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10/03/2009 - 5:30am 1. Pete Carroll
2. Pete

1. Pete Carroll
2. Pete Carroll
3. Pete Carroll

all seriousness aside,

1. Chip Kelly-Oregon
2. Brian Kelly-Cinci
3. Peterson-BSU

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10/03/2009 - 4:37am love it. oh i forgot to

love it. oh i forgot to mention were getting up at a quarter to 7 to drive up to east lansing for the game with my dad and little bro. safe to save zero sleep tonight. can only hope that the alcohol energizes me.

go blue

10/03/2009 - 4:33am good god i cant believe im

good god i cant believe im not the only one too, but mine are for different reasons. buddy came on up from dayton and is staying at with me at my dorm at university of toledo. my buddy has been talking to my gf's best friend and she is up here too. were all sleeping in the same room. buddy in my roommates room. me and my gf in my futon and her friend in another futon. the fucker woke me up from his snoring. i swear i thought it was a zombie snarling getting ready to attack me. at one point i got up and went into the common room where my original bed is and laid there but was like screw this and woke his ass up and told him to stop snoring. by that time im wide awake and was just laying in my bed for an hour and finally grabbed my computer, lions blanket, pillow and am off to play some mario bros on virtualnes. im gonna be surprise if my buddy hasnt blown it with this chick yet.

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09/30/2009 - 1:20am I thought Mark brought

I thought Mark brought toughness and an attitude to MSU, something that they have been lacking for a very long time. I think he got a lot of hype after last year when he went 9-4. But looking at his situation at MSU, has there really been a difference? State continues to choke games away and cant win a big one. They blew it against B.C two years ago in the Champs Bowl. Continue to get waxed by the top dogs in the Big Ten. Hell they didnt pull away from Michigan last year until midway through the 4th quarter. They laid a big egg against UGA (who i thought was way overrated anyways). Then who can forget the meltdown vs CMU.

Living in Ohio, a lot of my buckeye friends (who are great big tenners by the way) think that OSU's defense has never been the same since he left. Maybe he just isnt head coaching material. Maybe he is at his best when he is just in control of a defense as a coordinator.

I find it hard to like that man who has zero personality and clearly has a thing for Michigan. Dont know if it was the Mike Hart comment or what, but he clearly has a chip on his shoulder. Hell, when they ended Michigan to beat OSU to tie for the big ten championship he still pulled for OSU. There really is a little brother feel from the man.

If he doesnt pull a miracle out of his ass and turn this team around i really do think that people will be jumping off his bandwagon. Tough luck for MSU though because he is their til 2016.

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09/27/2009 - 8:28pm good find on that match up

good find on that match up joey. i looked. i just missed it. yeah gameday will be there if both are undefeated. well that kinda sucks.

09/27/2009 - 8:17pm I would imagine that if both

I would imagine that if both teams roll into week 5 undefeated that gameday will be there. perfect game for it too. The talk of college football Michigan vs an Iowa team that just knocked off PSU and people want to know more about. Plus, its a night game too!! the best match up is Bama vs Ole Miss, but i think America is getting tired of the SEC

09/26/2009 - 2:13pm I think the tackles should

I think the tackles should move not the center snapping the ball. Its a heads up play but he does it he needs to get the ball up. Both times they have been at the ankles of the QB

09/26/2009 - 4:48am Are we gonna dethrone the

Are we gonna dethrone the Buckeyes this year? i dont know. Are we gonna next year? I would bet on that. Were talking about how this perfect storm is getting ready to hit Buckeye land. Maybe not this year but i would say next most certainly. Right now its building. Michigan is creating something that OSU has been unable to stop. They have seen what Rich did with WVU with a bunch of nobodies and now he is actually getting players. Same what you want about who Michigan has been, they have looked impressive in every win with a true freshman QB. That has to count for something. There is a new sense of life. A sense of blood in Ann Arbor and Tate is leading the way. Not just by his performance but his attitude, "We have to destroy everybody". I think the buckeyes see it getting ready to hit and now they are trying to prevent this, and if they cant, they are shielding themselves from....The Perfect Storm!!!!

ok a little cheesy humor but i thought it sounded cool.

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09/26/2009 - 4:39am Drake seems to be an absolute

Drake seems to be an absolute steal for Michigan. The kid paid his dues allowing 2 FBS running backs lead the team and now its his time. He has put up some great numbers so far. I dont know how great the conference is thou (its texas, how bad can it be). He plays in a similar offense, not as sophisticated and complex as Michigans but as a RB i think its the easiest to jump into. I cant wait to see this kid on the field.

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09/22/2009 - 9:53pm Toledo vs Fresno State

Toledo vs Fresno State 08

Toledo vs Ball St. 08

Toledo vs Colorado 09

Ohio State spring game in 06 if that counts

09/22/2009 - 6:34pm oh the humanity

Pam Ward equals me announcing the game to myself, watching on mute, or possibly listening to it on the radio while watching the game. Pam Ward is the worst announcer ever.

09/22/2009 - 1:05am all right thanks guys

all right thanks guys

09/21/2009 - 11:03pm your not alone on that

your not alone on that dudeness. i ran around in my dorm room screaming and blaring Hail to the Victors and then tackled my girfriend who was watching the game with me. College football brings out the best and the worst out of you. its an emotional game and sometime you just get caught up in it and there is nothing you can do about it. No pro sport can do that for me.

09/21/2009 - 8:17pm went in 03 when special teams

went in 03 when special teams killed us. i sat with Iowa fans and they were very cool and classy. we chatted it up during breaks and just love football. they get what its really about.

after the game we had a nice show from a student who decided to streak down the road. good fans

09/21/2009 - 8:15pm i went to the game in 07. It

i went to the game in 07. It was a fantastic environment. great night game and a better victory. For the most part i thought their fans were pretty good and respectable. We tailgated outside the stadium and there were other Michigan fans and Illini fans just having a good time.

Once game time started thou they turned into little babies, whining and spewing out conspiracies. One guy from behind us a couple rows up thought he was funny and taunted my group so my dad turned around and threw it right back out them. he then followed with personal attacks, but that was one douche bag.

Your gonna have a great time and for the most part of what i saw they just want to have a good time too. They aren't OSU fans after all so you got that going for you

09/17/2009 - 10:01pm If we win NC's with Forcier

If we win NC's with Forcier then whats the big deal? This is Michigan. We will get someone else.

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09/17/2009 - 8:13pm lets get some Puff 12 teams

lets get some Puff 12 teams up to Ann Arbor. Texas, Oklahoma, Nebraska. Im a big fan of playing the Pac-10. Played some great games with them (lets just not play Oregon). We play SEC in bowl games. Tired of seeing us whoop up on them....On second thought it doesnt get much better then whooping them in their place

09/14/2009 - 8:58pm well damn im part of the

well damn im part of the statistic now... i honestly didnt notice it even after i looked like 3 times so i didnt feel the wrath of god upon me.

09/13/2009 - 12:15am the funny part is that your

the funny part is that your right generationblue. i live in Ohio and im already hearing that from buckeyes.

i am still speechless after that classic win.

Go Blue!

09/12/2009 - 3:32pm ha ha....little brother?

ha ha....little brother?

09/12/2009 - 2:44pm ESPN wants to say the big ten

ESPN wants to say the big ten sucks and are irrelevant in college football now because they cant beat anybody. If that is true then why even talk about them? Why go out of your way to give them air time? you dont hear them talking about CUSA and how bad they are do you? The fact of the matter is the Big Ten is down and cheap shots are available. Get them in while they last because they know that they are a conference that will override this slump and once it does, what are they gonna say then?

09/12/2009 - 2:40pm my thoughts are that if

my thoughts are that if michigan and osu do pull it out they will be ignorant and say well everybody else isnt that good. They will find something to minimize the accomplishments. Although i think Michigan will get more love then OSU will.

To be honest i think more people are interested in seeing Michigan/ND rather then USC/OSU simply because everybody knows OSU is going to get killed. they will get the viewership because its the prime time game.

09/11/2009 - 5:58pm i will be at this game seeing

i will be at this game seeing how i attend the University of Toledo. looking forward to seeing Colorado in person. Big fan of Hawkins but disappointed with what he has done at Colorado. Toledo has a piss poor defense (although you wouldn't have known that from last year against Michigan, which i was at. must have been the only wolverine fan in that crowd.) with that said, if Toledo can hang some points on the board they can hang in there for a half. i think the second half Colorado should pull away. This should hold me over until junior varsity football at 12 on Saturday and then the Men of Meeeechigan run out the tunnel and hitting the banner with a nasty side of them.

Should be fun for a half. either way, its football right?

Go Blue!

08/27/2009 - 2:51pm who cares that he got a sweet

who cares that he got a sweet ass bathroom. It helped the economy and helped keep a guy in business, so we should be thankful

07/21/2009 - 10:29pm It was either Manny or Sims

It was either Manny or Sims that said that they were gonna be a package deal. Just take us to the promise land again guys. The greatest season of Michigan basketball i have ever watched.

Go Blue!

07/20/2009 - 4:14pm RIGHT ON RIGHT ON RIGHT

RIGHT ON RIGHT ON RIGHT ON....Mega Ditto's to you heck. Lets see how they respond to this. Do they continue to try to make a story out of nothing and risk the Michigan nation of refusing to watch or read anything ESPN has to report on or do they do the right thing.

07/18/2009 - 11:11pm John was a great QB at

John was a great QB at Michigan.He never got the recognition or fame that he should have gotten. He took a lot of heat because he couldnt win a big game, but in all fairness he never played DEFENSE!!!! It was the defense year in and year out that would fail him. Add the fact that Carr was too stubborn and would continue to commit to the running game even thou it wasnt working (I.E Oregon and Iowa in 2003). Once Carr said enough was enough John shredded the defense but just came up too short.

There was no flashiness with John (hard to be when your 6"6 250 pounds) but he was a competitor. My two favorite moments was seeing John lead block and whenever he got close to the defender he always seemed to trip with great gracefulness, a way in which just made you laugh your ass off. Second, was seeing the double pass back to John as he rumbled with 5 300 pound lineman clearing way for the TD against Minnesota in 2003 (too be honest i think the lineman were pulling away from him)

I wish him the best with everything he is doing. A great Michigan man.

07/16/2009 - 5:26pm Michigan has gone through

Michigan has gone through this before. In fact its Bo's most famous quote, "those who stay will be champions"

see you later Wermers

07/16/2009 - 4:03pm whats wrong with demanding

whats wrong with demanding the best? This is Michigan after all. He sounds like a puss

07/16/2009 - 4:02pm he did start as a freshman

he did start as a freshman thou. He said that the other o-lineman gave him a hard time because they were upset that a freshman started over them

07/16/2009 - 12:07pm has anybody else noticed that

has anybody else noticed that the players who are transferring, the majority happens to be lineman? Why is that? Here's my thoughts on the issue. When Boren left to go to tOSU he ripped RichRod for losing the family values and he was being harrassed by other teammates because he was a freshman starting on the O-line. I think he left simply because he didnt want to do the work out that RichRod introduced to Michigan. I think he was lazy and thought it was too hard to do and wanted to leave. Has Michigan never had a freshman offensive lineman start before? Lame excuse.

Now we have Kurt Wermer saying Michigan doesnt have the family values and is bringing in players that he wouldnt hang out with (take that as you want, but sounds to me he is saying RichRod is bringing in a bunch of low lifes and thugs). Its not like Wermer left to play at another big school but to Ball State. I see another Boren situation here. A lineman who was tired of the hard workouts that are now instituted here at Michigan.

there was a lot said about Carr's workouts, it was a country club type of style which resulted in tired lineman in the fourth quarter. RichRod is not having that. His lineman have the hardest work out because they have to be in superior shape to finish games.

Anybody agree or disagree with my assessment?

06/15/2009 - 8:19pm Hossa should be the number

Hossa should be the number one target. Say what you want about him in the playoffs, he helped us get there. Its not like everybody else was shinning in the finals. Ours rookies won the first two games. Every road loss we got blanked. the only game where our stars shinned was game 5. Hudler is an important key to our third line and wish we can get him. Its time to say by to Chelios. A great hockey warrior but the game has clearly gotten past him. Stuart should be out of here. You can account him for 5 goals against (three TO's that resulted in goals and 2 goals in front of his face that he whiffed at in front of the goal. Maybe its time to say goodbye to Maltby and Draper. I know they have been great for the wings and will be beloved forever but its a business and if that means letting them go to get Hossa and Hudler then we should do it in a heartbeat.

06/11/2009 - 6:02pm oh the humanity

sounds like Huss is a doom and gloom guy who isnt giving RichRod a chance. Its summer time. enjoy yourself. have a beer on me.

06/09/2009 - 11:10pm everybody would love

everybody would love to see a roster full of 4 and 5 stars but look at it this way. Carr was able to get those type of players and you can seriously say that he under performed with his talent and/or those players just never really panned out and were overrated. Its not like Carr was racking 10 and 11 wins every year and his talent level according to Rivals and Scouts was tremendous. Hell we even dumb down our schedule just to get some wins, and then split with the top Big Ten teams.

We have to remember that just because guys are 3 stars doesnt mean that they arent as good as the 4 and 5 star guys, it could simply be that they come from smaller schools, different offensive systems, along with other factors. This is not your typical Michigan team from the past when we were lining in the backfield in the I-Formation and pounding the ball. This is a smaller, quicker type of offense where it is almost a finesse type of offense. You need the scat backs that our under size, the smaller weight lineman that can move, and the smaller receivers who will be going out on short routes rather then the deep ball.

Michigan's offense is something unique in which you scout different players. Maybe it could be that the big powerful lineman just wont make it in this type of offense (exception to Jake Long because he was just a freakish athlete). So while the prototypical NFL prospects get the higher grade while the RichRod lineman are under the radar. Like i was saying before, its not like RichRod isnt offering the highly touted defensive players. They could be bringing in a very nice secondary the time signing day comes around. But its up to the players to decide where he wants to play not the Michigan coaching staff. RichRod seems to be pulling out all sorts of things to get recruits to Ann Arbor and its not a lack of not trying.

06/09/2009 - 6:26pm overraction....

Do you think Rich Rod hasnt offered DT's and DB's? Its not like he controls the decisions by these high school players. They will commit when they feel it is best suited and in the mean time just chill out.

Another things with lower star guys, does it really matter what ESPN, Rivals, or Scouts really thinks about high school players? RichRob was able to make a bunch of artards that nobody knew about into a power in the Big East (say what you want about the conference, they were nothing until RichRod). RichRod is recruiting far superior football players than when he was at West Virginia. Hell the guy went 3-9 and rolled in a top 8 recruiting class. Can you image what he is gonna do this year and next? Its going to be unbelievable.

Easy off the panic button guys. Have faith because if he could make West Virginia into a football power in the Big East then we are in for a treat.

06/05/2009 - 6:53pm yes

i personally will be pulling for Mallett at Arkansas. i wont be a die hard fan cheering him on but i wish him the best. he left because he didn't feel like he fit in the system. he didn't leave because he hated RichRod or had beef just wanted to go somewhere were he would be best suited and i can respect that. Mallett brought a swagger more then just cockiness. I like a QB who shows some emotion and gets his teammates excited. Although seeing Jake Long grab him and letting him know that you don't celebrate by yourself you do it with the teammates was pretty damn funny. good luck to Ryan and i hope he can get it together.

05/27/2009 - 1:14pm Defense Defense Defense

I think that Schaffers defense last year really killed Warrans skill and strength. I expect to hear him get some All American talk and will earn First Team defense in the Big Ten.

Brandon Graham will get about 13-15 sacks. a complete freak of nature he is. Top three for Defensive player of the year in the Big Ten.

Obi Ezeh will rebound and have a solid second team defensive year in the big ten.

Wild Card: STEVE BROWN does not give up 10 touchdowns or misses 20 tackles.

Hell we dont have Trent anymore so who knows how well this defense can be

05/27/2009 - 11:34am how about Cullen Christian?

He is the 13th best CB according to scouts but only has a three star with scouts and rivals. Seems to me like he is set up to get that four star by the time football comes around.

05/06/2009 - 12:48am Pats vs Wings

If it wasn't for Patrick Roy who knows how many Stanley Cups the wings would have. 17 straight playoff appearances. 4-1 in Stanley Cup Finals. Numerous President Cup winners. They have been consistent winners, year in and year out. There's no doubt what Tom Brady has is a great thing but i would take consistency year in and year out by the wings then what the Patriots have. The wings have been the standard for greatness since 94, patriots since 01.

05/06/2009 - 12:27am line change....

i think Babcock needs to make a line change and switch things up a bit. Zetterberg, Datsyuk, Holmstrom in the first line. Hossa, Franzen, and Hudler in the other. Hossa seems to play better with Hudler and Zetterber with Datsyuk is a deadly combination.