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06/12/2018 - 7:39am I'm clueless as well. I…

I'm clueless as well. I would love to help out, but after reading all those things to do and understanding nones of it I'm quite terrified to go down that rabbit hole.

06/07/2018 - 3:39pm That's poorly placed space…

That's poorly placed space between out and doors. I'm not even sure how one would go about that.

06/07/2018 - 3:35pm Yeah that's not exactly…

Yeah that's not exactly going out on a limb. At all. 

06/06/2018 - 10:55am Saw that too. Kind of put a…

Saw that too. Kind of put a damper on the rest of that wall of text.

06/06/2018 - 8:36am I had a solid 2 days of "WTF…

I had a solid 2 days of "WTF?!!" and cursing everyone who bitched about the old site. This is much better than whatever the last 2 days was.

05/30/2018 - 7:42am M Zone and

Sack Lloyd Carr(? I think it was called). The latter was more of a forum or message board. No content from an author.

05/23/2018 - 2:11pm They sure are

a tolerant and insightful lot.

05/08/2018 - 1:43pm (No subject)

Will Ferrell Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy person spokesperson forehead television presenter professional

05/01/2018 - 10:52am Seems like I cheered more for

throw it away plays than some of the shit they threw incomplete downfield last year.

04/28/2018 - 11:04am Grow up.

It's called reality. Have you ever been off the pavement or out of a Starbucks before?

04/28/2018 - 9:54am Ugh.

I was in a summer-long war with them last year. Brought me zero pleasure but it was lbpeley about 25 and chipmunks 0. They are quite destructive and there's really no way to deal with them other than lethally. I've only seen 2 or 3 this year so far. If it stays that way we won't have a problem.

04/27/2018 - 7:48am You fuckin

serious Clark?

04/20/2018 - 8:28am We're talking osu fans being the

inbred, obnoxious, classless, moronic cooler-poopers. Not Ohioans in general.

04/18/2018 - 2:17pm Wait.

Didn't you just do what you've been bitching about? You're either a hypocrite or a genius!

04/18/2018 - 7:47am Who decided that?


Get the fuck outta here you sniveling, spineless bitch. 

04/17/2018 - 9:46pm Hawhawhawhaw

Haaaawwwwwwww!!!! You've gotta be 15 dude.

04/16/2018 - 3:51am Welcome

to The Rock.

04/09/2018 - 5:29pm Duuuude.


04/09/2018 - 5:27pm Me too and

they both suck

04/09/2018 - 2:27pm I had some Starburst

jelly beans a few weeks ago. The green ones suck tons of ass but all the other flavors are great.

04/09/2018 - 2:26pm That was Baby Ruth.

Another Top 5 candy bar.

04/09/2018 - 2:22pm I stand with you.

Banana runts are great. Banana Laffy Taffy is garbage, however. 


04/06/2018 - 1:00am Nailed.


04/03/2018 - 7:04pm From what I recall of the USSR,

rednecks would have a better chance of finding reverse in said tank than the Soviets that were trained to operate it.

04/03/2018 - 2:50pm The beer has fuzzed my memory a bit.

Wasn't DR in foul trouble early on some pretty ticky tack shit? 

I've given up trying to understand bball fouls. Simpson drives and gets body slammed into the photographers - turnover on Simpson. Charles (and others a few times) tries to grab a rebound and also gets thrown into the photographers - nova takes it up the floor. Then nova drives the lane and a jersey gets brushed - 2 shots for nova. I'm not saying UM was getting phantom fouls called on them but how in the fuck are we getting chucked 3 rows into the stands with no calls? Multiple times!

03/30/2018 - 12:44pm Embed

03/27/2018 - 9:27am Well

that's the TL;DR version, yes.

03/27/2018 - 8:53am Can't say I'm a fan of the

hair. But glad he's getting some run.

03/27/2018 - 8:47am Exactly.

When the fuck did "gee, I can't afford this so I guess I'll either not fucking do it or I'll work my fucking ass off to afford it" become "beg the internet for money"? For fuck's sake.

03/26/2018 - 11:43am Yep.

That was probably the least-informed first sentence I've seen in a post in a long time. 

03/25/2018 - 12:14am Loyola

is in for a ruuuude awakening. Welcome to real college ball, children.

03/23/2018 - 8:49am He is


03/23/2018 - 12:47am "Unguardable".

Who's FSU's PG? Say something bitch. Z dares you.

03/20/2018 - 9:48pm You've

intrigued me. I would like to know more.

03/16/2018 - 12:34pm Its called

Virtue signaling

03/15/2018 - 2:45pm Not saying you're wrong,

but maybe he was commenting on the frequency as well?

03/08/2018 - 3:50pm What I loved most about that

Matthews/Ward thing was my throat was still hurting and my eyes still bulging from SCREAMING at the refs a few seconds before when msu prison bitched MAAR on his in bounds steal and lay-up attempt with no call. Then Matthews says "fuck this shit" and murder cocks Ward and then laughs in his crap lousy face. I went from berserker pissed to laughing like a hyena in seconds. 

03/07/2018 - 9:41am When I look back on our O

performance last season, I'm usually inclined to drink as well.

03/05/2018 - 9:12am I think it was Winston

that got the lesser coach. I would bet a lot that had Winston chose Beilein he'd be a lot more complete.

03/04/2018 - 9:37am Well for a few minutes

during yesterday's game I was starting to hate McQuaid like no one else on earth. Even before he floor slapped.

03/02/2018 - 1:21pm Loved him in

"Justified" and of course, "Friends".

/s ? or maybe not

03/02/2018 - 1:18pm Yeah I think

this whole thread is getting away from me. Sorry.

03/02/2018 - 1:12pm Well, that's

just as stupid as "ban all firearms".

03/02/2018 - 1:09pm It's 8 downvotes

dude. You're not a fucking martyr. 

03/02/2018 - 1:07pm Quit your fucking virtue

signalling. The point is - and you know this - is that this is not some guy wandering around aimlessly shooting any random people he sees. Doesn't make it any better. But it makes it different than Columbine or Florida last week or Las Vegas or god-knows-how-many in Chicago last night alone. 

03/02/2018 - 12:53pm Exactly.

But what's extremely annoying is that the people here arguing over this trite matter know that there is a difference. But they get to virtue signal about how we apparently think one is better than the other because we can admit there is a difference. Good fucking lord. 

03/02/2018 - 12:47pm Well said.


03/02/2018 - 12:40pm Forget it,

he's rolling. 

03/02/2018 - 11:53am Not just whistle happy,

but fucking maddingly inconsistent whistles. Iowa guy incidentally runs into Mo's leg and it's a foul on Mo. Z gets intentionally tripped driving the lane and it's Iowa ball because Z flung it out of bounds trying to protect himself during the fall. 

03/02/2018 - 11:47am No. Silence does not

equate to tacit approval. See all those negs in the upper left corner?