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12/27/2012 - 9:29pm Out of all respect to you,

Out of all respect to you, I'm gonna make some corrections. Jimmy Legree and Victor Hampton played opposite sides, victor was a starter all year, jimmy did not lose it to him, Akeem Auguste's return is what sat Jimmy. As far as the tight ends go, buster is the most natural pass catcher at tight end, in the past two seasons he might have more to receptions than any of the receivers currently on the team and Justice Cunningham is by far the best blocking tight end on the team. And also saying Florida moved the ball well enough to put up points is sort of flawed considering they had 21 points off of 28 yards in the first half. Turnovers on the one and inside the 20 will do that. Aside from that it was a pretty good read...

Might I add a player to watch or two, Chaz Sutton and Jerell Adams.