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08/31/2012 - 2:24pm Thats not it

Its not that Michigan fans are betting the game.  It's that Vegas isn't delusional like some fans on this message board.  Vegas was built on being right not wrong,  I hope Michigan wins but after this loss, isn't looking to good.

08/31/2012 - 2:18pm Please everybody stop being delusional

There are no moral victories.  Just read the stupidest line "What really counts is that we play a team game and act like real men"  WHAT??? Really, no what actually really counts is your winning percentage at the end of the season.  End of story.

08/31/2012 - 2:16pm Ha what a joke

You wrote "Blue plays a great team game and better yet they believe thay can win. That's what counts."

No wins and losess count.  There are no moral victories.  Only wins and losses on gameday.

08/31/2012 - 1:54pm Would you be saying the same thing if it was Shoelace?

No.  So stop being hypocritical.  Good programs "Notre Dame, Vaderbilt, Duke" all suck at football.  Bad programs succeed "Ohio State, Alabama, Florida State"

08/31/2012 - 1:52pm Who cares

Who cares about teaching him a lesson?  Do you personally know these players?  You care about their welfare?  You care if they succeed as good businessmen?  I sure don't.  Just put 7 on the board and I'll be on my way.


This suspension accomplishes nothing.  People aren't going to not drink and drive so they can play.  The only thing is accomplishes is a blowout for Alabama.  Game over.