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03/20/2012 - 11:46pm Lets not lie to the people.

Lets not lie to the people. The ESCC is a good conference for small schools in IL. For the upper echelon it is not. The ESCC IS NOT in the Chicago Catholic League. They do not play Mount Carmel. As a matter of fact Marist that beat JCA was blasted in the 1st round of 8A playoffs by a mediocre team. Ty probably put up 200+ against Marist. Homewood had about 200 rushing against Marist. Homewood had less than 20 against Lincoln Way East, and only 4 rushing yards (yes 4 yards for the game) against Bolingbrook. Naz which beat JCA was blasted in the 2nd round of 6A. Carmel (not Mount Carmel) was defeated by an average team in the 2nd round of 7A, JCA needed a last minute Isaac TD to beat Carmel.   For example Montini, the team JCA played in the championship, was massacred by the 8A runner-up (Loyola) in week 2. Only window dressing made the game look more competitive. Loyola had 4 TDs in the first 13 minutes of the game.


Ty is a beast, you can look at his build and see that. But his competition is VERY poor and thats being generous.  Those guys had no business being on a field with Isaac. Now if you put Isaac in 8A, say the conference with Mount Carmel, his #'s are probably cut in half. Thats not an indication on Ty, just a reality of the difference in defenses.