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11/20/2012 - 3:01pm Dawson

Talking about Dawson has anyone notice the conversation betwwen dawson and shane on twitter. Shane is trying to talk him back into coming and dawson made the comment he thinks that ship has sailed. With shane telling him to make some phone calls and talk from the heart. Does anyone think this is even a possibility? Or is that book closed? 

11/08/2012 - 9:04am Visits

Do we have a list of all potential players that will be on campus for the game saturday?

11/07/2012 - 2:18pm Conley

Do we know if he has talked to the coaches about his desire to do officials at OHIO and Oregon?

11/07/2012 - 11:51am Good Luck

Good Luck in all you do Ricardo. A true Michigan Man. Has anyone heard anything New on Gareon Conley is he still a commit or did Hoke and Co pull the Scholey?