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01/13/2012 - 12:56pm I call bullshit on OSU statement

According to the roster posted on, they have exactly one underclassman from last year (Jeff McNeil) who did not return.

In what universe is that 'dumping the vast bulk' of their team?

10/30/2011 - 12:52am New scoreboard

New scoreboard already has a busted pixel (on  your side of the ice Brian). I sit there staring at that stupid green pixel wondering if David Branding paid for the extended warranty or not.

Nice to have the new scoreboards but WTF. Did he get these out back of Best Buy in the busted joint bin?

01/04/2010 - 1:20pm GLI

I was at the GLI, right behind the goal on the 'home' side of the Joe, so I saw three of the four goals go in from about 5 feet away.

The first one is on the PK. They let an RPI guy sit down low behind the goal, so all they had to do was pass it to him and he tapped it in (first shot on goal, btw).

The second goal came from the point. Hogan was probably screened because he didn't even flinch until after it was in the net. He had pretty good positioning, the puck just seemed to have eyes. This was I believe the third shot on goal for RPI.

The third goal was the only soft goal of the night. The shot came from the top of the circle and Hogan barely got his glove on it and it dribbled into the goal.

The fourth goal isn't on Hunwick. The RPI guy roofed it glove side through an impossibly small window. It was a really good shot, and 9 times out of 10 would have hit the glass right in front of me instead of going in, so don't blame the smurf.

As for our shots on goal, yeah there were a lot of them, but pretty much everybody knows how to play us. We always rush up the outside and try to pass it to the trailing forward coming up the middle. All they had to do was block the passing lane and we were left with these crap bad angle shots that technically were on goal, but were really easy for the RPI goalie to handle.

The RPI goalie York was pretty good, and moved really well for a 6'4" dude, but the main problem IMO is that we don't generate the good shots that we have had in the past. In fact, FYS absolutely handled York the next night, but somehow Comley has got them playing really well (having Tropp back helps lots).

12/12/2009 - 8:50am Seriously? Nobody has a remark about this quote?

Yet more odd gobbledygook from the mouth of St. Dantonio:

"I feel like it's something that I have to deal with as a head football coach, and I feel strength, and I feel like a leader,"

If by leader, he means something akin to Tom Osbourne when he kept Lawrence Philips on the team after he dragged his girlfriend down the stairs by the hair, then yep, yer a leader sport!

09/22/2009 - 12:51pm That;s horrible advice!

You need to read the donation rules again. The way they apportion seats is based on your donation level for that year (victors, wolverine, etc). If they have too many donors at a particular level, they then use your priority points to decide who gets tickets and where. So giving money over a few years is a complete waste of time, especially now that they have the seat back chairs.

Let me repeat; you don't move up or down the 'line' based on your priority points! They just order people based on the amount of money donated in that year, and use the priority points to sort out people within a certain level. Here from the FAQ:

"Season ticket improvement can never be guaranteed. The opportunity to upgrade season ticket locations is based upon location availability, Victors Club annual giving category, and your Victors Club priority point total. Season ticket requests are reviewed first by the Victors Club annual giving category and then by priority point total within each annual category."

Note that Victors Club annual giving category precedes priority point total.

This leads me to a second point. It is useless to give more than the cutoff for a certain level. Giving $9999 is a waste of $4999 because you will be at Wolverine level until you give $10000, and the tickets are apportioned by GIVING LEVEL, not amount of money.

My wife and I went from no tickets to Valiant level in one year by donating $5000. At this point the only thing we gain by donating more than the PSD is possibility to get away tickets, but since the seat back chairs require so much more PSD, we will never have enough PP to qualify, so we just pay the $375/year/seat.

12/09/2008 - 12:52pm What is this, crazy mailing week?

I received this letter the other day. It speaks to deep-seated psychosis, methinks.

07/02/2008 - 1:42pm S&C is good, English not so much

Yeah, except the part about not understanding that the subject of the sentence isn't plural.


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