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08/30/2009 - 4:48pm I don't want the Press asking OSU

players how many hours they spend at football-related activities, even if only tangentially related. Columbus Dispatch is working on player reaction, I'm sure. I bet Tress has already talked to the players about this, as have other coaches around the nation. They know that lazy journalists around the country see this a low-hanging fruit for an article idea - compare / contrast the local school with these reports out of UM, etc.

The more reaction there is, the more I am convinced this will end up being a national story on how overworked big-time college athletes are ... complete with the very popular "should they be paid argument" that will provide fodder for the radio guys and the outside the lines episode that has already started taping.

Who has odds on which senator decides to hold congressional hearings on this ... my guess: Orin Hatch again, as he is clearly intimately familiar with college football already

08/30/2009 - 11:39am Put this in perspective

Hey Guys, this is bad news and I am an OSU fan that wants Michigan to get better - it is better for everyone. And, I believe RR will make you better. However, I think to try and discredit the report because the story fails to identify which players are still at Michigan and which have transferred or otherwise left, is grasping at straws, IMO.

It seems as though there are enough current and former players quoted to warrant some sort of further investigation. I don't think you can simply chalk this up to disgruntled former players who want to grind an axe. Some of the responses here sound like Alabama fans whenever there are issues surrounding that program. I wouldn't pull the "everybody does it" card, because you are the leaders and the best, remember?

Now, how big of a deal is this? On a scale of violations ranging from Kiffin (1) to Calipari (10), I'd say this is a 3. In other words, this conduct is not so egregious as to be a fireable offense, but worse than mere secondary recruiting violations where the use of a smoke machine was confirmed as a violation of one of the thousands of rules governing recruiting. If proven, this would be a blatant violation of clear rules and an obvious attempt to get a competitive advantage over all other teams in the conference. But, again, this is hardly the worst thing a coach has done.

However, this speaks directly to how student-athletes are treated at Michigan and that is not going to sit well with the very large contingent of UM fans that is self-absorbed and obsessed with the academic reputation of UM. This is not good for that crowd's support of RR. But, for those on this board, most probably don't care, winning is more important than anything else.

Bottom line - what can the NCAA really do to UM? Probably nothing. But, what sort of response does the University come back with? Do they simply call all of the players liars? Or, do they publicly shut this down, impose sanctions and confirm the commitment to academics? That is the far more interesting question.

12/01/2008 - 4:49pm Wow, it is amazing the

Wow, it is amazing the sensitivity that some of you Wolverines fans display (notice I said only "some" of you). First, one of you actually contacted the ombudsman at ESPN? Seriously? And to those that think Herbie reported the Les move to Michigan as an effort to derail that marriage, that view is simply delusional.

Here is what most likely happened: Herbie had a source he felt was at least somewhat reliable and thought he had a college football-related scoop. You know, something well within the context of his job. He then reported the information after clearing it with the producer, believing it newsworthy. Then it turned out to be wrong, as sometimes "inside" information is. Simple and devoid of any conspiratorial intentions.

11/03/2008 - 10:03am Perspective from an arch rival

Hey guys, I am a Bucks fan and I have to say that although your team is struggling this year, most OSU fans believe RR will get it together sooner rather than later. I must admit, though, that a lack of any real improvement is a little curious, but a whole host of factors play into these situations and this year could have been the perfect storm for your program.

It will get better next year, but not much. No single recruiting class can upgrade a team drastically because although the talent level is improved, asking freshman to be a difference maker (let alone several of them to be so) would be asking too much, IMO. Especially considering the positions you are needing the biggest improvements on the offensive side of the ball(O-line and QB)

Hey, we all want tressel to fire the "Offensive coordinator" and to turn over playcalling because he is wasting talent, at least you guys know that improvement will eventually happen with a talent upgrade. With us, that is not the case, we have great talent already and are a worse offense than you guys by a mile. As for your defense, well, talent will help that side more immediately.

I do think it is odd that RR couldn't find a way to take the talent he has an beat some of these teams, and he has failed to some extent, but he will get it turned around. So as the kids say, chilax