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08/07/2011 - 8:42pm Sweet


04/15/2011 - 7:35pm What? Why?

He puts his pants on the same way you do.

04/08/2011 - 6:57pm Doom. We have no "D"

UM vs UMD. They have a "D" at the end, we do not. Coincidence? No. Will we win? No, because we don't have a "D". No need to even bother watching the game...

04/02/2011 - 11:15am Actually I did

Please see the very first comment and my response to it.

04/01/2011 - 7:18pm April 1st

It is April fools day huh?

04/01/2011 - 6:53pm Good, bad, ugly

I think it's good that their honoring the military. The helmet however, looks bad, and is ugly.

03/29/2011 - 6:35pm I know, right?

Believe it or not, my dog posted that.

03/29/2011 - 6:21pm posted from iPhone
03/28/2011 - 7:11pm posted from iPhone

May God bless you and protect you.

03/27/2011 - 7:27pm Ding!

Kansas lost. I just won my office pool because I'm in the lead and nobody has any teams left in the final four.
<br>Going to take my wife out for steak dinner courtesy of my coworkers.

03/27/2011 - 6:16pm Not really

I wouldn't want to go back to the old format at all. I would have given my left nut and both my wife's ovaries to see Michigan play Nebraska back in 1997.

03/24/2011 - 7:17pm Spot on

What you said just about sums it up. If he comes back to coach I don't think it'll be for at least 3 more years.

03/19/2011 - 6:53am Double digit dog?

Huh. That seems like a bit much. Michigan played well and if it carries over to Sunday good things could happen. On the other hand, Duke is Duke. They're talented, athletic, and well coached.
<br>I'm picking Duke to win, but Michigan covers the spread.
<br>I hate Duke.

03/15/2011 - 5:52am 64.5%

That really isn't that great of a success rate. Just picking the higher seeds in the first round should put it at 70%+.
<br>I think Michigan wins easily, just to lose by 8 to Duke.

03/11/2011 - 4:26pm Slowly please

The slower the better. I'm loving every minute of this.
<br>And when the hammer finally drops (and it will drop) the carnage will be spectacular.

03/11/2011 - 4:06pm Beating osu

I don't think the charges are overblown and I will take a win over osu anyway I can get it.

03/10/2011 - 5:05pm 10

How about 10 a year for 3 years. Has any school ever been hit that hard?

03/08/2011 - 8:09pm Shame on me

For not paying close enough attention.

03/08/2011 - 8:07pm Cha-Ching

I believe osu is going to get dinged pretty hard.

03/08/2011 - 8:05pm emails

I'm wondering why if those emails were supposedly so confidential how come they gave copies to all the reporters at the press conference? Or do I have that part wrong?

03/08/2011 - 6:27pm Here's an idea

How about you get a life and quit being a troll?

03/08/2011 - 5:43pm I hope he stays

If this story turns out to be true then Ohio State will get hit as hard as it gets. And I'm not talking about vacating some wins or years of probation.
<br>I'm talking loss of scholarships, and lots of them.
<br>After that Ohio State should be pretty easy to beat. (I'll take wins over osu any way I can get them)

03/08/2011 - 5:37pm Good question

Was thinking that myself.

02/14/2011 - 4:42pm Nice post

19 wins and we are in.

01/22/2011 - 10:52pm Toasted Marshmallows

Toasted Marshmallows anyone?

01/19/2011 - 8:30pm Why not both?

We deserve all the good things in life.

01/15/2011 - 9:29pm 132

132 Ticket stubs spanning 3 decades.

01/14/2011 - 6:51pm True Blue

That is the only "clan" I am aware of. A person is either Michigan or they are not.

01/10/2011 - 7:46pm Miles/Chavis

I'm wondering if John Chavis would come with Miles to Michigan? He's a proven DC. God knows we need a good one.

01/10/2011 - 6:55pm CC: ESPN reporting...

Ok. Just kidding. Go Ducks!

01/10/2011 - 4:36pm I hope your right

I think he's going to get a fat raise from LSU.

01/10/2011 - 4:26pm Just my opinion...

I think Miles stays at LSU.

01/10/2011 - 4:22pm Not sure but...

He might just be trying to gouge more money out of LSU.

01/08/2011 - 1:12pm I have a puppy

Named Bo

01/07/2011 - 8:10pm Great...

I bet season tickets will be pretty easy to come by this year.

01/07/2011 - 4:27pm posted from iPhone
01/07/2011 - 4:10pm Yeah

My heart just sunk. This is a disaster as far as I'm concerned.

01/07/2011 - 8:37am Miami/Ross/wishful thinking

Ross had already said he wasn't going to pursue Harbaugh for the Miami position. It makes me wonder what they had to talk about. I hope it went down like this:
<br>Ross: I know you can make more money in the NFL than you can in college.
<br>Harbaugh: Yes
<br>Ross: Look around for the highest offer and whatever it is I will make sure it is matched by Michigan. Sound good?
<br>Harbaugh: Yes
<br>Ross: God bless you son, your a Michigan man through and through.
<br>Harbaugh: Yes

01/07/2011 - 5:21am posted from iPhone

1. Harbaugh 2. Rich Rod
<br>There is no #3.

01/06/2011 - 9:06pm I think

He's butt posting. I butt dial my wife all the time. iPhones are notorious for that.

01/05/2011 - 7:30pm posted from iPhone


01/05/2011 - 7:25pm OMG

Oh my God we killed Kenny! Us bastards!

01/05/2011 - 4:20pm Hoke/Harbaugh

IMO Hoke is not a viable option. Harbaugh is not coming... Nothing left to do but drink.

01/05/2011 - 11:52am Posted from Marconi radio

Please God, don't let this turn into Les Miles fiasco #2.

01/04/2011 - 8:03pm Osu

I should root for osu because the B10 got creamed in bowl games and I'm all about the B10, but since I hate osu with a passion I hope they get stomped....
<br>So osu can go suck it, TP can go suck it, and JT in his stupid ass sweater vest can especially go suck it.

01/04/2011 - 7:34pm That sucks

I think your right and that sucks. This morning I was 90% certain JH was coming home to Michigan. Now I'm about 90% he's not.

01/04/2011 - 7:24pm The money

I guess more money is always nice. I was thinking(hoping/dreaming) all along that JH would come just because he's a Michigan Man wanting to return to his school as a conquering hero.

01/04/2011 - 7:15pm Indeed

Rosenberg can suck it.

01/04/2011 - 6:38pm Great...

Thanks for that.
<br>If anyone needs me I'll be slamming my head against wall, followed by drinking.

01/04/2011 - 5:56pm Option 3

How about Harbaugh as head coach and moving RR to the OC spot.