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09/29/2011 - 1:54am Kellen Jones to OU then to the NFL

Kellen Jones was falsely accused of some crap about assaulting a girl. The Coach didnt kick his off the team..  first and foremost the kid is from a great christian family and girls was the last thing on his mind going into College he is focused on classes and football.  Is Michigan on any type of probation? Why in the world would OU the #1 rank team in the nation whos loaded at LB pick up a kid if he had issues. Because the coaches at Michigan knows the kid is innocent.. Look at all of you pointing fingers. This is Michigan's lose because Michigan was Mr. Jones first choice of school out of 20 offers. he dreamed of playing at the BIG HOUSE.. Kellen Jones is a great kid, class act and no street punk. 


You confused bunch of IDIOTS!


How do rumors get started, they are started by the jealous people!