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06/09/2011 - 3:19pm Brian You Are Too Young to Sound so Old

Unfortunately what you say especially about corporate America being focused on the bottom line and short term results is all too true.  But for all of you that support a playoff system in football you are begging for college athletics to become even more focused on "what have you done for me lately".   A playoff system will help push college sports even closer to the short term focus that corporate America has.   How sad would buckeyes and trojan fans be today if their had been a playoff system the last eight years that allowed them to compete every year for a National Championship?   How much pressure will their be every time a team goes 3 or 4 years of missing the playoffs before the fan base yells for the coach's head?

So if Brandon is going corporate maybe it is just a necessary step on the one winner per sport every year mind set.

P.S.  I really do hate the striped jerseys.


06/02/2011 - 12:58pm Hitting "delete"

Most people should know that anything on a computer not just e-mail cannot be really deleted with all of the high profile cases that have been in the news.  I think the former Mayor of Detroit should have educated the slow learners.  However, lets think about how many males, especially high profile males, think they can get away with affairs even though the numbers caught have been staggering.  I think it has to do more with arrogance, "I am better than anyone else so it won't happened to me,"  than ignorance.  It might be a paradigm shift for institutions, but corporations have been  concerned about e-mails and the possible misinterpretation of e-mails for at least 10 years.

I wasn't thinking of one former buckeye (who is now a high profile sports announcer)  when I started this comment, but ironically he apparently suffered from some of the same issues.  Maybe there is a significant lack of moral compasses in the land of the worthless nuts.   

05/31/2011 - 11:39pm Too Much Gloating Over the Misfortunes of Others

As a long time MICHIGAN fan (over 50years as a season ticket holder) it disturbs me to see everyone jumping on the "They cheated bandwagon".  I believe Michigan is the best because of their accomplishments not because of the misdeeds of others.  True fans will support their team regardless of their record but will be just as concern as their opponents by any misdeeds.  I would like to see more about Michigan's accomplishments across all sports than this "let's kick them as much as we can well they are down."  The facts and misdeeds will all come out but lets see more focus on the positives about MICHIGAN than the negatives about the hairless, worthless nuts.   I know many buckeye fans and alumni that are very disturbed by this whole incident with Spielman and Herbstreit just being two of the more famous ones.  

I want Michigan to beat the worthless nuts every time out but I want to do it because Michigan is great not that osu is lousy.  GO BLUE!