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06/11/2012 - 9:14am The site that

The site that was referenced is not always posted on by coaches. The Union City coach does not post all of his times on that site. I watched Maye run 10.54 and 10.53 this season. The referenced 60m dash time has to be from over a year ago, because I am almost positive he didn't run indoor this past winter.

Either way, there's a bit of excitement in southern michigan because of this kid and Sturgis sophomore QB Chance Stewart (made a recent visit to UM - word is they want to offer him already). Maye is a solid DB with good intangibles (speed, hitting, defensive IQ). The coaching staff sees enough in him to make him a preferred walk-on. Hell, he might even make it as a kick returner.

Throw out the track times, they won't matter in the end. Kid could have played in any division. He has tremendous drive and determination - which should serve him well.

05/11/2012 - 9:25pm Maye

Maye is 5'11" 180 lbs. He is built like a brick shithouse and his best 100 this year was 10.54. He has also run a sub-22 second 200 this year and jumped 23'6" in the first meet this year.

I wrote the article, have seen him play for several years and watched him run track. A three-time state champ in 2011 and will definitely do the same this year. His times are right there with the top runner in the 100 and 200 in outdoor competition for U-M this year. 

Do all the googling you want, this kid has been under the radar for years. He had official football visits to U-M (obviously), MSU and Army (who wanted him bad). A very unique story and individual. His humble ways and work ethic will carry him through, and he will play. He is a hitter too in the defensive backfield.