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04/01/2012 - 4:16am Yes.

I was in this lecture. Thanks for posting it, I've been waiting to see it again.

03/26/2012 - 1:19pm Treadwell tweeted

"Team 134" AND "When is the michigan spring game for Michigan"


Edit: minus one michigan.

03/24/2012 - 2:40pm Yikes

Everything is bigger in Texas...

03/21/2012 - 3:22pm Kinda weird, but

I'm so okay with this.

02/06/2012 - 5:23pm However

A blue chip who loves Michigan is even better.

02/06/2012 - 5:22pm Good get.

I would honestly rather have a guy with potential (and versatility, in his case) who commits the second he gets an offer because he loves Michigan than a blue chip recruit who needed a long sales pitch to come here.

01/21/2012 - 4:35pm Desmond Howard

Desmond Howard disagrees with you...

Tough loss for but impressed by coach Beilein's adjustments to control the tempo & allow Michigan to climb back into the game.


01/18/2012 - 3:15pm Brad,

He's an expert with females

01/18/2012 - 11:39am Also

Follow Yuri Wright

01/18/2012 - 1:53am So

Am I the only one who counted like 5 blocks for Burke? The stat sheet gave him 2.

01/17/2012 - 1:12pm Novak won't let us get bullied.

"Where's Novak? If I'm going in a fight, you're the first guy I'm taking with me." -Cazzie's pre-game speech to the team. Look for Novak tonight.

01/03/2012 - 3:30pm Urban Maier's logic

Our team can't convey a poor image if they can't be heard...he should also make them take a vow of silence.

12/23/2011 - 8:38pm Uh

Crosby is a pro?

12/20/2011 - 2:22am Anyone

Anyone have a link to some D-Mo highlights?

12/18/2011 - 6:47pm Kalis

Kalis will neutralize Spence.

12/14/2011 - 8:23pm The house I live in has a

The house I live in has a room available after break, so other probably will too.

11/26/2011 - 2:06am BEAT OHIO


11/26/2011 - 12:24am BEAT OHIO