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02/07/2018 - 11:15am This recruiting class

This recruiting class is a steaming pile of crap topped off with a wet fart

10/31/2016 - 6:13pm Well done, sir

Well done, sir

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09/25/2016 - 9:39pm Why is it that certain states

Why is it that certain states have so much more high school talent compared to others? In the Midwest for example, why does Ohio put out more blue chips on average than Michigan or Indiana or Illinois? Is it simply that they have better high school programs and coaches that develop players better or are there other factors? If it's the former, would it be to the advantage of schools like UofM to invest in the high school programs within the state?

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11/12/2015 - 8:16pm 38-27 good guys

38-27 good guys

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10/14/2015 - 10:10pm 13-0 good guys

13-0 good guys

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10/01/2015 - 4:05pm 21-10 Michigan

21-10 Michigan

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09/24/2015 - 12:39pm 24-20 BYU

24-20 BYU

09/01/2015 - 5:24pm 20-12 Michigan

Go Blue!

12/31/2014 - 5:43pm Living in Alabama the last 9

Living in Alabama the last 9 years and begrudgingly seeing Saban's program firsthand, I totally agree. Bama's OL year in and year out has been top notch. Just look at all of their great RBs that have gone on to be mediocre in the NFL (ie the OL made them great). Getting the OL right is the most necessary foundation to a great, stable offense.

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03/20/2013 - 1:03pm 78-69


01/23/2013 - 12:32pm Michigan 89
Purdue 73

Michigan 89

Purdue 73

01/16/2013 - 12:36pm Minnesota - 76
Michigan - 71

Minnesota - 76

Michigan - 71

01/03/2013 - 1:54pm 85-68 Michigan

85-68 Michigan

11/07/2012 - 2:22pm Michigan 38
Northwestern 20

Michigan 38

Northwestern 20

03/08/2012 - 11:06am Just curious RollDamnTide, do

Just curious RollDamnTide, do you live in the state of Alabama? If so, what area? I've lived in Huntsville, AL since 2005.

03/02/2012 - 12:02pm What a game by Hardaway!

What a game by Hardaway! Let's hope his new found shooting stroke continues well into the tournament. If he can continue to be a viable main offensive threat like he was this game, we have the potential to go several rounds deep into the tourney.

02/29/2012 - 6:33pm I haven't read all of the

I haven't read all of the previous 200 comments, so forgive me if this has been considered. But how about a list a nominees get accumulated over the course of the school year, and in late spring/early summer there is a week long open voting period on the blog as to who gets accepted.

I don't think it should be limited to 1/sport/year. With the above idea, you'll have the list of everyone over the year to vote on, and the acceptance can be limited to the top 3 or 4 vote getters that also meet the percentage criteria. Brian can make the call each year whether to limit it to 3,4 or whatever based on his persuasions.

I like the sliding scale Brian thought of as well.

01/22/2012 - 5:27pm Does any body else find it

Does any body else find it odd that it seems like we've completely failed to capitalize on our successful season with respect to recruiting this past month or so? All of our big name recruits have come before or during the season when the coaching staff's ability was still in question. Now, after seeing their success, it seems like our top potential recruits have all ended up elsewhere. I thought they'd be running to us with a program like Michigan and a great coaching staff. What's up??? It's frustrating to see us sink in the rankings after our tangible success.

12/14/2011 - 9:26pm Tremendous!


11/28/2011 - 10:28am A 3-loss state team will not

A 3-loss state team will not be ranked ahead of Michigan. I guarentee it. I think it's perfectly fine to root for Wisconsin in that game.

As long as Georgia loses to LSU we'll be fine.

11/21/2011 - 6:27pm Clean program?!?

" but at least with [Meyer] at the helm, we’ll not only get beat by a clean, talented program"

I'm not sure if somebody has already brought this up, bought Meyer had anything but a clean program at Florida. He had so many players get in trouble off the field that it's difficult to count them all. In most cases, Meyer gave them a slap on the wrist and let them play shortly there after.

If Meyer goes to Ohio, it will be more of the same.

11/13/2011 - 2:44pm I don't know if I'd call

I don't know if I'd call special teams a push, since they had a turnover on one and Gallon averaged 15.5 return yards on four punts!

We actually won the special teams battle decisively! When was the last time we could say that?

11/01/2011 - 6:15pm "Mattison pushed all the right buttons"

What a beautiful statement that has been nonexistent the past three years.

10/17/2011 - 10:56am Man, I hate the fact that we

Man, I hate the fact that we lost to that trash.

10/17/2011 - 10:52am We did punt a lot on State's

We did punt a lot on State's end of the field, but the problem was that it was always 4th and long. If it's 4th and less than 5 yards from inside the 40 I see Hoke going for most of those. But they were all 4th and long. And also, Hagerup was pinning them back quite well, so maybe that played into Hoke's thinking as well.

10/15/2011 - 10:48pm Dantonio suspend Gholston?!?

Dantonio suspend Gholston?!? Yeah right. Most likely he'll give the kid an at-a-boy. The little prick. It was probably at Dantonio's bidding.

10/12/2011 - 6:22pm UofM 27, MSU 20

UofM 27, MSU 20

10/11/2011 - 2:24pm Another possibility is that

Another possibility is that due to the timing of the play, Schofield didn't really have the chance to over run the SLB in the 2nd case.  On the interception play, Schofield would've had to look through the gap to see the LB coming, in the 4th and 1 it appears the LB came through the gap at the same instance Schofield got to it.

While I don't doubt the idea that the coaches pointed out what he did wrong the first time around, the timing of this play may have made it easier for him to fix his initial mistake.

10/09/2011 - 10:09pm These coaches have totally

These coaches have totally won me over. That strip by Gordon to cause NUs 2nd turnover was beautiful. That's pure coaching and was entirely forced by the defense. Gordon stopped the runner, and waited to go for the ball until there was another defender to stop his progress. Hoke was stoked about it too. That was the first time I've seen him hyped up on the sideline. It was good to see.

10/09/2011 - 9:50pm The 'tackled in bounds' stat

The 'tackled in bounds' stat doesn't mean as much these days with the new rule change from a few years back where it's only in the last two minutes of each half where the clock stops for going out of bounds. Announcers still make this mistake in a lot of games where the commend a guy for getting out of bounds or a defender for tackling in bounds.

Another worthwhile point is that Hoke made another great 4th down decision which led to our 2nd touchdown.

10/06/2011 - 1:57pm " The Buckeyes defense

" The Buckeyes defense eschewed pressure to focus on coverage, figuring that the only way they were going to score points was by getting pick-sixes"

Great line. It's funny because it's so true. Oh, I hope Ohio's incompetence continues through the end of November.

10/05/2011 - 4:35pm Man, Brian, I never thought

Man, Brian, I never thought anyone could make me depressed about a 58-0 blowout but you just about succeeded. Baby Seal U Jr. or not, this was an extremely encouraging (and enjoyable) win in my book. We executed very well on both sides of the ball, and while the opposition has some to do with that, Michigan still had to do their part to make the plays and they did. Items of note that I took away:

1) Continued development/signs of promise for BWC & Countess.

2) Competency in the offensive passing game.

3) Domination for both our OL and DL.

4) The safeties barely had to do anything for the 3rd game in a row.

5) Flashes of creativity from Borges.

6) Domination of a Division 1A Big Ten opponent!

10/05/2011 - 4:20pm ie. Obi Ezeh

ie. Obi Ezeh

10/04/2011 - 12:18pm It actually saved Denard on

It actually saved Denard on that play. Because the shirt was elastic to some extant, the defensive player wasn't able to bring Denard down. So it seems to go both ways

10/04/2011 - 12:16pm Well done, sir!

I haven't

Well done, sir!

I haven't read all of the comments above, but I'm sure they include some of the ideas for improvement that I am thinking of. I look forward to this evolving into a great tool over the rest of the year.

10/03/2011 - 1:37pm That 'Mad Magician' video is

That 'Mad Magician' video is awesome! I've never seen that before. I love the creativity shown throughout it. Anybody know what year that was from?

09/29/2011 - 2:22pm Brian,

Is there any chance


Is there any chance that you can pass forward the survey results to someone in the athletic department. With mgoblog's clout, you'd think it would count for something.

09/28/2011 - 6:39pm Unless I missed him before, I

Unless I missed him before, I believe this is the first tv shot of the year for him. I feared that he had graduated.

09/28/2011 - 6:14pm Do the 'flips' by the

Do the 'flips' by the defensive line concern any of you? Throughout the game I was thinking that SDSU could totally do a quick snap after they bring the TE in motion and catch us in the middle of one of those.

I know we want the even/under, strongside/weakside players to be in position but that seemed really odd to see. I don't recall other teams doing that.

09/28/2011 - 6:10pm I don't know what to do with

I don't know what to do with this feeling of optimism for the rest of the season regarding defensive competence.

09/28/2011 - 6:08pm Not to question the

Not to question the awesomeness of Martin, but I have to agree. Hands for an OL are pretty important to block with. I'm sure that played a part in the domination.

09/28/2011 - 5:41pm Does the first score of the

Does the first score of the game have extra weight or something? Why would Smith's long, non-touchdown run be worth more than Denard's long, touchdown run?

09/28/2011 - 1:34pm I think both Fitz and Smith

I think both Fitz and Smith can be effective, and I think we'll continue to see both of them out there. I was impressed with both of them last game.

09/28/2011 - 1:02pm The real comparison between

The real comparison between the coordinators will come when we have a full Big 10 schedule under our belts with Mattison. Recall that GERG was also undefeated in non-conference play both seasons he was DC, which obviously didn't mean a thing.

Regardless of what the stats show right now, I feel much more comfortable with Mattison's style and schemes, and this isn't simply due to his past reputation. Michigan's defense just looks better and more coherent (most of the time) on the field this year and I feel like I have a legit reason for hope of improvement as the kids get more comfortable with him.

09/27/2011 - 1:39pm Good stuff!

Nice work. This is really good analysis on a very important statistic.

09/27/2011 - 1:04pm I'm just now reading "Bo's

I'm just now reading "Bo's Lasting Lessons" and I just read the part where he tears the Notre Dame shirt off of one of his players. I immediately thought of this when I read about Hoke's hat collection. I love it.

09/26/2011 - 5:35pm At this point in his career,

At this point in his career, Hopkins reminds me of Kevin Grady. A big back with a bunch of potential who can't hold on to the ball. His last two carries were fumbles, that doesn't instill a ton of confidence in the coaching staff.

09/26/2011 - 3:56pm I was lovin me some Brady

I was lovin me some Brady Hoke after he made that call at the end of the half. I must admit, I was a bit nervous about the call beforehand though. Apparently Lloyd Carr had more of an effect on me than I thought as my formative years growing up were under his coaching regime.

09/25/2011 - 4:01pm I have to admit I was a

I have to admit I was a little nervous when Hoke decided to go for it at the end of the first half, but it turned out to be a great call. And of course it makes sense since Denard can usually get 2 yards.

Pretty small sample size, but I'm lovin Hoke's willingness to make the gutsy calls - with the Notre Dame touchdown try at the end and this one.

09/23/2011 - 2:49pm I hope Denard is able to

I hope Denard is able to connect with Hemingway and Roundtree this game. Maybe once SDSU packs the box after getting run all over during the first half.