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12/05/2012 - 10:39am No worries, I was just giving

No worries, I was just giving a little bit of the back story behind the UF game. We laid an egg in that one. If you really wanted a fair and accurate scout report as to what you might see in the bowl game, I think I'd consider looking at the Clemson game.  Here's why,

1). We played our back up QB Dylan Thompson in that game.  He brings a different skill set to the game, and with Shaw battling naggin injures all year, it's not beyond the relm of possibility that DT gets the bowl start.  

2).  Injuries.  Obviously Lattimore is done for the year with another catestrophic knee injury.  The guys that will be running the ball for us in the Outback (Kenny Miles and Mike Davis) were the RB's vs Clemson.  

Anyway, long story short, it's all good. 



12/05/2012 - 9:56am Obviously, the UF game was

Obviously, the UF game was our worst game of the year.  It was the third game in a row of back to back to back top 10 teams (UGA #5, LSU #9, UF #3.) Two of those 3 games were on the road.  The team was simply worn down physically and emotionally at that point.  It's a very poor indication of how they will play in a bowl game with 6 weeks to rest and prepare.  So watch how we played in the UGA game and get back to us.... 

USC vs UGA 2012



Now do I think we're really as good as the score vs UGA indicates? No. Heck, we beat UGA worse than Bama did. And do I think we're as bad as we looked vs UF? Again no, for the reasons I stated above. All I'm saying is, you have to look at every game in the context of the entire season. We were up for one of those contests and very down for another.

12/04/2012 - 6:21pm I posed a rundown of the

I posed a rundown of the gamecock players in this thread. Enjoy.…



12/04/2012 - 12:01pm  Hi ya'll. Looking forward


Hi ya'll. Looking forward to a fun and exciting game in Tampa.  And wanted to give you a little friendly 411 on some gamecock players to keep your eyes on come January. We did this with the huskers before the C1b and it made watching the game much better. 

Clowney, Lattimore and Shaw are names of our players that you might have heard. I’ve compiled a list that you most likely haven’t heard of but are considered some of our "playmakers."  

Since it's our strong suit, I'll start with the defense. FWIW, we run a 4-2-5 defense with one our DB's playing a safety/MLB position we call "the spur". 
#7 Jadevon Clowney.  6’6” 265 lbs.  Don't really need to say much about him.  Already projected as the #1 pick in the 2014 NFL draft.  We are VERY lucky to have him... 

Clowney Sack Arky 
Clowney Sack Fumble UGA 

#98 Devon Taylor. Plays DE opposite of Jadevon Clowney. 6'8" 270 lbs.  He cleans up alot of what Clowney flushes his way. He’s got a HUGE wingspan and a when he doesn’t get a sack he often can bat down passes. 
DT Arky Pick 6 

#70 Byron Jerideau Defense tackle. 6'1 320 lbs. Holds down the middle of our D-line. Big time run stopper. He doesn't always get that many tackles, but he takes up a lot of space in the middle of the D-line. Remarkably fast for a big guy.  
Jerideau Sack 

Our other DT is #99 Kelcy Quarles. 6’4”  286 lbs.  Kelcy’s a sophomore and has started all year for us. 

#54 Shaq Wilson 5’11” 224 lbs (Sr) middle linebaker excellent pass rusher. 
Shaq Wilson INT 

#21 Devonte Holloman  6’2” 241 (Sr) Plays the “Spur” a hybrid LB/DB. A "disrupter". A lot of our defense depends on Holloman making a read off the QB (run or pass). Passing he drops to coverage (unless it's a blitz). On running play he plugs the last gap. 
HOlloman Int's

Our best DB, safety is DJ Swearinger (6’ 0” 210 lbs).  He's Senior and the heart of our defense.   He's been called a "headhunter" and is the hardest hitter on our team.  DJ is not afraid to talk smack and can back it up. He had the distinction this year of having 3 personal fouls in a row, with a pic 6 thrown in for good measure.  
DJ 3 Personal Fouls in a row. 

DJ HUGE hit. 

It's been said that our DB's are our weakest link.   

Other than Swearinger, in the defensive secondary we have Akeem Auguste 5’9” 188lbs at CB who’s a senior and a good player, but seen limited playing time due to injury (both this year and in years past).

Auguste pick

We also have CB Vic(tor) Hampton 5’10” 197 lbs (RS SO). 

On offense you've heard of Shaw and Lattimore. As I'm sure you've all heard, Lattimore's out for the year, so you don't have to worry about him.  I love the guy, but honestly I hope he makes the jump to the pro's.  I couldn't stand the thought of him suffering another injury while playing for us.  

On top of that, Shaw (6’1” 207 lbs JR) has been fighting nagging injuries all year (shoulder/foot).  He was hurt (shoulder) vs Vandy (our first game of the year). Shaw is the son of a coach, and a “gamer” in every since of the word.  He spends lots of time watching film and in the weight room (The coaches had to tell him to STOP lifting so much in last year’s off season (he was getting TOO big.))  Honestly, his performance in that game was one of the toughest I've ever seen in a football game. When he’s healthy, he’s a better runner than a thrower and played WR in high school. He’s got a decent arm, but at times has been hesitant to pull the trigger on passing plays (at least that’s what ½ our fanbase says…).  His backup is Dylan Thompson, who's looked REALLY good vs lesser opponents this season and was on fire vs Clemson (310 yards, 3TD 1 INT), but he was abysmal during the Vandy game.  They say Shaw’s been nursing a “broken foot”, for the last 3-4 games which is why DT go the start vs Clemson.  I wouldn’t put him on the same “dual threat” category as Denard, but he’s got some wheels…

Shaw 80 yard TD run vs Missou (called back).

Shaw Passing

With Lattimore out, our go to back in Kenny Miles.  Kenny is a 5th year senior that almost didn’t come back this year (before the injury bug hit, we were STACKED at RB, now, not so much).  Kenny’s a good, solid back that carried a good deal of the load LAST YEAR when Lattimore went down. 
Kenny Miles

A couple of receivers to watch out for: 

Ace Sanders (#1), Bruce Ellington (#23) and Damiere Byrd (#3). The  downside is none of this trio is very tall at 5'8"-5'9" but they all have great speed. Byrd is out of NJ and ran a 4.3 40 yard dash in high school (Nj state record at the time). Bruce is a two sport star playing both football and point guard on the B-ball team.  Ace is an outstanding punt returner. 
Our O-line has played well at times and poorly at times. I consider it a work in progress. Their run blocking needs to improve and their pass blocking is adequate, but could be better.  On the O-line we have 1 Sr (TJ Johnson, C, 6’6” 319), 1 JR (Ronald Patrick 6’2” 305 RG), 2 So (Corey Robinson 6’8” 337lbs LT and AJ Cann 6’4” 309 lbs LG) and 1 Fr (Brandon Shell 6’6” 331lbs RT).  On a side note, TJ Johnson will set a school record for consecutive starts (56, I think?) if he starts in the Outback Bowl.  

We've been running a fair amount of two TE sets as well, with our two big TE's Justice Cunningham (#87) and Rory "Buster" Anderson (#81). I think this is in response to teams trying to stack the box trying to stop lattimore, forcing us to beat them deep (ask ECU how that worked out for them). With Lattimore gone from the game, the play book has been open considerable. 

Two freshman that might see playing time are running back Mike Davis (#25) and Shaq Roland (#4). Mike is a little faster than lattimore but not as powerful. He had 85 yds and scored his first TD on 4 carries vs UAB. Davis is now our #2 back with Lattimore out.

Shaq was "Mr. Football" in SC last year. At 6'1" he's a bit taller than our other WR's. He's still learning the routes and the system but he's looked good (but not great) when's he's been in. 

That's about it. As I said earlier, I think this game comes down to our D-line & Db's vs your QB and receivers and if our Offense can move the ball with the stacking the box to stop the run (everyone else has done it, so I anticipate you'll do it to).  

Good luck and may the best team win come January.   


Edit: If someone will give me the youtube embedding protocol here, I'll embed all the vids.... 

12/04/2012 - 11:54am Just look for them on

Just look for them on youtube. Many complete games are posted there. Also, if you can access ESPN3, you can watch them there as well.