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09/16/2013 - 12:55pm I paid way more than I wanted to pay but...

...considering I don't have the added expense  of getting on a plane to fly to Michigan the extra cost is worth it.  Very excited to have the team playing on the East Coast this year.

09/16/2013 - 12:38pm Driving down from Brookline, MA

Bringing a group of 5 with me. I expect to see a lot of Maize and Blue at this game.

04/14/2012 - 12:30pm mind telling us which link

mind telling us which link you used?

03/21/2012 - 5:53pm Just made my pledge

Keep it going!

03/20/2012 - 12:32pm This was my junior year at UofM

I had season tickets for hockey all 4 years but couldn't pull together the money to come up with tickets for this one so I watched it with friends at a house on campus.  It was an epic weekend for sure.

After the game I mortgaged all I had (including using a connection in the Athletic Department to get tickets and stole my parents van) for the long journey to St. Paul.  We lost to a Minnesota team that I still feel we were better than, sold our tickets to the final after the game and drove back that same night.  Ugh.  So much talent my 4 years (99-03) on the hockey team including 3 trips to the Frozen Four, only to come up empty every time.

Thanks for bringing back some great memories Brian.

01/06/2012 - 9:06am Will someone please...

...send him a link to where he can buy a freaking bus pass?!

08/25/2011 - 10:22am Assuming of course...

...we don't have the same rate of attrition in future years.  I love thinking about how good the recruits will be but we eventually need to break this cycle and have some of these guys stick around.  We can't be the youngest team in the Big Ten forever right?

05/25/2011 - 12:48pm Also in Boston on 6/13

Info on Boston Alumni page. Bought my tickets today.

05/02/2011 - 8:58am "Because you can't have one commit without the other!"

Beginning to think all initial recruits should be tagged with the MMB, "Because you can't have one without the other!" as they are coming in pairs on a weekly basis! 

04/30/2011 - 6:33am I think the LIons are taking the right approach (finally!!)

Forcing yourself to draft for "need" over taking the best available player on your board is how you end up with Christian Ponder as the 12th pick.  They can now focus on LB and DB via free agency.

01/12/2011 - 7:29am I'm at # 5

Years of training as a Detroit Lions fan has proven I can talk myself into anything.  This stage is the Lions equivalent of the few days after the draft when there is a bit of hope that the rookies can make an impact.

Hopefully this situation turns our much better when we actually hit the field.

As an alum and lifelong Michigan fan I will support whoever the coach is.

I do however reserve the right to regress to numbers 3 or 4 should Denard transfer.  That will be a major stomach punch if it happens.

09/17/2010 - 3:58pm I am a big RR fan (oh boy, herE it comes)...BUT...

...this type of attrition is going to come back any bite us in the years to come.  I'm not sure why this keeps happening but it is concerning as we will continue to struggle to build any depth or have any upperclass leadership.  Sure, most of these guys won't see the field now but when they are RS Juniors and Seniors (ala Greg Banks, James Rogers, etc) we may need them to fill a spot and contribute.  While he may not be a superstar these are the types of guys that turn good teams into great ones and we seem to be losing the chance to even develop them.

I wish I knew why this was happening.  I hope if it is grades that the staff has learned their lesson.  Think about the time, money, resources spent to recruit all of these guys and how it could have been spent on another recruit, maybe not as hyped or guru approved, who could have made the grade and been a contributor.

I really hope this comes to an end because it is starting to be real concern.

09/04/2010 - 7:53am Let's GO BLUE!!

Let's GO BLUE!!

06/26/2010 - 12:31pm Just saw it!

Well done!!  GO BLUE!!

04/28/2010 - 3:17pm Freep numbers I stopped frequenting the Freep site around the same time most everyone else here did. The Detroit News site is the only Michigan MSM site I visit. Brian (and many other sites) have rendered them irrelevant for Michigan sports coverage.
09/18/2009 - 7:13am I've got an idea...

...let's make a story out of nothing and in the process villify a successful local businessman and group of highly paid, qualified borrowers all of whom kept their business with a Michigan based bank. Perhaps they would have been better off using an out-of-state bank so at least we wouldn't have to read this absurd story.

Thank god the article at least shows both sides (unlike the Freep) so if you actually read the story you see it is a non-issue.

Unfortunately the way the headline is written you would expect to read about how Bill Martin cracked open the safe late one night and started handing out stacks of $100 bills to the coaches.

I can't wait for tomorrows headline about how Rich Rod is responsible for the spread of swine flu.

09/11/2009 - 10:51am I was in my Junior year at UofM

I had just finished my morning run in/around central campus and was watching the Today show when the first plane hit. Like many others I found it odd but just assumed some poor pilot lost control of his small plane and had hit the buildings.

However, when they finally got a camera on the first tower and you saw all of the smoke you could tell something else was up.

I lived on Wilmot St. (behind the CCRB) at the time and my roommates were starting to get up as well. They had just both stepped back into their rooms when I saw the second plane hit live on TV. I've never had a feeling like it before in my life. I let out an audible "HOLY SH*T!!!" and everyone came running back out into the living room.

If you remember, it was a crystal clear morning both in Ann Arbor and NYC so it was clear at that point something was up.

I was mesmerized for the next 40 minutes and at that point I had a morning class I had to get to. At this point classes had not yet been cancelled.

Just before I left for the strangest walk to class I can ever remember, the 3rd plane hit the Pentagon. In retrospect, I can't believe I even walked to class but I was never one to cut class so I went anyway.

I arrived to a room full of shocked classmates. All of us shaking our heads and visibly scared. Many of them were from the CT/NY/NJ region and were frantically trying to call family members. Shortly after arriving the first tower fell. The class went silent.

The professor (Prof. Maloy, who died later that fall after a fight with cancer) gave an extremely heartfelt speech to the class, told us to go home and be with our friends and family and we promptly filed out.

Campus felt weird and sad that whole week and throughout the year. Being at the game against WMU two weeks later was about as cathartic an experience as I've ever had. We all cried, sang "The Victors" and defiantly went on with our lives that the terrorists had so brazenly attached the week before.

Easily and sadly the most memorable week of my entire 4 years at Michigan.

09/10/2009 - 11:36am Official Alumni bar is "The Place"

It is in the financial district:

The Place
2 Broad St.
Boston, MA 02109

Arrive about 30-45 minutes early if you want to get a seat.

Here is a link to the Greater Boston Alumni page:

A link specific to football watching locations:

I'm a Michigan grad and transplant and have been living in the Boston area the past 5 years. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions.


05/21/2009 - 1:26pm Title IX

Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't one of the biggest hurdles for club teams (in addition to funding) Title IX? I was as student ('99-'03) when they upgraded Men's Soccer from club to varsity status and I remember they had to add a womens sport with an equivalent number of participants-Womens Water Polo. So not only do these teams have to petition for funding and to be added, but they also need to hope there is a sport for the other gender that can get funded and find participants.