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09/16/2010 - 4:21pm Confirmed

No mention of the holds that were not called on UM?  I think you had 1 (maybe 2) called?

While it may have been shitty officaiting, it was shitty both ways, which is I guess better for ND, since they normally get jobbed by the Big10/11/12 officials in these games.


Good luck with 1AA (ok, fine FCS) Umass this week.  Like I said in the ND O vs UM D UFR, lose 1 or 2 games you should win, and beat tOSU, and we'll call it good.  Robinson can have all the yards he wants.

09/16/2010 - 1:17pm Good Analysis. Crappy Outcome


Nice analysis of ND O vs UM D.  Couple of observations on the game (from an ND fan):

1) DRob is amazing, but needs to stay healthy, or UM may be in real trouble.  Do us a favor, and lose some meaningless game(s) this year, but keep him healthy and beat tOSU for once this decade, will ya.

2) Honestly, Crist plays the whole game, I think ND wins by at least a score, not b/c DRob would have been inneffective, but becasue he would not have had a short field to work with against a D that probably needed some breathers (at least mentally) after trying to defend him.

3) Holding happens in one fashion or another on almost every play at the major college and pro level.  The obvious, meaningful ones get called.  I have not looked at the UM O vs ND D analysis yet, but I doubt there are as mentions of ND guys getting held in that analysis.

4) The officiating was fair.  (I assume some of your comments were tounge in cheek).  UM fans think the refs screwed em b/c the refs were not completely slanted towards you.  ND fans are not complaining b/c they felt the officating was fair.  You were just not used to it being that fair.

5) Have a great season, just not too great.  Lose to someone (or two) you shouldn't and then beat the crap out of OSU.  Hope DRob continues to have a great season, b/c even though I am an ND fan/alum, he is definitely fun to watch.  Especially against other teams.


08/17/2009 - 7:58pm Didn't you have a post

Didn't you have a post earlier commenting on the weakness of ND's schedule, which includes UCONN? No. Wait. That post will come in the week prior to the ND-UM game.

Are you and BGS doing an opponents analysis this year?