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06/06/2018 - 8:53pm This message board format is…

This message board format is horrible. =(

05/27/2018 - 5:07pm If you have kids and you want

If you have kids and you want to send them to one of the top school districts in Metropolitan Boston then expect houses to start around $1M. This excludes Brookline, which will cost more, but includes Belmont, Lexington, Wellesley, Concord, Newton etc. Homes are expensive and it is a competitive market. Moreover, some of these homes are not move-in-ready and haven't been updated for decades. Also, don't forget that MA has an annual excise tax on cars. That was a surprise to me. PM me for more info. 

PS. Day care is not cheap in Boston so if you have young kids then that might be an issue. 

03/24/2018 - 11:19pm Wooo! No way I am sleeping

Wooo! No way I am sleeping tonight!

03/22/2018 - 9:34pm Wooooooooooooooo!


03/15/2018 - 6:59pm Wooo!!

Hi Frank, 03.15.2018.

11/04/2017 - 11:53pm Support

As one Wolverine to another, AKGOBLUE97 was my friend too. Rest in peace. Hugs to his family, friends and Imgoblue1.

06/27/2017 - 8:56am Welcome back!

Lurker here that loves seeing Wolverine Devotee back. I love his zeal for all things Michigan. If you ever want an internship, job or connections then reach out.

11/28/2016 - 9:46pm $1 Checks for the Jim Delaney

I decided that I would help Harbaugh out and I sent a $1.00 check using online bill pay directly to the Big Ten Conference. Enjoy Jim Delany! 


Big Ten Conference

Attn. Accounts Receivable

5440 Park Pl

Rosemont IL 60018


Memo on Check: Jim Harbaugh Fine - 11/28/2016

04/02/2014 - 11:11pm Would someone be kind enough

Would someone be kind enough to foward me the email for the lifetime discount?

glenn dot personal dot email at gmail dot com

09/22/2013 - 12:59pm UConn rocked. Nice fans!

UConn rocked. Nice fans! Great seats. Great views. They were pretty loud for the number of people and the large % of Michigan fans there... 

09/20/2013 - 8:24pm Game Day Schedule from Uconn!

Season ticket holders for Uconn (for those of us that got them just to get the Michigan game and sell the rest) were sent the below email re: the schedule of events:


Husky Fans,


Saturday, September 21st marks the biggest home game in UConn Football history.  What better way to celebrate "10 Years at Rentschler Field" than with your UConn Huskies playing host to the #15 Michigan Wolverines!  You've got a ticket (or a few)... and that means you will be part of the largest crowd ever at the Rent!


We need you to GET LOUD.  We need you to GET INTO THE STADIUM EARLY!  We need YOU!


And... just In case this matchup isn’t incentive enough to get in early, here’s an added bonus:


All fans that are in their seats prior to 7:45pm will be entered to win one of several prizes.  One lucky fan will win the Grand Prize - an Apple iPad and 4 Chairback season tickets for the 2014 season!  Three other winners will receive a pair of tickets to Michael Buble at the XL Center on Wednesday, September 25 at 8pm.


Get in early for the big game and leave a winner!


Here’s everything else you need to know about Saturday:


MEET THE 2013-14 WOMEN’S BASKETBALL TEAM AT FANFEST (located between Gates A and B):  In addition to sponsor giveaways, the UConn Women’s Basketball team will be in attendance signing autographs at the Marketing tent from 6:15pm to 7:15pm.  Bring the family over and get a poster signed by the whole team AND get a picture with the 2013 NCAA National Championship Trophy!


MEET 2003 UCONN FOOTBALL TEAM CAPTAINS SEAN MULCAHY AND UYI OSUNDE AT FANFEST:  Visit the Hyundai display at FanFest between 6:15pm and 7:15pm to get autographs from two of the captains of the team that opened the Rent.  Sean and Uyi both moved on to play in the NFL and are coming back to the Rent to celebrate 10 Years of UConn Football at Rentschler Field


WOMEN’S BASKETBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP HALFTIME RECOGNITION:  Remain in your seats for halftime as we honor our 2013 Women’s Basketball National Championship team.


4:00pm:  Parking Lots Open/Tailgating Starts

5:45pm:  Welcome the team at Husky Walk (between Gates C and D)

6:00pm:  Club Level and Suites Open

6:30pm:  Stadium Gates Open

7:45pm:  YOU BETTER BE IN YOUR SEATS!  Chance to win an iPad and 4 Chairback season tickets for the 2014 season!

8:00pm:  Kick-Off

09/19/2013 - 4:41pm The buses are parking at the

The buses are parking at the brown lot? The parking map shows the brown lot as a non-alcohol area.

09/19/2013 - 4:35pm Boston Alums!

My group is making the trip from Boston and Providence so I don't think a late evening drive is going to detur any of us since it is only 1.5 hours back.

We are sitting in Section 102.....

09/19/2013 - 10:51am I don't know that the Red

I don't know that the Red Lots are any better. Check out how far most of them are from the stadium. Unless you have a parking pass it is going to be the same walk.

09/19/2013 - 10:28am Tailgate!

Where is the official MGoBlog Tailgate? According to the local U of M Alumni Club the place is the Pratty & Whitney Aircraft Club (



Our local sources have guided that there's a very convenient parking lot just north of Rentschler Field which is at the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Club.  The Pratt & Whitney Aviation club lot is normally open to the public on gamedays, with a daily fee for parking.  This lot also has indoor bathrooms and very easy access back to I-84.  This lot, as with the official Rentschler lots, opens 4 hours prior to kickoff, however does have less stringent tailgating rules once the lot is open.  If looking on a map, the area is north of the field between Silver Lane, Clement Road, Simmons Road and Gold St.  The U of M Hartford Spirit Club has prepared some detailed parking tips and instructions on how to reach the Pratt & Whitney Aviation club lot.  Click here: from the U of M Westchester Club, U of M Club of Northern New Jersey and U of M Fairfield County Club are planning on joining the Hartford Spirit Club at the Pratt/Whitney lot. There are approximately 7 softball fields worth of parking in the Pratt/Whitney lot area - the earlier you get there the better (but no earlier than 4 hours prior to kickoff).  Any cars unable to park in this lot would likely be directed to the Red lots.

Rentschler Field TAILGATING RULES: Please be prepared and do your research.   The information below applies to the official Rentschler lots.

Tailgating is permitted at Rentschler Field. Please review the Tailgating Rules listed below:

  • NO CHARCOAL FIRES, open flames or large grills are permitted.  [We hear this is strictly enforced]
  • Kegs and bulk quantities of alcohol are not permitted in any vehicle, in the parking lots or on Rentschler Field property.
  • Caterers, other than the official caterer of Rentschler Field, are not permitted on the property. The unauthorized sale of merchandise, food or beverage is prohibited.
  • The vehicle and associated tailgating activities may occupy only one (1) parking space. No activities are permitted in areas other than those associated with the parking space.
  • Saving a space for another vehicle is not permitted.
  • Grills, coolers, etc. must be set up in front or in back of the vehicle; however, in no event may tailgating activities obstruct the free flow of other vehicles and/or pedestrians.
  • Ball playing and frisbee tossing in the parking lots and roadways are safety hazards and are prohibited.
  • No structure may be raised that requires supports pounded into the ground.
  • Motor homes and oversized vehicles may park only in the designated "Oversized Vehicle" Lot.
  • Trash receptacles are located throughout the parking lots. Please bag and dispose of trash to make it safer for vehicles exiting.
  • No outside food or beverage may be brought into the Stadium.
  • Guests will NOT be allowed to enter the Stadium if they are visibly intoxicated.
  • Tailgating is permitted prior to, and for not more than two hours after on Day Games.
  • Tailgating is NOT permitted after Night Games.
  • Tailgating is NOT permitted 30 minutes prior to event beginning. Anyone in the parking lots 30 minutes prior to event beginning must either enter the Stadium or leave the property.
  • No drinking games are allowed to be played in the parking lots. (i.e. Beer Pong, Beer Funnels and Ice Luges)
07/09/2013 - 3:31pm UCONN V MICHIGAN TIKS

I can't create my own thread (at least I don' think) but UCONN is sending season ticket holders a one time use code for a $120 three pack (Blue Mini Plan Package) of tickets including the Michigan game. The tickets are in section 231 and include Michigan plus any two teams on the schedule. It appears there is no limit to the # of tickets that can be purchased with the unique code. I don't need the code so I am happy to share it with someone that does or to coordinate tickets for a group of people. The ticket price is $120 for 3 + $6 Fee/Ticket (3 Pack) + $5 1st Class Mail (per order) + $7 order charge (per order). The current minimum price is $138 per ticket on SeatCrunch plus whatever fees they add on. 

06/30/2013 - 11:25pm Highlights

I believe Canteen is #19:

06/17/2013 - 11:47am Contact

Send me your email and I will put you in touch with my father owns a networking/IT firm in JAX that may be looking to hire someone with your background.