (sp?) looked great as a freshman before the rape thing. He was much more developed than our freshman WR.

Kings also good.

A few others.



01/08/2019 - 12:36am He also wears gloves and…

He also wears gloves and plays catch.

01/07/2019 - 11:03pm We know what we're going to…

We know what we're going to get with Jim. 

  • poor chance of beating ranked teams.
  • high chance of beating unranked teams.


01/07/2019 - 11:01pm Except when we go for 2 and…

Except when we go for 2 and fail.

01/07/2019 - 10:53pm Jim would turn Jeudy and…

Jim would turn Jeudy and Justyn Ross into Jet Sweep Kings.

01/07/2019 - 10:49pm Jim turned Shea patterson…

Jim turned Shea patterson into a "game manager".  I imagine he would have done the same to Trevor Lawrence.

01/07/2019 - 9:48pm Could you envision a true…

Could you envision a true freshman QB having a firm grasp of Jim's convoluted playbook? Does anyone think Lawrence would look this good at Michigan?

Even Waariner was confused by the redundant terminology.



01/07/2019 - 9:42pm For sure, it would be uglier…

For sure, it would be uglier than ND's 31-3 loss to Clemson.

01/07/2019 - 9:40pm #winningest


01/07/2019 - 9:38pm Clemson beat ND by 28. ND…

Clemson beat ND by 28. ND had us down 21-0 or something.

01/07/2019 - 9:36pm I think Wills made a single…

I think Wills made a single last minute visit to AA.  Didn't he commit to Bama the next day?

11/15/2018 - 10:11am DPJ has been overwhelming.

DPJ has been overwhelming.

11/12/2018 - 6:36pm "Impressive" depth is a bit…

"Impressive" depth is a bit premature, no?

Consider that

- 2 on that list are HS kids (one of which is leaning TN), 

- Turner with a 13 (promising) career snaps

- Samuels with 19 (not promising) career snaps

- Haskins is a 4th string LB

- Bench is not a RB.

- I don't think anyone wants to see Evans in a feature RB position.

I would argue that Charbonnet is the only RB suitable for #1 RB.  thankfully he is enrolling early.





11/07/2018 - 10:52am Would the committee really…

Would the committee really schedule a repeat of Georgia/Alabama if they just played each other in the sec game?



11/06/2018 - 6:17pm What do you love about him? 

What do you love about him? 

10/11/2018 - 11:12am Nico streaks for a bomb…

Nico streaks for a bomb
Punch it up the gut three times
Settle for a field goal

10/01/2018 - 9:30am Our short passing schemes…

Our short passing schemes tend to be sideline throws behind the line of scrimmage.  If we could block downfield properly, those might work better.

10/01/2018 - 9:27am Our bubble screens move the…

Our bubble screens move the chains, but theirs go the distance.

The primary difference is that OSU is great at downfield blocking. Their WRs and TEs make key blocks that spring their weapons free.

10/01/2018 - 9:20am If you mean Gentry and…

If you mean Gentry and Eubanks, yes.  Not sure why McKeon gets any balls. Dude is dependably not clutch.

10/01/2018 - 9:16am I am fine with Grant Perry…

I am fine with Grant Perry getting 0 snaps for the rest of the year.  Compare his yards after catch to someone like Hamler or KJ Hill.  

We need athleticism and speed at slot.  Put ambry at slot.



09/29/2018 - 10:50pm I envy that playcall

I envy that playcall

09/26/2018 - 12:01am Is Hutchinson a step down…

Is Hutchinson a step down from Gary?

Hutch has looked terrific as a true freshman. He actually looks and plays like a Bosa bro out there

09/19/2018 - 10:39pm Evans and Higdon pathetic…

Evans and Higdon pathetic pass pro make me almost miss Daveon Smith.  Evans gained 25 lbs, presumably to break arm tackles and for better pass pro, but whats the point if the guy lacks contact courage? His interpretation of blocking means diving for the LB's knees. OL'E

09/19/2018 - 10:24pm I think its an awareness…

I think its an awareness issue AND a whiff issue.

RB needs the awareness to abort the fake play action to protect.  Too often, our RBs wander into the flat while their man is is putting pressure on the QB. 

And,  hen RB attempts to protect, whiffs happen too often:

Evans diving at #57's knees. 



#57 with the pressure


Incomplete pass


09/19/2018 - 6:09pm I'm not a total believer in…

I'm not a total believer in Tru Wilson as a pure runner, but his blocking skills are vital to this offense.  Give him more snaps and pass pro as a whole will improve.

Runyan gets shat on (deservedly), but Higdon/Evans is a big part of our pass pro woes.  Wilson is like a heat seeking missile when he makes a block - aggressive and decisive.  I find that Higdon is often on his heels, anticipating the blocker coming to him.  


09/18/2018 - 10:19pm Nothing left for debate with…

Nothing left for debate with a stud of this caliber. He's literally the best high school athlete in america.




09/18/2018 - 8:43pm (No subject)


09/18/2018 - 8:23pm Good shit,  jim

Good shit,  jim

09/18/2018 - 8:22pm link?


09/18/2018 - 5:57pm How much blame should be…

How much blame should be placed not on the OL, but on the inability of the RBs and TEs to pickup the late blitzes/stunts?

Wilson has made a few key blocks that have accounted for some big plays.  I don't know if the same could be said for Higdon and certainly not Evans.

OSU does not have a great OL, but they have RBs that are solid in pass pro.  

09/18/2018 - 5:45pm Nobody has the right to…

Nobody has the right to complain about the offense until after game 8?

When you actually try to form an opinion on this forum, you sound like a dolt.  Stick with your forte, which is the strong-arm policing of mgoblog.


09/18/2018 - 1:08pm We were clearly run heavy…

We were clearly run heavy against the last 2 cupcakes.  Only Jim can answer to that.

Against ND, Shea actually threw the ball 30 times.  They just happened to be mostly cowardly line-of-scrimmage type throws.  Passing opened up when we got way behind but the damage had already been done.


09/18/2018 - 1:03pm That would be a gross under…

That would be a gross under-utilization of Shea, considering Speight and JOK regularly threw for over 25 pass attempts.





09/18/2018 - 12:57pm Do you believe Harbaugh's…

Do you believe Harbaugh's version of power football been successful (against OSU/PSU/WISC/MSU)?

The passing concepts have looked decent under Fisch and now Pep/McElwain.  Its the run game that has looked consistently and woefully outdated.



09/18/2018 - 12:49pm You must eat a lot of CHICKEN

You must eat a lot of CHICKEN

09/17/2018 - 11:19pm There must be a method to…

There must be a method to his madness - running into stacked boxes over and over again.


The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results

- Einstein

09/17/2018 - 10:41pm Or a fumble by the TE

Or a fumble by the TE

09/17/2018 - 10:18pm Wasn't SP8 the starter? 

Wasn't SP8 the starter?  

09/17/2018 - 10:14pm Nah, Wisconsin will play…

Nah, Wisconsin will comfortably play down to our slow tempo. 

PSU's QB runs will be very difficult to contain. Already has 6 rushing TDs.


2. PSU

3. MSU

4. Wisconsin


09/17/2018 - 8:43pm Why can’t our OSU game plan…

VS oSU we ran the ball for 5.5 yards per carry. vs psu msu etc it was like 3. The OSU game plan felt different 


Why can’t our OSU game plan be our Base package?  Are there no more tricks up Jim’s sleeve?

09/17/2018 - 8:34pm The offensive game plans…

The offensive game plans against OSU have been great. 

If that was the FLOOR and not the ceiling, we could genuinely contend for B1G. 

I’ve been pondering whether coaches like Meyer, Harbaugh, Kelly are on their last legs from an OC perspective.  Take Meyer vs. Day - Day opened up the field and they look unstoppable.  Meyer was content giving JT 20 runs up the gut.  Haskins last year should have started over JT.

Maybe OCs are like chess players or mathematicians - a steep decline after 40.


09/17/2018 - 6:44pm That was my fear.  thank you

That was my fear.  thank you

09/17/2018 - 6:16pm umbig, who calls the run…

umbig, who calls the run plays? 

09/17/2018 - 5:43pm Genuine thanks for the…

Genuine thanks for the numbers. 

But 3.8 still sucks (I rounded down from your 3.87). 45 and 60 yards total rushing by our main RBs SUCKS.

Mgobaran: “it was 62 not 60”

Sweet Jesus 3.8. 



09/17/2018 - 5:09pm You're the kind of fan that…

You're the kind of fan that hoped 400 yards against Minnesota (2017) would indicate promising results against PSU/OSU/MSU/WISC. 

In fact, the run success we had against Indiana, Rutgers, and Minnesota in 2017 did NOT tranlsate into success against PSU/OSU/MSU/WISC/SouthCarolina.

It's 2018, and you are again hoping the 300 yards against WMU is a predictive performance indicator against the better teams.  You should be concerned that we ran for 1.8 against ND.

09/17/2018 - 4:35pm Could you do the same math…




Last year, we averaged 2-3 yards per carry against our main rivals.  (eyeballing the metric between hig/evans).

Higdon was right at 3 yards/carry against ND in 2018.  In summary, we should expect more of the same (3 yards/carry) against anyone relevant.  

Sweet baby Jesus, this is going to hurt, but look at this chart..MODS: please delete if its to painful.



09/17/2018 - 4:34pm Could you do the same math…



I was wrong about the WMU stats - the 1.8 y/run was the ND game.  My bad