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03/11/2013 - 10:56pm Points aren't the only metric

Points aren't the only metric to look at when measuring who deserves player of the year. Oladipo was a very impactful all around player for IU. Trey was more vital to his teams success. He deserved the POY. Without him I think we struggle to be .500 in the B1G.

06/02/2012 - 5:21pm I'm not gonna lie I was

I'm not gonna lie I was hoping this kid would go to virginia. I've heard he isn't very worker, didnt perform well against top quality opponents (I saw just about all of his games, most live)and from what Ive heard he has put about 20lbs of weight in the off season, and its not all good weight. We shouldnt just be celebrating a commit like this because his father was an NFL player. There is no way he will even be a contributer for on defense. Not with what Ive seen of him.

05/22/2012 - 9:31am My brother goes to high

My brother goes to high school with Hurst, its not good weight... I watched every single one of his games this year and I think hes a bust waiting to happen.