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10/04/2010 - 3:24pm Cam has played OK, but he's playing out of position

Cam shows a lot of potential and promise, he's only a RS Fr, I really like what his future holds.

He's obviously not a FS, but he's doing admirably despite playing out of position at FS and having been a WR formerly.

I think if we had a FS with legit 4.4 speed to take away the deep ball and that could cover ground in a hurry like a Troy Woolfolk or Demar Dorsey, that Cam could turn into the best SS we've had at Michigan in at least a decade.

10/04/2010 - 3:20pm They didn't nail shit...

nobody is expecting this defense to be great.

It doesn't have to be great.

It just has to be mediocre, and it's not even that. The "defense", is fucking pathetic.

Trying to force your best pass rusher (Craig Roh) into playing LB'er and dropping in zones is beyond retarded. Let him do what he does best...get after the QB. They are badly mis-using him, the guy cannot cover, he's not a 'backer, he's a weak-side defensive end who can get after the QB, so let him do that. Period. End of discussion.

I am not convinced that Kovacs or Rogers are the best we have. Avery and Talbott have shown more than Rogers at CB through the same number of games that Rogers has played...FIVE. That's all Rogers has to his resume at CB...5 games...and he's been out-performed BADLY by a pair of freshman. You can either cover or you can''s pretty simple...and James can't cover.

Last but not least Kovacs is great in run support. He's our surest tackler. But he's a MAJOR LIABILITY in pass coverage. If it's 3rd or 4th and long, he needs to be off  the field and we need another CB on the field. That move alone will help us mask some warts on defense.

This defense doesn't have to be great, nobody is expecting that.

What they have to do is be MEDIOCRE, and they aren't even that...and it's fucking pathetic.

09/28/2010 - 1:37pm That kid OK...this kid from Jupiter..Tyler Cameron, even better


Cameron is a legit 6'2/6'3, everybit of 215-220. Rocket for an arm. Decent, not great speed...4.65/4.7 ish, tough runner that runs over people...and get this...he's left handed.

Tim Tebow clone.

09/16/2010 - 8:49am Yes, I can feel it...consequently, so can the Jacksons...
09/14/2010 - 11:52am Too bad he doesn't know how to play safety


09/11/2010 - 11:25pm if you actually think our

if you actually think our sieve of a defense will hold up, by all means go ahead and believe it. It only makes you a moron.

Our defense is NOT good. When we rush 3 we got ZERO pressure on the QB. I don't care who the QB is, if he's got all day to throw he's going to find an open man and gash you.

Our secondary is not a strong point. Jordan Kovacs is extremely slow and he cannot cover. Cam Gordon is a young player who I do believe will be good one day, but he blew tons of coverages and probably just isn't ready to start but has to because of our lack of talent at safety.

I think our BEST bet to stop passing attacks is to put heat on the QB. That means rushing at LEAST 4 on every down and on sending the house on some downs.

We just can't keep rushing 3 and sitting back in giving QB's all-day to throw.

09/11/2010 - 11:07pm that guy is fucking

that guy is fucking nuts.


Special Teams are average, we don't have a kicking game. Or a punting game.


Still don't have a feature RB to take the pressure off of Denard. Shaw isn't cutting it and Smith doesn't look like an everydown back.

Oh, and I didn't even mention or GOD AWFUL GARBAGE defense.

Please don't buy the kool-aid. Our defense sucks cock. From the scheme to some of the players, to the execution...everything. Our defense is NOT good. Period.

09/11/2010 - 10:57pm and why did the TE get wide

and why did the TE get wide open for a 95 yard TD pass?

Because we rush 3 against a max protect and let the QB have ALL DAY to throw from his own goal-line.

We should've rushed 4 and blitzed 2. Send 6 after ND. Their OL could NOT handle our pass rush when we went with 4 down with Roh at DE and Mouton/Gordon coming off the blitz.

Rushing 3, dropping 8 into coverage is EXACTLY how you get gashed through the air.

The only way you stop a passing attack is to kill the QB.

We have solid pass rushers. So use them.

09/03/2010 - 1:12pm I might be drinking the

I might be drinking the kool-aid here, but I see no way in hell in which UCONN holds our offense to 26 points.

I think Stonum will have a big play for a TD, Denard will eat them up alive on the ground with his legs, and the 4 backs that will get carries - Vincent Smith, Michael Shaw, Mike Cox, and Stephen Hopkins will all have some nice gains.

I think we drop 40+ on UCONN.

Problem is that our defense is so bad, UCONN might drop just as much on us.

09/02/2010 - 4:38pm UCONN's defense is just as bad as ours, if not worse

so I don't see them holding us to only 21 points...wishful thinking on the writers part.

08/31/2010 - 5:28pm It's true that Robinson was a terrible head coach

but the guy can flat out coach defense.

Not all good co-ordinators make good head coaches and not all good head coaches make good co-ordinators.

I like the future of the defense with Robinson at the helm.

The early buzz on some of the true frosh on that side of the ball like Jibreel Black, Marvin Robinson, Cullen Christian, and Carvin Johnson have been great. All of those kids will start games for Michigan this year IMO, and next year will be firmly entrenched as starters. Not to mention there are some other kids from this class with great athleticism like Josh Furman and Courtney Avery that could really benefit from a redshirt year and then log some quality minutes in 2011.

The future of the defense looks pretty good IMO.

08/28/2010 - 11:32am Marvin Robinson is going to

Marvin Robinson is going to be a hell of a player for us whether it's at LB, S or a hybrid position. That kid is just a football player IMO. Haven't had very many of those on defense these last couple of years. 

There is talent GALORE on that offense. If I had to pick a starting QB, I'd go with Tate. I think he throws the best, most consistent ball of the three. Some of Robinson's throws were just fugly. Gardner hands down has the most talent and upside of the 3 QB's. That was evident in just watching that 2 1/2 min video. Gardner has the size and the arm to go along with the leadership and athleticism to become an all-time great at Michigan. I am salivating at the mouth at the prospects of Devin Gardner being our QB in 2012 and beyond. I hope he redshirts this year to fine tune his game, gets worked into the rotation as a RS Fr. in 2011 and then takes over the job for good in 2012 as a RS Soph.

08/27/2010 - 1:54pm Just based off of potential...and not including any true frosh


Mike Cox and Fitzgerald Toussaint (two best athletes at RB on the team)


Darryl Stonum (really the only WR on the entire roster with the proto-type NFL size and speed combo. I could see him going late 1st or early 2nd with productive years)


Kevin Koger (terrific athlete, if he fixes his issues with the drops has a shot at 2nd round, maybe late 1st with a great 40 time)


Patrick Omameh (I think he is going to be our best guard in a LONG time and he's got the size and athleticism to go in the 1st)

Taylor Lewan (has the look of a future Top 10 pick....don't want to pin too much expectations on a guy that hasn't played, but that young man looks like a proto-type Tackle that was made in the same lab as Jake Long)

Steve Schilling (he has the size and athletic ability to be a 2nd rounder guard)


Mike Martin and Will Campbell


Troy Woolfolk (if he comes back healthy and has a productive 5th year, b/c the guy can run and is one of the best athletes on the entire team)