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06/04/2011 - 5:34pm The DVR is set

Judge me however you want, but I don't have the stomach to handle the defense in that game. I have no problem fast forwarding past GERG's defense.

05/31/2011 - 12:42am This made my night

I'll take people who don't give a shit for 200, Alex.

05/27/2011 - 8:59pm Umm...

 What team would be willing to trade a capable shortstop or outfielder for a cast of non-producers? Quantity over quality doesn't work in pro sports.

The Sizemore trade really illustrates that they lost faith in his potential. This trade will only look bad long run if Sizemore pans out. Right now, Rhymes and Sizemore are both hitting around .220. Worth, who is known for being an average hitter, could and should likely contribute similar offensive numbers but with much improved defense. Where does that hurt the Tigers in the short-term?

05/21/2011 - 9:03pm TuneIn radio

 TuneIn radio works. They loop the morning show until 3.  Although, if you can get podcasts, I don't see the point of needing a stream...

05/17/2011 - 9:29pm sar-casm


noun, a sharp and often satirical or ironic utterance designed to cut or give pain, a mode of satirical wit depending for its effect on bitter, caustic, and often ironic language that is usually directed against an individual.

05/17/2011 - 9:00pm Just great...

Going to have to find another reason to drink on a Thursday afternoon. Pregame for Tigers/Red Sox?

05/12/2011 - 11:51pm Miss St. @ Auburn

Miss St. @ Auburn would be pretty interesting. Maybe someone will papier mache Cam Newton's new statue with monopoly money.

05/12/2011 - 11:48pm Sweet, sweet vindication

 Sweet, sweet vindication.

05/12/2011 - 10:30pm Apologies

 The ESPN graphic today said DT. My apologies for not fact-checking.

05/12/2011 - 8:03pm Definition of Matt Milen

 Matt Millen -- proper noun -- played DT at Penn State when Joe Paterno was just old, not grim reaper old -- turned the Lions from a semi-pathetic football team to the laughing stock of sports -- ass hat

05/11/2011 - 11:37pm Can't wait

I love it when Michigan wins the recruiting battles and picks up talented recruits, but I think I love it even more when Sparty freaks out over it.

Such a great feeling.

Not to sound obtuse, but the past few years haven't been all bad. I feel like I enjoy and appreciate U-M football more now than I did in the past. To know what its like to root for a losing team sucks. I feel like victory will be sweeter from here on out.

05/11/2011 - 1:18am Semi-amusing

 I thought Norm was great on SNL. Haven't seen his new show yet, but this bit was decent. Although, any extra attention for college hockey is a plus. College hockey is hands down the best kept secret in the American sports culture.

05/10/2011 - 10:50pm Thornton

I have said this after each of the Wings' three wins in this series, but you would NEVER see the Wings end a game like that. No cheap shots. No crashing the goalie. When they lose, they lose with class. Apparently the Sharks are unaware of a thing called sportsmanship. 

I was even joking around with my coworkers who would pick a fight at the end of the game with Clowe being out. Thornton's name was mentioned. Bastards.

05/10/2011 - 10:12pm Meh.

 I chuckled.

05/10/2011 - 9:39pm Owning this game

Detroit is playing the best they have all series. They have had so many chances, I can't believe they haven't scored yet.

05/10/2011 - 12:13am Serious?

Villarreal has sucked? As a kid in his first year in the big leagues, he has been solid. Both Villarreal and Albuquerque have been pleasant surprises for the bullpen so far. Could you imagine the pen without them right now? More Brad Thomas? Enrique Gonzalez?

Benoit has been shaky, but I'm confident he will come around. Perry looked awful tonight. Schlereth has been inconsistent, but I still think he will pan out to be a serviceable LOOGY.

Baseball is a streaky game. They didn't have the bats against the Mariners and the Indians are playing great right now. They should be better than 18-18. If they can get the bats to be more consistent, they will be competing for the division.

05/09/2011 - 11:49pm Fair

I hear ya. I'm not one of those guys who rags on Coke either. I feel like a lot of people were really iffy on the idea of him as a starter from the get-go and (whether they realize it or not) are rooting against him to succeed because they want to prove their initial inhibitions correct.

I want Coke to do well because the Tigers really need a left-handed starter. Especially when Morneau and Mauer get their act together.

That being said, he has not looked good as of late and the Tigers have some options in their pen and in their system to stay in the race this year.

05/09/2011 - 10:47pm Bingo

 I totally agree. It makes sense that Burke is the biggest question mark heading into the season because of who he is replacing. If he can come in and not miss a beat, this team is definitely a Top 25 team. But much more likely, there will be some growing pains. I'm not saying they will be bad or Burke is a bad player, but it is hard to put that much pressure and expectation on a freshman.

05/09/2011 - 10:43pm Awful might not be strong enough.

Awful might not be a strong enough word. Horrendous would be plausible. The problem is, who do you have in AAA or even AA that you want to pull out of the rotation to throw into the pen? Furbush, Oliver and Turner are all looking great, but you don't want to throw off their growth as a starter for some temporary bullpen health. Maybe Weinhardt?

Perhaps this is a time where Coke heads back to the pen and one of the kids gets a crack at some spot starts with the big club?

05/09/2011 - 9:44pm According to the laws of...

According to the laws of porn star namedom, (your porn name is your middle name and the name of the street you grew up on (feel free to call me an idiot, but that is common knowlege around West Michigan)) my dad's name would be Chuck Diamond.

And yes, he does have a moustache.

05/09/2011 - 9:12pm Interesting...

Not to sound like a pessimist, but the loss of Morris definitely takes this team a few steps back, IMO. They were making great strides at the end of last season and to lose their point guard and arguably their best player stunts that growth. I would be confident in a Top 25 ranking with Morris. Without him, I'm a little hesitant.

I still think they can be a solid team next year, but I think they finish on the fringe of the Top 25. Definitely finishing in the top 4 in the B10.

05/08/2011 - 10:49pm What a game!

 A huge momentum shift! Game 6 is going to great. If the Wings can win Game 6, they will have a huge edge heading into Game 7.

05/07/2011 - 7:33pm Right...

Yes, because the ever-changing Sparty uniforms/helmets are "snazzy." And yes, the newly renovated Big House is a total dump compared to Spartan Stadium...


05/07/2011 - 12:28am Would if I could


05/07/2011 - 12:15am Its the weekend...

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the "big weekend" we have been waiting for? I know Allen Trieu said Michigan was in for some big news and Tom hinted at something along those lines.

I need football! Even if its spring recruiting news...

05/03/2011 - 11:03pm White Sox offense

The White Sox offense definitely contributed to the no-no. They have been awful this year. Liriano is a solid pitcher, but he has not been on his A-game this year. 

The longer this plays out, especially given the Tiger's weekend debacle, I'm not so sure Cleveland or KC are going to come back down to Earth. They are both getting solid pitching, and Cleveland especially has gotten contributions from up and down the lineup. Choo, Santana and A. Cabrera aren't even hitting all that well. Imagine if they were putting up their expected numbers?

If Cleveland can stay healthy, they might run away with the division.

05/03/2011 - 10:00pm The one and only

 The one and only reason to attend an Indycar race.

05/03/2011 - 9:29pm A biased opinion

 Personally, I think he should stay for another year. Barring injury, I don't think his stock goes down any and he has more time to develop his game. He has all of the tools for a pro, he just needs more development. Assuming he stays on track and continues his development, he is for sure a first-round pick next year.

05/03/2011 - 7:52pm HIgher stock

Yeah. The draft is fairly weak this year, meaning he may go higher than his stock would usually merit. His jumper is clearly lacking and, in most circumstances, he would be looking at a second-round pick. But with the lack of clear-cut talent at the top of the draft, he may be brought up into the first round.

Not great news for M fans.

Regardless, we will know this week what his plans are.  Whatever happens, I just want to know. I hate waiting. Screw patience.

05/02/2011 - 9:39pm Perhaps

 Perhaps Denard uses Glisten to keep his smile sparkling white.

04/30/2011 - 10:19pm meh.

 Bowers in the top 15 is a big risk, sure. But at No. 51? With his skill-set? That's a great pick up. Yes he is an injury risk, but a good gamble on many accounts.

Ponder was quite a reach. I think the Colts did pretty well in getting a monster LT to protect Manning. Giants with Amukamara and Austin in the first two rounds looks like a nice haul as well.

04/30/2011 - 9:24pm First time commenter, long time reader

Love this. I don't know how other fanbases have it, but I think between Tom and the guys at WTKA, we as Michigan fans are very much in the loop with insider hoopla. Much appreciated.

Back to the topic: I figured Diamond would announce later in the year. Godin/Thompson makes the most sense.