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09/28/2011 - 1:42pm In the Big House

Generally I'm pretty ambivalent about the piped in music - I think it has its place. But I was STEAMING when they started blasting it immediately after The Victors when we beat ND, completely overpowering the "It's great to be a michigan wolverine!" chant that was just getting started. (Yes, I managed to be angry after that game).

I've been a Michigan fan for a long time, but my first game at the big house coincided with RichRod's - which meant I didn't know the "it's great" chant even existed until week 4 when we came from behind against wisconsin. I don't think we had the opportunity to use it more than a few other times after that during the course of my 3 year program in AA, and that first time was by far the most joyful, moving rendition. The ND game could have been that for 10,000 new Michigan fans, but instead we all got "In the Big House." Fucking tragic.