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12/01/2016 - 1:18pm Yes, but unlike the photos

Yes, but unlike the photos etc, it's much harder to doctor just part of a video (e.g., the ball placement).  You can clearly see in some others that the hash lines aren't consistent, for example. Not in this one.

But let's just look at the undoctored original video, for argument's sake. Someone from your own blog did the most unbiased analysis I can find, and it suggests it was a good spot:

At the minimum, you have to agree that the spot was PLAUSIBLE.  If you don't, you are being a big ol homer, which, while it is your right, doesn't actually make you right.

Big picture, I understand why it's a tough loss to swallow.  The refs def did miss a PI on your last drive.  Missed calls happen, all the time, for both teams.  Take a look here, and remember that zero offensive holding calls were made:…

I'm sure your guys got away with their share of defensive holding on pass plays as well, as it they happen on most plays.  

I know unbiased logic isn't comforting for many, but hopefully it will be for some of you.  

See you next season, and be happy that we are back to respecting and fearing your team.  Looking forward to another long war in the greatest rivalry in sports.

11/30/2016 - 5:25pm Why should we trust a still

Why should we trust a still photo more than this video?

Still photos are much more easily fudged.

11/30/2016 - 5:17pm Camera angle from the 15

Have you seen this video?

Looks pretty clear to me.  I'm open to hearing why it shouldn't be trusted, though.

11/30/2016 - 5:08pm Please give me the argument

Please give me the argument that this video is not the best and most trustworthy angle for the spot.


11/30/2016 - 5:01pm Funny enough, someone did

Funny enough, someone did just that, just re: UM holding on the offensive line:…

I'm man enough to admit that OSU got away with a PI on that last UM drive.  I do however believe the spot was correct and that the PI against UM was also correct.

Sometimes calls go more your way, and sometimes they don't.

Sometimes you're going to lose a close game because of a bad call near the end.  It sucks, but that's life. Take a gander at the link again, though, and maybe you can rest a little easier knowing your guys got away with a whole bunch of holding that didn't get called:…

No doubt holds were missed on OSU's line as well, but until you show me, I'll go ahead and believe UM held more ;)

Regardless, great game, your boys would have deserved a victory had it happened that way.

01/14/2013 - 2:47pm Let's look at this

Let's look at this realistically....which position groups for Michigan next year are superior to Ohio State's and which are significantly inferior??

QB - OSU returns Braxton

RB - OSU very strong and deep with Hyde, Smith, Hall, Dunn, Elliott etc

OL - OSU returns four starters from a very good unit, and other starter is likely elite prospect  2nd year Taylor Decker

WR - OSU returns all contributors (Brown, Smith, Spencer, Thomas), plus adds Jalin Marshall plus maybe Corey Smith JUCO who could start right away

TE - OSU returns two that got lots of PT, Vannett and Heurman

DL - Spence, Bennett, Schutt, Washington, Steve Miller, Joel Hale, Joey Bosa - young but very high ceiling

LB - other than All-American Shazier, young and unproven Grant/Trey Johnson/Cam Williams in the middle, Josh Perry, Perkins, Jamal Marcus, on the outside

DB - OSU: Roby, Bryant, Barnett all return, nickel-back Doran Grant likely to take other cb spot.

ST - Return good kicker Basil and punter will be HS all-american Townsend

So, OSU likely siginificantly better at QB, RB, OL, DB.  A push at WR, LB, DL and ST? 

Maybe Michigan has better receivers & TE, do they? 

Which team has the x-factor player that can override what's on paper?  OSU has playmakers Miller & Shazier.  UM?

Anyone disagree that OSU appears to be sigificantly stronger than UM overall next year? 

01/14/2013 - 1:37pm Are you suggesting Michigan

Are you suggesting Michigan has higher acadmeic standards for elite football recruits than Ohio State?  I believe Northwestern is the only Big Ten school to not admit elite football players at the basic NCAA clearinghouse level.  Do have evidence otherwise?

01/14/2013 - 1:10pm Multiple OSU analysts think

Multiple OSU analysts think Burrows will end up playing safety, as he's likely to put on some weight and his hips aren't quite as fluid as coaches might want for cb.