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01/09/2015 - 2:21am Same boat.
I remember

Same boat.

I remember thinking how far out of the loop I was by waiting the whole weekend after the site update to register for the new post-Haloscan world.

Should only be another 20 years or so before I can cast a vote.

12/09/2013 - 4:13am Good riddance

I've been lurking since the haloscan days... since the 2006 Notre Dame game, to be exact. There have been many waves of turd sandwiches that rolled through these comments. Remember the WLA guys? The more cantankerous commenters we had, the worse it felt. The most accurate comments in this thread about M-Wolverine described him as "stifling" and "omnipresent." Regardless of what you may have thought he contributed, for the 9% of us silently reading the comments, his absence is going to be a major boon. Please, please don't be like him.

12/09/2013 - 4:06am Got my wish! Hooray!

Got my wish! Hooray!

03/30/2013 - 3:02pm Bartelstein

This post is amazing. You should fix "Bartelstein" though

03/29/2013 - 11:16pm I FIND I RATHER ENJOYED THAT


03/03/2013 - 6:36pm Cray Burke

Cray Burke

07/01/2012 - 10:53pm ?!?

Wait. Brian's a lefty?!

01/22/2012 - 12:54pm 4? Ouch

Jake Long scored in the high 20s on the Wonderlic, if I recall. The "4" comment seems somewhat uncharitable.

01/21/2012 - 10:51pm <iframe width="560"

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

01/17/2012 - 9:32pm WOOO





01/07/2012 - 10:15pm I wish you would disappear.

I wish you would disappear.

01/06/2012 - 7:36pm I really have to agree with

I really have to agree with you here, the post you're responding to is a total fail. Whence the upvotes?

01/05/2012 - 2:43pm SURE, but what does RICH ROD

SURE, but what does RICH ROD think about all this?

01/05/2012 - 11:35am Best Highlight?


12/28/2011 - 10:16pm (No subject)

12/24/2011 - 11:15pm No, it definitely happened. I

No, it definitely happened. I don't remember if it was at the App State game or the following week at the Oregon game, but I was in the student section and there were people down in the front/right area doing a very audible 5-clap "Ry-an Mal-lett" chant that lasted a good long time, and when Henne got injured, they cheered. I couldn't believe it, because yes, I too thought most people realized Henne was our best option.

However, as I've been thinking while sitting here reading first the latest 3&O thread, and now the "no one should boo"/"we deserve to boo" debate, with both sides thinking they're being totally reasonable, you should never assume that people are going to think about things and then "realize" the same thing that you did after thinking about them.

12/07/2011 - 10:24am The funny thing is,

The funny thing is, when I tried to type "Rodriguez" into my comment (also into this comment just now!) it came out "Rodriquez" the first time. The quez is just so intoxicating.

12/07/2011 - 10:14am Not to be a total nerd here,

Not to be a total nerd here, but I only clicked through to see if you were using "Wiki" right – as in, this post would be about a user-editable website dedicated to the Sugar Bowl, which would have really surprised me. You weren't though. "Wiki" isn't short for Wikipedia; Wikipedia is just one example of a wiki, "the encyclopedia wiki."


12/06/2011 - 3:11pm Rodriquez: 9

Rodriquez: 9
Rodriguez: 4

The quezzes have it!

11/30/2011 - 7:07pm THE KNOWLEDGE knows

THE KNOWLEDGE knows what's up, it cannot be denied

03/29/2011 - 4:48pm Johnny come back!

Johnny come back! Your stuff is sooo good.

04/28/2009 - 7:43pm LOL'd at this. +1 to the

LOL'd at this. +1 to the theory that Sebie is dex. I especially love: "that policing was the glue that kept this whole website together"

Preeeeetty sure the glue keeping the whole website together is Brian. The WLA as a unit is more worthless than the comments they "policed."

04/13/2009 - 1:51pm Pahokee

I sat in the 40s in Section 27 and I was about 10/20 rows in front of a family of 10 wearing Pahokee gear. Anyone have an idea whose crew it was? I know Odoms is from Pahokee but I figure it'd be more likely that it was the family of some new recruit.

04/02/2009 - 2:16pm What does it mean to "type a

What does it mean to "type a gamer your browser window"? I scanned the Carty blog post for the reference but couldn't find it.

03/31/2009 - 1:24am +1 to 1, 2, throw. It seems

+1 to 1, 2, throw. It seems like there are tons of people at Michigan with this bizarre "1, 2, 3, shoot" bullshit R-P-S cadence.

03/17/2009 - 10:43pm Be careful with hat-eating

Be careful with hat-eating threats... The last time I wagered a meal of chapeau, we lost to App State.

01/11/2009 - 4:44am I enjoyed reading this.

I enjoyed reading this. thanks, you guys.

01/08/2009 - 2:40pm NCIS excuse?

NCIS star Mark Harmon is the son of Tom Harmon, if I'm not mistaken. So at least there's that.

12/08/2008 - 10:01pm OMG SHIRTLESS

I'm pretty sure the first SHIRTLESS quote was in reference to Tebow, because Brian had him on the radar as one of our recruits. I think someone's google search for "TIM TEBOW SHIRTLESS" showed up in mgoblog's google analytics.

12/06/2008 - 12:58am The Q thing...

The Q thing really blows my mind, and I see it everywhere. Is it a finger-slip typo or an out-and-out misspelling - do people who type "rodriquez" also say "rodreekezz"?

10/31/2008 - 12:24pm Lulz.  Careful man, this one

Lulz.  Careful man, this one takes two readings to know you're kidding.  That's begging for it.

10/29/2008 - 12:32am "In end zone" != "In bounds"

It says, "The end zones are the 10-yard areas at both ends of the fieldbetween the end lines and the goal lines. The goal lines and goal line pylonsare in the end zone..."

"The goal lines are in the end zone."  The goal lines are obviously out of bounds. I think this shows that the purpose of this sentence is to give a definition of where the end zone is and isn't.  It also demonstrates that being "in the end zone" isn't equivalent to being "in bounds," because someone on the goal lines ("in the end zone") is not in bounds.  Which is to say that this rule specifically does not declare that the goal line pylons are part of the inbounds area of the end zone.

Anyway, that's all moot, as tbliggins pointed out, due to (A.R. 4-2-1-I and II). b.

10/14/2008 - 5:23am 2.59THIS IS THE GREATEST



Edit: 2.26

 The parallelogram really gives me shits. I always have a sub-2 score going into the second round and then get a 6 or 7 on the damn thing. Gahhhh.

Final try: 1.21

 Blew it once on the circle center and once on the midpoint of the line segment.  The best score I saw on the scoreboard was a 0.82.  SRSLY GUISE 

10/05/2008 - 10:57am Shirts

I've met the guy who runs these tents. He's the short filipino guy who is usually hanging out nearby while a couple of girls in school sell the shirts. He always rips off the t-shirt ideas, and is pretty unapologetic about it.

I think the real solution to the problem would not be to kick the guy's ass or burn up his cart, but for someone to hook up with Brian about setting up a tent of his own; it's been like two years or something since I talked to the guy, but I seem to recall that's the shirt salesman's biggest fear.

I mean, if you look at the shirts they're just shitty knockoffs; if you give the fans the choice between Brian's shirts with the better design and the un-watered-down joke (seriously, where's the "{of space}"), it's easy to see which they'd pick. It all depends how much Brian wants to get into shirt sales as a means of income.

10/01/2008 - 2:03am Oh, hello

Oh, hello

09/29/2008 - 6:48pm Valenti rant

"You're atrocious! Take your wristbands and stick em!" 

The Valenti rant is absolutely one of the most classic moments in sports radio. 

When the MSU-ND implosion went down I was working as a transcriber for a university department, and in between shifts I actually transcribed the entire 15-minute portion of the rant that was featured on House Rock Built.

I reread it from time to time and it's still good for a laugh.

09/29/2008 - 6:26pm Threet's deathlock

I was watching the game with a friend of mine from Germany, so I had to explain a lot of things throughout the game.  Right before Threet's 58-yarder I was just telling him about how important it is to carry the ball the right way and how people will try to strip it when they tackle you -- so you can bet we were both watching in horror thinking about those DBs knocking the ball away, when suddenly Threet looked back and criscrossed his hands over the ball in an iron deathgrip for the last few steps! We absolutely loved it!

08/16/2008 - 12:05pm Mark's Midtown has the best

Mark's Midtown has the best corn beef sandwich I've ever tasted in my life.


Benny's, on the other hand, is a place you can go most weekends and almost certainly spot some Michigan sports figure or another.  I got stuck in the entranceway with Mike Hart once, had breakfast next to the greater part of the wrestling team, and saw the entire coaching staff of App State clean out the newspaper boxes on their way out the day after The Horror.

08/16/2008 - 12:00pm What the stadium is like

I go by the stadium pretty much every day, and let me tell you; it's colossal.  It towers over main street.  Imagine a five/six/seven story building 100 yards long, probably less than 15 feet from the edge of the pavement.

07/24/2008 - 2:14am 2AM UV? Above and beyond the call of duty, Brian, really.
07/08/2008 - 4:09pm Best line MyFairGrady: he killed the polar bear cuz it was eating high fructose corn syrup (jeez this is my third attempt to post this comment. I hope it doesn't show up over and over)